Monday, May 11, 2009

Crushes here and secret crushes there - all kinds of crushes Everywhere!

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Dear Diary ( 4:45 PM , today is confusing as hell )

Love is hard. Crushes are hard. Guys and girls and life is confusing, interesting, and intriguing. So when you think about it-crushes are just puzzles waiting to be put together and usually you take apart the pieces as it's solved or maybe give up along the way, but other times? You can't let go and save it to remember how much you love that one special puzzle.

But enough of that analogy, or any analogies for the time being.

Um, okay where do I start?

Sunshine has been crushing on BestSwedishGuyFriend (or BGFF as in best guy friend forever ) and she asked him out today and of course with Sunshine being Sunshine, and I don't think that anyone would say no to her, BGFF said yes. And I was happy for them, and I mean that and I'm not making it up. I really was.

But then...
I'm not proud of myself...I mean at first I was just having fun and blowing straws at him, but then I started doing it more and talking to him more...and then I think I started flirting with him...But he's with Sunshine now!! I shouldn't even be thinking of flirting with him. Everybody knows not to like a guy you're friend is dating!! Ugh what is WRONG with me? Is flirting with Nicerooni and Nice Jock not enough for me or something?!
I guess it's true that forbidden fruit is always the most uh, what's the quote? I'll look it up. Forbidden fruit is the most sweet I think it is. But I think it should be that
forbidden fruit is the most tempting
Yeah that sounds right.
Because...well...I think I might like him a little now.

See, what happened was that me, AnnoyingFriend ( Sunshine's good friend at school and semi-close friend of mine ), NB, Apple, CrackerJacker, BGFF, and some random pop moochers who popped up unannounced , went over to a teen meeting diner place that has a '60's theme and it's actually pretty nice although I can't tell the name for the reason that this blog MUST stay anonymous no matter the reasons otherwise.
So anyway, we were there because I had a hundred dollars on me and Sunshine wanted to celebrate BGFF saying yes to her.
And I must say, he looked kind of uncomfortable with her and talking and interacting and being more confortable with me.


I thought before that maybe he liked me and that I liked him, but I got over it.
And now Sunshine snagged him so I'm going to let her have him and have him be with her.

BUT wait!!

Sunshine says that she's gonna dump him before the summer because in her words, " he'll be fucking girls in Sweden." Even though I know that's not true. Since he has most of his family in Sweden and his birthday is during the summer-he always goes to Sweden for the summer. So. She's brekaing up with him.
I think I still do like Nicerooni and Nice Jocky though.

-That Girl :/

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