Friday, February 20, 2009

Old welcomings, guys, and rahrah more.

Dear Diary,

Okay, to tell you the truth, I had an online diary before this, so I'll just cathcyou up on all the old stuff before the new stuff.

Dear Diary ( and anyone else wanting the inside scoop of my life ),

Today was prety great. I mean: TGIF!The thing about Fridays is that it only comes once a week, so you better enjoy it while you can. On this oh-so special day of the week, teachers are relieved about the schol week ending, kids are dito plus they are excited about the weekend and simply high on life. Like the last day of school taken down 20 notches. And theres no crying, that too. Today we went to see a boring as HEEL ( yes as in shoe heel. I try to not swear as I feel bad about it if I do )film festivial. About the ocean. The videos varied from cartoons about talking fish to sharks being puntured with tracking devices. When I was the shark one, I felt really bad for the shark, I mean it was Alive when they did it and they didn't use a numbing thing for it. I have no idea why, but for some odd reason I felt bad that the shark had to be tracked. As stupid as this sounds, I felt like the shark's life should be the shark's life and that we should stick to living out our own. As in not messing with others'. How would a human feel if another animal took them in a small cage and stabbed tracking stuff into their skin and let the human go? Talk about lack of privacy. I defintley don't want people to see ME everywhere I go!!
Anyways, ...uh...
next topic please!
Okay, I got one.
Popularity. What urks me almost the most at school is Desperate Wannabes.I'm sure that I sounds like a total Bee-Itch saying that, but after all, this is for me to blog about MY life without holding anything back. I, myself, am not the most popular girl at school, but I'm not a wannabe nor geek either. Sadly, the real defining moment about who is cool and who not, is lunch time. Obviously, yopu hang out with your friends and the people you like hanging out with. So, at my school, you start out with the different grade levels. The 6th graders sit at the East side of the lunch room, 7th all over the place, trying to get closer to the It table if they think they're cool enough. And finally, the 8th graders sit at the very side of the lunch room, coolest the farest away. As I've stated before, I used to sit at the once C/B+ table, which has now turned into the C table, as the B's have all moved, or most likely, gotten cooler. I always could have sat at either table, but I just recently ( this year ) decided that the A table made me feel better. When you sit at the A feel people looking at you all the time. When the table erupts with laughter, people look at you then spread whispers to the far corners, and usually, take the side of the person whose an A that is half friends with them. Thats another thing. Taking sides. a Geek ( by puttig a "G" and not a "g", I don't mean that they are a different sub-catagory of human or anything. It's just that...a label is a label is label is a label. ) will always have one or two small connections with a Pop, therefore will take their side always, hoping for acceptance and all that crap ( "crap" is fine in my book ). For example, there is one girl I know, that bugs the heel out of me the way that she dreses and acts towards Pops. She is flat-chested. Let's just be frank with that. But she wears the same ugly hoodies and hideous turtle-necks, and tied-in-the-back ( with rubber bands nonetheless ) to school. Now, a person with a chest or any meat on their bones could pull this off, like the Pop girl I know, personal friend of mine, and I'm pretty sure that this girl copies off of her, the sometimes layered hoodies, tank tops and stuff, but there are certain things that only certain people can pull off. I am not completley flat-chested, very skinny yes ( no diseases or anything, lay off of me for that ), but I do have some boobs. My mom does have a good amount, so I think I will eventually get around the same as hers, but a little smaller since my dad is so skinny, like me. Wow. awkward topic. back to the one before that. Okay, so the girl that I was talking about ( let us call her...Follow ), she Always sides with, and by Always, I really mean it (!!) this other girl I know ( pretty big Pop )Cheeky. Cheeky will make a really random joke and pretend fight with a guy and then Follow will yell at the other person siding with Cheeky for no appearent reason and I think that everyone knows why. But back to the Lunch Table theory.It doesn't matter who you talk to in between clases or if that cool girl compliments you on your new jeans, because everyone is going to define you by, guess what? The table you sit at during lunch. You can always tell when you don't fit in. You can tell if your uncomfortable, lying, or a Bee-Itch or a Geek. Enough of that contraversial topic, I had a hard enough time writing my essay on Animal Testing.
Today I told that girl that I take the bus with, my ex-bff, that I like a guy. I mean, she's still my god friend. I just don't make too much of a deal that we're friends at school. As in, we wave to eachother in-between classes and see eachother after school and thats about it. I told her who I like and she said that she couldn't say much about him. She doesn't know why I do. I don't like the Geek anymore. Not really. In fact, he's weird. I found out that Nice Jock ( my crush's new name ) enjoys the same trick-shoulder-tapping that I do. It makes me love him, I mean LIKE (!!), so much more. We laugh at the same things. He's uber nice to me and really funny. He treats me different that other girls and the signs tell me that he likes me. I think we flirt. Do we? Or is it harmless talk and play? Not sure.
I'm a litle tired from typing, so I'll just sum up school stuff.
McDagger who used to come to school with us 8th graders ( remember that I go to a K-8 school ) came back to visit. He used to hang out with the girls and now the girls fall all over him. And I can't blam them, he's so Cute now!! And tall. I'm still short, but still. He's tall and border line cute-hot.
Started reading a book at school. Weird words. Small font.
Kay' I'm getting tired from typing, its almost been an hour! Whew.

Adios se Senors and Senioritas.

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