Friday, February 20, 2009

this title is fresh off a bottle of Vitamin Water: BALANCE.

Hey Diary Ol' Pal.

So...yeah, I just wrote an entry, but just a little while ago I picked up a bottle of Vitamin Water that said, "Balance" on it and I ( literally ) said to myself, " that's totally what I need in my life right now. " So, of course, I bought that drink.
[ this is completley, as in totally and utterly off topic, but have you ever been to camp? Of course you haven't, you're an online diary for goodness sake. Nevermind. Who am I talking to? I have GOT to stop talking to myself. Anyway, I went to a girl scout camp for the past two years, well okay, I skipped last year, but anyway, I don't see why people make such a big deal out of a girl scout camp. It's fun, and it's cheap too. When I was there, I somehow became the most popular and fun-funny girl in camp. But, of course, it only happened until halfway through the camp, Me, always the underdog. I really miss those girls. I wish I went to school with each and every one of them. It's the saddest thing in the world to know someone, become BFFs with them for a week or two and then turn around into the car, drive away, and never see their faces again. Never share the same jokes, joke around, share secrets, It's all gone. It makes me want to cry. A Lot. ]
So back to Balance. It's what I really need. And although the bottle said that it was good for balancing on a ball like a clown, I did somehow start balancing my school life a little better after drinking half of it. Who knows what will happen when I drink the other half. And yes, I did literally start balancing a little better, as in not tripping with every step I took, I usually don't trip that much, but truthfully, I get hurt all the time from being clumsy.
But what I needed help balancing with was my three or four different cliques of friends. Special friends need more attention then others, some need space from me, and other don't want to share me. Which is why everything is all topsyturvy for me right now. Well, less now that I drank liquid blance.
I have my Princess Giggles and Madame Stucky group of friends. It's just us three hanging out. PG usually laughs at MS and my jokes, MS provides us with the complaining and drama queen part of life, and I give us jokes and stories to last all of time. I"m like a class clown, but I'm not comfortable cracking big jokes in class, only in small groups where I totally act like me. When I'm in this clique, I am the most comfortable. Ms and PG are about as popular as me, more or less, take or add a few, you get the point.
I have my Sunshine, Stuffy, and OverlyEnergenic group. usually with Apple there too, group. Sunshine is so energenic, she almost makes me scared to be myself, but she's tons of fun. I can't really act like myself here and usually find myself laughing and agreeing with everyone else, but I don't act like Follow, I have more...dignity than that. I'm not afraid to be myself most of the time. And I'm not shy, I'm just quiet sometimes. OE is like Follow, but with way more annoying energy and I think that she seriously believes that she is one of the Pops. But as much as I hate to admit it, she really isn't. If Sunshine and Stuffy, and Apple aren't there, she goes and hangs out with the Geeks. I don't. This group is fairly popular too.
Then I have my ex-BFF group, or actually more like, she doesn't have a group and sometimes if I don't see the other two groups, I go hang with her at lunch recess. We just sit and talk, but I never laugh too loud or anythinhg with her. I don't want to draw attention. I'm a horrible person for this. Everyone, or more, everyone but my first group I mentioned and my ex-BFF, think that I'm just really nice and sweet. And funny at times.
All the groups require special care, but I've discovered how to balance them.At lunch, I hang out with the MS and PG group, as they need the most time for me to stay with them, I hang out with the Sunshine group at P.E. and at elective. I wave widely and talk to my ex-BFF after school. And it all works out. The hard time is choosing who to sit with and talk to during classes. I try to even out the time. The Sunshine group doesn't like it when I tag along with them, or "follow" as someone might say if I'm not careful. So I spend the middle amount of time with them so they get a taste of me and want more, but don't grow tired of me around them. My ex-BFF will always be there to chat and stuff after school, so she requires theleast amount of time.
And of course, when I'm in these cliques, we hang out with other people too. The first two groups I mentioned hang out with the Pops, or with eachother only. When I hang out with my ex-BFF, we just talk to eachother, or after school we include younger kids like 5th graders in our conversations. We usually act immature. The other day I suggested we be spies at the library, and we were. The Case of the Exploding Flower? Solved. Put a check there.
Well, thats all for now.
Tootles, Ta-ta, and time to watch ABDC since I missed it last week.
Oh, and another balance?
I dress girly-laidback tomboyish, which doesn't really work. Like a cute preppy out fit with a small stain on the sweater and a hole or two on my jeans and a coffee stain on my shoes, but it all looks okay. I look laid-back. I love makeup and shopping, but love video games and playing four-square too. It's confusing. But it all works out one way...or another. Which reminds me of that song, " one way or another...I'm gonna get ya, one way or another, I'm gonna find ya..."
You know that one? of course you don't , you're a diary! Gahh..
Okay thats it now. like really. :)


  1. niceee!

    i love ur blog, its so real!

    keep writin'!!!

  2. your blog is really really good!

    I love your sense of humor and i can relate yo u so much it's crazy!

    please keep writing and don't stop!