Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Out of the Loop, Parties, and Stress.

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“Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.” By Unknown


Dear Diary (( 3:57 PM. Alegebra homework? Take a guess. ))

I am amazed. And surprised and worried about EBF.
You know how I had a birthday party a couple weeks ago, right? Well, I didn't invite Ex-Best Friend because the year before she didn't mesh with any of my friends and she really didn't have a good time until everyone else fell asleep at the sleepover and we talked and did stupid stuff together like playing video games and stuff.
She hasn't found out about it yet. That's right, my Ex-Best Friend is so incredibly out of the loop that she doesn't know when her old best friend, and still close friend ( we do ride the bus together ) has the "party of the year" as some have put it. I feel really bad about not inviting her and the reason why will be explained soon.

Three "party" themed topics are all coming up in this week.

EBF and me are planning to have a party-sleepover together since she thinks that I haven't had a party at all this year. We'll most likely go over to my dad's place.

NowBrunette is having a 14th birthday party which is a BBQ in the park place in her gated community behind her condominium or something like that. Basically all the pops, all my friends, and myself were invited. EBF is not invited as usual. Something like that really makes the two of us see how our lives have taken different paths in the last few years. I feel like Sloane in Kiss and Blog except that I have yet to fail in popularity or be talked about in a blog. Being Sloane really isn't a good thing.

And, wait, what's the third thing? Oh yeah, my friends want me to have a Spring Break Party with a sleepover this time, but that won't be until Spring Break anyway, so I guess that's not this week.

I really, desperately don't, DON'T want to go to the public school that I got into, but since I didn't get financial aid ( darn me not being really poor ! ) I might not be able to go to the private school I really want to go to and got into. Just cuz my mom wants to buy a new crappy house and we might not have enough money to do both things even with my dad and mom paying together.


oh wait, POS! Parent over shoulder! post more in a sec.

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