Wednesday, April 22, 2009


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Mood: Broken Hearted by no one but myself, despaired, wanting to do something outlandish

Song ( s ) to describe my life: It's my life by No Doubt or something?

Quote of the Day: "
You don't have to promise me the moon or stars . . . just promise that you will stand under them with me." by Unknown.


Dear diary, ( no comment today. )

I don't like Nicerooni OR Nice Jock anymore.
And it's not even like I have an explanation anymore because...I'm not sure. I guess that I had my expectations for them set too high and now I'm just disappointed. They aren't the guys that I wanted them to be and it's not like I really discovered anything about them today, or they changed their personalities, but it's been such a long time just...waiting for one of them to ask me out, say something. They disappointed me I guess. And now I'm sad because I really just thought that they were better. I feel Jessa with Ryan on Tough Love.

I feel like Jessa in that video, except you see her earlier crying, although I'm not crying now.
I just feel a little heart broken : /

One reason why? Nicerooni's Facebook status.

Nicerooni: wats worse? Not asking the person u love when had the chance that she would say yes or asking and getting rejected....?

You know how I know I don't like him anymore?
A person who liked him would easily feel happy and let out a happy sigh and dance around the room , being sure that it was them who they liked since I WAS around him a lot today.
But what I did when I read that: I let out a deep, unhappy sigh and felt somber. I might have winced a little bit too. If only I still liked him -sigh-
I'm pretty sure it's me. I probably would have gone out with him if he asked me earlier this year. But now? I might reject him. I'm not sure if my rep can stay as "popular" as it is. I mean, my popularity right now is on a, what's it called? A string or something? Well, it's like that. I'm wobbling over to "okay people." But Am I really That Shallow? That's the question.
You know what? I would go out with him. Just to try it out though and I'm sure that it would be okay anyway.
Know why else I think he likes me?
I was randomly surfing the net and came across an online Ouija board and asked like two different one's if he liked me. The answer? It's Always yes. But I ended up looking up stories about the board and dude, some of them are Really creepy. So I don't like using it anymore. But, those are about real, wooden boards, the things it says online are probably programed and stuff.

Anyway. I like no one, on the open market, looking for a new crush. I just wish that I still did, not sure why.

-That Girl

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