Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Breaking

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Song (s) to describe my life right now:
Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects

Quote of the Day: "
It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech." by Mark Twain


Dear Diary, (( 10:49 PM, don't worry, it's Spring Break, so I still have the rest of the week to do my algebra, thank goodness. ))

Yep, it's finally Spring Break!
And what have I been doing to fill my boring-ily boring minutes, hours, and days of no school ( including the social stress, homework, and falling asleep in class ) you may ask? Well, I've gone to the mall one day, to Ex-Best Friend's house today, and humiliated myself at a buffet for another day, not purposely mind you.

Alright...where to start with my Spring Break/last post horrors?
I guess that I'll start with the buffet then continue with the next two days.


0 woke up about 10:30 AM and stayed home until time for dinner
0 got dressed and put on heels with socks to relate it with my casual wear
0 went to dinner with heels on...IT WAS A BUFFET THOUGH!
0 messed up feet walking around buffet in my cute silver high heels
0 went home and slept


woke up around 8 AM
0 told a lie saying I went to the library for 4 hours when I was really going to the mall
0 went to mall with about $108 and actually didn't have enough money to pay for the three items I picked out at Nordstroms so I had to only pick two. But I REALLY wanted the sunglasses!!! Gahhh. I'm okay though :/


0 woke up at 6:48 AM to get ready for EBF's belated party for me. ( remember that she still doesn't know that I've had a party already )
0 took taxi with fare of $12.80 to her house, though I said that I was taking the bus there to my mom
0 saw two old "scary" movies which really were only scary when they first came out in the 90's
0 mix of Wii playing and beginning of Yes Man watching
0 baked 24 vanilla cupcakes with EBF and her two sisters
0 found matches and candles for my cupcake in which I almost burnt my finger lighting my candle with the lighter
0 playing a rousing game of "Lava Monster" with EBF, her littlest sis, two little kids who were brother and sister, and me at the park down the block from her house
0 playing some singing game that I suck at and having my mom pick me up
0 fussing with mom and going home
0 washing of my hair
0 reading old "Fear Street" books by R.L. Stine
0 blogging; nuff said

^ so there's my life in a nutshell.

Oh and I saw-and I hate to add another Google-search link for this but I wanted to share this with you-Twilight for the first time then I saw it about 5 more times throughout the week. I haven't been a fan of the books, and though a bunch'a people think that the movie sucked, I actually REALLY liked it! It was more interesting then I thought it would be! And yes, Edward was pretty hot even though he was hotter in Harry Potter as that Diggery guy, yum :)
I might start reading the books-anything's possible now! LOL

And as for the song? Think of MissStuckey and I'm sure you'll understand it.

Good night and see you next time Diary, George Lopez is on still!

-That Girl

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