Sunday, March 15, 2009

Different "Dream Guy" quiz. With "PIX" this time.

Dear Diary (( same day, 10 minutes later. I"m on Blogging Fire baby! ))

I took another quiz, this time with said "PIX."

here it is....

You want your guy to be the kind that:

Your dream date:

What does your guy look like?

What's your favorite animal?

*Ducks behind a couch to avoid flying objects* What's your favorite color? *gets hit by something from behind*AHHHHH!!! was that really necessary???? gosh...

Did ya like it? haha u only have one answer...that makes me laugh...O well bcuz i love you all, i know you have enjoyed my quizzy immensly...toodles now

man, some people go crazy making these quizzes. here's my result...
Your dream guy is Teddy Geiger. Your lucky...really lucky...he's a good guy. Really cute, plays guitar, and is sensitive...(me: he is mine!!!!! :( )

yeah...go figure. other results? same kind of lame thing.

OH! I just remembered something.
Something that threw me off of not liking Nicerooni anymore.
On his Facebook, he has one of those stupid "what sign would you be most attracted to" and guess what it was??
My sign. Pieces.
And I'm like "damn! maybe he really does like me then!" pardon my cursing.

Still confused but more relaxed from the ranting,

-That Girl

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