Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crap! I think I like him again.

Mood(s): Confused, bittersweet, and Not Specified

Song(s) to describe my life: Too Little Too Late by JoJo. No wait, scratch that. Make it Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. That's totally the right one.

Quote of the Day: "Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it." -Lewis Carroll


Dear Diary, (( 10:01 PM Saturday, the day after Friday the 14th. ))
oops. couldn't finish this post, my mom was totally on my back last night!
I'll sum it up now...

so, yeah. That was yesterday's post, and I'll just say what needed to be said yesterday.
Dear Diary, (( 10:01 PM Saturday, the day after Friday the 14th. ))
well, technically, it's 12:08 PM the next day now, but whatever.

See, I thought I was over him and could go ahead to fall head over heels for Nice Jock, but I think I'm started to like Nicerooni ( new name for the Geek. I felt like Geek was way too harsh overall to call him. He IS especially nice to me! ) all over again.
He is so nice and gives me all his attention. I'm completely comfortable to be myself around Nicerooni, while I'm more self-conscious around Nice Jock. He always makes me laugh and I'm sure he would be a good boyfriend.
At the same time...though this sounds very, very, VERY shallow, Nice Jock is cuter and more popular and control? I dunno. Nick Jock doesn't let people walk all over him while Nicerooni usually does. But I like them both.

Sometimes they flirt, sometimes they don't. They're both super nice to me, and not necessarily the same "nice" to everyone else.
DAMN ( pardon my language ) I wish that I could just let one go and keep the other!!
Hot N Cold is definitely describing everything right about now.

That's the game I've been playing constantly since this boy trouble.
It's quite helpful to be honest. Relaxing almost.


- That Girl. (( 12:25 PM same 'ol day. ))

( I really don't know what that means. )

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