Friday, April 17, 2009

The Female Dogs and "1. insulting term of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous," thanks

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Quote of the day: "
The shortest word I know is 'I'. The sweetest word I know is 'LOVE'
And the person I never forget is 'YOU' " -Unknown

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Dear Diary, (( 8:59 AM on Friday and no, it's not Spring Break. I just don't feel like coming to school today, and yes ditching is bad but the class is in Outdoor Education now anyway ))

SO, I am pretty sure that people suck.

Yesterday after school ( yes I went to school thanks much for asking ) I had to go to an orientation for a summer/partial school year job at my old preschool. It's just for teens and I swear that each one of those Chinese kids brought a Chinese friend with them to the orientation. And it was boring. I got there a little late and had to fit in between to Chinese girls. There were only two guys-Chinese. WE just went over papers and crap and I'm sure that it wasn't necessary for me to be there. Oh well.
Oh, and I lost my phone and I think that a kid pick pocketed me there because it randomly went missing from my purse...
I know Dad's gonna be mad at me for losing it. I have to go look up a new one that I want and then I have to re-get everyone's numbers again. Damn, why do I have such bad luck? Is it karma? Am I a mean person? I've always felt myself as a nice person-more less, you know.

Oh the picture from last time? It was because I was thinking of high school. And how when you get there you have to choose your own identity, how do you dress, talk, hold yourself. Do you do you're work and join mathletes? Or maybe act dumb and try to be a cheerleader with a bra stuffed full of Kleenex? When people say "hi" do you say "hey" "supp." "kisses" or what? It all determines the next four years of your life. And even though people say that college is the most important part of your life? I don't believe that's true. Me and Sunshine were talking ( we were in the same class together with the 6th graders while the other 8th graders went on a whirlwind adventure on Outdoor Education. To think I could have gone of I turned the form in on time ) about high school and I agreed that it's the most important 4 years of your life. You could start doing drugs, turn the corner and become a geek, become interested in blood from rats, you don't know! High school is when you find what interests you and who yourself are. And college is just showcasing yourself and doing more of what interests you, or who you want to be.

Anyway, BigFatHen is such a female dog. She always like...I don't know, says female-whatever, she says bitchy things under her breath. I coudn't find the number on my laptop one time, and PrincessGiggles found it for me when BFH says, "idiot" really manly under her breath. I hope she knows how unattractive she sounds. I don't know why PG hangs out with her sometimes. Sometimes I question my friends, if they really Are my friends. They aren't especially nice all the time. And MissStuckey? We DEFINITELY aren't friends anymore! I already gave a pretend yearbook post in the other post thing. And Ex-Best Friend? I don't like her because she's just so nerdy and geeky in the things she says and does and she's always on my back, scaring all my friends away. They really don't like her either.
So who IS my friend?
Sunshine? We hardly hang out besides in school anymore. I mean, she did invite me to go to the mall with her, but I couldn't go because of my stupid orientation. And she invited me to her play too, but I don't know if I'm too interested in seeing her act and all that stuff. It's just more spotlights on her.
I told her that I used to like Nice Jock, but I don't know if I still like him or not to tell the truth. I just can't imagine going out with him or kissing him...yuck no, not with him. But going out with, not kissing either, Nicerooni? I can imagine going out with him and I bet we'd have a lot of fun, but I can't imagine us having a romantic date or us kissing or anything like that.
Why can't Nice Jock be...nicer and better looking?
Why can't Nicerooni be...more assertive, popular, and better looking?
Why do guys have to be so confusing?

I think that's all I have to talk about, I better go back to sleep or to bed before someone discovers I'm not at school.


-That Girl (( 9:25 AM ))

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