Monday, March 30, 2009

After the Storm clears

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Mood(s): Chilled and Calm

Song(s) to describe my life:
A Lonely September by Plain White T's and still that Chasing Pavements song. Except, it's not September anymore.

Quote(s) of the day: "
Dammit, I can't do nothing!" by George Lopez


Dear Diary,

So, evidently I have excepted going to W. As much as I think W isn't the right school for me, I have to go and there isn't really a point in complaining about it. In the words of George Lopez,
Dammit, I can't do nothing!
But, I can't change anything so I'm just chill about it now.

Alright, so this last Sunday, as in yesterday, it was NowBrunette's 14th birthday party. I actually got there like an hour late because of uninteresting family matters before. It was supposed to be a BBQ I think, but all it really was was a field of grass behind you condo place with a bouncy house that deflated one time before I got there. And it wasn't really a BBQ nor a fun party. For me at least.
I mean, the girls got really mean there. I mean, not MEAN mean, like insulting mean, but like joking around mean when they're mean, but they just want the laughs out of everything.
They were playing this game where someone gets behind someone else and crouches and without the target knowing, another person pushes the target ( who is a person ) over the crouched person. It's called Turnover or something or another.
No one was really BBQ-ing stuff, it was just Indian food since NB is half Indian and half White.
I don't know...I just felt out of place traveling from cliques to cliques varying with my so-called friends. Like MissGiggles for example. I thought that the two of us were really close, but sometimes I just think that she hangs out with me for the laughs. I mean, I do try to make her laugh a lot, because I'm like a personal class clown for friends, but sometimes I just feel used. Like a piece of tissue paper, used and put to the side if not thrown away. I make friends laugh and I comfort them at times...but who makes me laugh? Who comforts me?

POS-parent over shoulder.

wait a sec.

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