Monday, March 2, 2009

Mix and Mash-ups, Perfect/Good/Bad/Horrible Day.

Dear Diary,
(( 5:46 PM Monday Night where I reckon I should be doing my homework now. ))

I'm in a desperate mood to blog right now.
Today was perfect, all until I brought up the subject of high school applications to my mom that is.
Now I feel horrible. Now I feel like crying. Sobbing. Running somewhere.

See, today was great.
Funny, and all that good stuff.
Heck, Nice Jock asked ME to do the jump rope thing with him in PE today. And is he ever good at jump rope!!
The girls were respectable and friendly. Nice and made me laugh.
I invited CrackerJacker to my party and that turned out well.
I found out that Sunshine couldn't go to my party because she had to go to her friend's.

But then my mom started yelling and lecturing me about not taking the SSAT; I forgot.
And now I feel like a piece of crap. Like, really bad.
There was just ONE high school I really wanted to go to, really badly. And now I can't go, why you may ask? I didn't take the retarded SSAT. I forgot to take the damn thing. I'm allowed to swear right now. I feel horrible. But I shouldn't, everything up to that was great and I can still go to the other school, even though freakin' half of my class is going there already.
The reason I wanted to go to that other school so badly is because I really wanted to start a-new. Start fresh. Start a clean slate, and you get the picture. I'm known as the cute-friendly-goofy-funny girl. I'm known as popular, but not at the top. I want to go somewhere where nobody knows me and I force myself to be the person that I really want to be. The girl inside of me.
And I had a chance there. But now? I have to go with a load of people who know my name already, think things of my already. I don't have the worst reputation, but I want something more. Something better.
Too late now.
Good job That Girl. That'a girl. Go got'em.
^that made no sense.
And I seriously don't care anymore about that ^ or the high school thing really.

In 6th grade, my teacher said that we probably shouldn't put a bunch of high school names in a hat and pick one randomly. 'Cause that would be-more or less-stupid.
I think I might do that.

So let's go back to Nice Jock. What happened with him you may ask?
It's kinda confusing, him these days.

So, the PE teacher said for the girls to grab a jump rope and to pick a guy partner.
I wasn't sure who to pick-though I knew that I liked a certain guy... would he like me?-so I just went up to the jump rope rack looking for a partner.
This girl Oatmeal asked Nice Jock if he'd be her partner and he said, "No, Goldie (a dude) is my partne-( then says the next part quickly as he sees my with no partner ) no, actually That Girl is my partner." Naturally, I'm incredibly pleased with this, but I play it cool and I'm all like, "sure, let's get a jump rope."
And he's really good, but I'm not.
Actually, It's said that he has a six-pack, and boy do I believe him!
He does this thing where he picks up his feet and the rope goes under twice before he jumps and he can do this several times in a row, I can do the said "pony" a while before I get totally out of breath and trip up.

POS for a second there! (parent over shoulder, actually mom over shoulder, but... yeah.)

So, I was pretty happy with the whole thing. And PrincessGiggles and Madame Stucky-
[POS again. god, I hate my mom sometimes. Just makes me feel worse then I already do. ]
-were all worked up about me being with a cool and semi-cute guy. And asked if he asked me or vice versa, and of course, I told them that he asked me. That basically made my whole day, up to the previously mentioned part, great.

I forgot to mention what's really eating at me about my birthday.
My ex-BFF.
For the first time in all my life in while I've been friends with her, she has been invited to my birthday parties. Every year for like seven years now.
And I couldn't invite her this year for several reasons:

0 She would not have fun because she's not friends with my friends and she would be ignored.
0 My friends think she's a weirdo.
0 She lowers my soical ranking which is pretty high up at the moment.
0 She'll know that I invited her last minute.
0 I just don't want her there to create confusion in several ways.

And I can't talk to her about my party at all.
I wonder if she knows about it already and knows that she's not invited.
I feel really bad about it. She invited me to hers even though it sucked.
I'm a bad friend.

But it's too late now.


-That Girl signing off

(( 6:28 PM Monday. Still need to do homework dammit. ))

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