Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guys and Birthday and Party Crisis-es. Very important, major, and serious topics. Only not really.

Dear Diary, (( its 9:35 PM Saturday night. I'ma keepin' track now ))

Stuff is still as confusing as ever.
And although I thought that I solved everything with Balance problem, it kind of turned out weird overall.

So, let's start with the Balance problem as stated in the previous diary-entry-blog-whatchamacallit.

I started to hang out a lot more with my PrincessGiggles and MadameStucky clique and it's pretty fun being there since all three of us are outgoing, funny people and other people like to be with us. We're friendly. Not at all un-friendly, therefore being friendly, and people like and are attracted to friendly as I've come to learn.
OF ( I've decided that OF works and that her nickname means Old friend or Outgoing friend or Outspoken friend ) usually hangs out with us too, and she's fun. And funny, can't forget that! Also, NowBrunette usually hangs with us and that new girl who just came to the school from like an all-girls boarding school in England or something like that. As far as I know, she won't be talked about much here, so she doesn't need a nickname. NB used to have all black hair, but she got golden-brownish-blondish highlights that look really pretty. I figure that black hair and blonde highlights equals NB.
The group of us play volleyball during lunch recess a lot of the time. Even though I'm the only one in the group who tried out for the volleyball team and basically failed. But it's not like I really cared anyway! Seriously, I gave in my Physical Form like 5 min. before tryouts because everyone else was trying out so I was all like, " What the Heel, I'll try out too. " Some girls like CandyGram tried out too, but she too ultimately failed, oh also CrackerJacker too. They both cried. The saps.
Wait, don't get me wrong, I"m not some emotionless freak! It's just that I didn't care so much about it. Our volleyball team sucks anyway, and it's full of 6th graders now, making it suck more. Like Myspace, those 6th graders ruined it, at least they haven't infested Facebook yet. Ha.
So, like I was saying about Balance, I basically stopped hanging out with Sunshine's group ( note that Sunshine is basically the leader of that group whereas in my MS and PG's group, we're all equal ) therefore stopped getting invited to small social gatherings such as the movies and mall trips. It also got tons more awkward stuffed into it. Ever notice how even the Word "awkward" is just an awkward mess? The "W's?" That's so not normal. But who says that normal people are never awkward anyway? But that's besides the point. Going to the movies might seem like a small deal, even them going ice skating and doing Secret Santas plus giving eachother candy grams ( yes thats right, I haven't contributed enough to the group for too long of a time and now I'm barely in it at all. ) but it all hurts knowing that I"m basically getting kicked out without the words being said.
It sucks. Everything about being a teen girl sucks!
*Deep Breath*
Let's chat about my horrible birthday girl trauma going on instead :)

I'll start off with the invitations. It's always soo hard to give them out. It's the worst to give invitations out to some people in a group, but not the whole group. Which, of course, I had to do. Only so many people can fit in my mom's mini-van, okay?!
GHahh, why don't people get it?
Invite me to your party, you get invited to my party. You do not invite me, I do not invite you.
I don't like you, no invitation for you! Everyone starts acting incredibly nice to you during invitation giving out time, and then stops being your friend after. Especially if the party sucks donkey's back side if you know what I mean. But I'm known to have pretty fun parties: mall scavenger hunts; sleepovers; inside carnivals, the works. Except last year kinda sucked, but there's no need to bring that up. *Eeeaaeeah* I don't want to think about it.

So what happened at lunch was horrible. I'll tell you.
I was sitting at the usual table and was about to give an invite to someone; once every stood up, I was gonna sneak it from behind and tell her to put it away.
Yeah. It didn't happen thata way.
I put it underneath my backpack and walked to the garbage can to throw away some, well, garbage and then it all happened.
NB picked up my backpack and was all like, " yep your backpack's goin' in the trash," naturally, I was not horrified because I knew she was just playing around.
But Then NB picked up my invite left on the chair and read it out to everyone, I made it myself on the comp, and it said, " Guess what?? You're invited to my 14th Birthday Party!!" but she read it out to the whole table, many of which I was not inviting, and said, " Guess what?? You're not ( said overly harsh and dramatic ) invited to my 14t-" and read off the whole thing. Of course, everyones reaction was, " What, where's my invite??" And it was a catastrophe. I'm glad that most people left the Caf. already otherwise the guys and other girls would've been crawling up to me begging too.
Wanna know the really ironic part?
The invite was going to be for NB.
And I gave it to her later. Which was really stupid, because why would I when she was the one to give me all the agony in the first place?
I think I'm a tool sometimes. Note the "think" part. What exactly is a "tool?"
Not sure, I'll give you a raincheck on that.
I ended up inviting Sunshine, who of which said that she couldn't go, not to my face, but I learned it through MS, which was really pathetic in a bunch of ways; PrincessGiggles, I think she's going, not sure though, MissStuckey who wanted to go really badly but got in a fight with her parents first, which is also I really stupid thing to do, fight with your parents then ask for a favor? Come on! But she can't and was crying; OF, just gave it to her; NB, who I just gave to, stupidly I will add; and I think I'll be inviting Apple too. She really wants to be invited and I'm giving her an invite on Monday.

My birthday and my birthday party is in exactly a week!!
till it all goes down.
Hopefully, not in flames.

For the record, we're going to a carnival-style outdoor place not to be named here, that's gonna be really fun. Hopefully. Unless it rains, then we're heading off to bowling or something like that, if it rains I mean. Last year is was burning hot and not a drop of rain was coming from the sky. The year before? Bucket and buckets of the cold wet droplets.
Let's hope for some burning hot weather again! Fingers crossed!
So, after the carnival place which my mom is driving too, we're stopping for breakfast on the way there by the way, I'm having a sleepover at my dad's place. one really knows about the sleepover part yet, at least my parents don't, but they'll agree to it once everyones setting up sleeping bags and in their PJ's already! I hope.
See, that's where it gets tricky. Not sure about that whole thing yet and I'm biting my lip over that. It'll all work out though, I know it will; it has to.

Anway, let's chat about guys, eh matey?
Guys with accents are always hot. But that has nothing to do with what I'm talking about haha.

I don't think I'm crushing on any guy anymore. It's weird. I like a guy one day, don't the next.
Does that make me a shallow person? I sure hope not.
Nice Jock acts different around me now. Just lately.
Like, almost as if he couldn't talk to me anymore. It's confusing.
Really really really really really confusing. He's so weird around me now.
But. But.
I heard that when a guy likes you, he goes through a phase when he ignores you for a while, almost gets scared of rejection, the next phase after that is trying to impress that girl, so I'll be on the watch for that.
But I really don't want to get my hopes up too high, I'd hate to be heartbroken and to somehow find out that he likes MS the way that she likes him. Well, maybe she's over him now. It's been since Halloween afterall.
I'm really on edge about it all.

That's all folks!
*the wink and the gun*
signing off,

10:53 PM
btw, I feel bad about typing here and not writing in my diary right now.

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