Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Dance !! ( take or add a few that is )

Mood(s): Anxious and excited and confused and nervous.

Wait, would that all just mean anxious?

Song(s) to describe my life: Situation by Push Play and I think Right Round by FloRida, although I don't completely understand what he's saying. I'll take a stab in the dark and say that it relates to me right now. My head IS spinning from everything in my life right now after all.
Hopefully, it'll be Our Song by Taylor Swift one day.

Quote of the Day:
"Find the person who loves you for exactly who you are. Good mood. Bad mood. Ugly. Pretty. Handsome. The right person is going to think the sun shines out of your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with." by Juno. Though I've never actually seen the movie.

------- ^ that was yesterday's and I was planning on writing about...nail polish.
So I'll put a little tid-bit about nail polish colors now and then tell you about the really fun dance I just went to filled with short-shorts and geeky guys plus some pretty good dancing by yours truly.

So, my nail polish color always seems to reflect on how my life goes. When I use a bright, bold, hot color, I act more brave and adventurous. When I choose a more calm color, that's how I act. With light pinks? I act shy. And none of it is really intentional either. Something inside me just makes me act in certain ways.
Like now for instance. I have orange-red pretty nails manicured by one of the salons around my house and at the dance I was brave and sexy and cute. I was also very popular, but for some reason, MadameStucky seems to be incredibly annoyed-slash-angry with me, but that's beside the point 'cause she wasn't at the dance. Not that MS would be dancing anyway, she would be standing in the corner scrutinizing whatever it is that she wants to. At least I was dancing, and pretty well, too.
But who cares about her anyway? Today was one of my days to shine. Or at least glimmer a little.

Mood(s): Glimmering, sparkling, and a little frustrated too.

Song(s) to describe my life:
Kiss Me Through the Phone by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em ft. Sammie
Just Dance by Lady Gaga

Quote of the Day:
" Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance."
It's some proverb.

Dear Diary, (( 10:17 PM Friday the 13th in March 09. ))

Well, today was the Unity Dance, Yearbook Party, and it was also Dress Crazy Day at school.

Overall, it was great, once I got to school where I couldn't fight with my mom anymore.
Before the dance, I went over to the mall and bought some new flip-flops, but they killed my feet and I put on my regular Converse for the dance. My brother came to pick me up and take muni over to the Unity Dance, in which we were lost and I was an hour and a half late. But it's all good, 'cause everyone knew it when I arrived. And I got a free necklace, which is also pretty cool.

And at the dance, I danced. I danced and even got Low when I was in my groups of friends.
I slow danced with three guys, only one from my school and he was a major geek in the 6th grade. Thank the lord that CrackerJacker saved me from him when she saw me make the oh-god-please-stab-a-knife-in-my-leg-or-save-me-from-this-majorr-geek face. She was all like, " yeah, what's up? got important news for ya!" and grabbed me away. Whew, hardly made it outta that one! I mean, this guy was a horrible dancer; he was off-beat, stepped on my feet several times, didn't move when people bumped into us, was short, sweaty (VERY!), wore geeky glasses, couldn't find the right place on my hips, and worst of all, kept staring and flipping his head side to side when he moved and it was the most awkward thing ever. The worst part? I asked him to dance out of desperation and despair of having no partner.

I learned from that though and asked out a slightly taller blonde guy ( I actually thought he was asian when asked him to dance ) who was alright. TONS better than the other guy and kind of cute in a 6th or maybe 7th grader way.

The last time ( I was only there for three slow dances ) Sunshine pushed me ( not so hard, but still. ) into another guy. Actually, she pushed us both together and he just took my hip and I took his shoulders and we danced. This was an asian dude who looked as happy to dance with me as I was to dance with him. Just Okay, but wanting to dance with a special someone instead. I mean, he didn't exactly tell me, but I totally got the vibe. It was alright. At least he knew how to move pretty well, you know?

So, I did a little "Kiss me through the phone" and "Get low" dancing in groups with people and that was pretty fun. Since it was dark, you would think that I was a pretty good dancer! But I was just hopping a little with the other girls, not bad though, I even impressed myself! When VZN said, "Dayum That Girl!" I felt pretty darn good. It was a good comment to hear, but really, when he said that, someone just pushed me into him while I was hopping around, therefore, it looked like I really knew what I was doing!

Oh, and before I forget. Remember that guy that I used to like? The Geeky one? Well, while I was dancing with Guy #3, he was dancing behind us and said something like, " You'll be hearing about his at school!" or something joke-ingly like that after he saw me grimacing at the guy I was dancing with to him. I wonder if he likes me?

And a weird thing?
I saw Nice Jock just standing there bored the whole time with his polo on ( yes polo. the Jock-y guy I like was wearing a polo. formal much? ). I don't think I saw him dancing once. During the slow song I passes by him and he still had the same expression on his face; which wasn't anything. It got me a bit frustrated since he's being doing all that flirting (I think!) with me this year.

I also marange-ed ( spelling? ) with my old partner for the same song in the MayDance, who is shorter than me, but still really fun. That was pretty fun too.

Overall, the night was great and I'm really glad that I went!

Buh-Bye tre maifique' diary-eh!

-That Girl in the sunshine. (( 10:48 PM, same day. Friday the 13th! ))

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