Monday, May 18, 2009

I can't frikin' freakin' FN wait until high school.

Dear Diary, (( 4:29 PM :( is today. ))

Today is one of those days that really shouldn't seem to be all that bad, mostly because in all honesty, it wasn't all that bad when you take a glance at the facts-though I feel like Sh- you know? I'll explain:

o BigFatHen was surprisingly very careful of my feelings and not being too mean to me.

o Me and MissStuckey didn't have very many awkward moments and actually spent some time together in class.

o I did good on my presentation though it was practically destined to be stamped as "FAIL" in big red letters.

o I shared some fun times with PrincessGiggles.

o People were nice and I was interesting.

o I didn't get severely injured nor die of a rare disease, or any disease for that matter

So, yeah those things are neither bad or horrible or great or wonderful. But what happened in between was not great or happy for me at all. In fact, I just took a couple minutes from writing this and did something out of pure spite and dislike for MS, something that I will tell you about in time...but not quite yet. Actually make that TWO things that I did to MS that I sooo should not be proud of doing, yet...I can't stop grinning...hahahahahaha! But you know what? Revenge is sweet and she deserved it anyway :D
Wow I feel so evil. I just did something else to her too and I get stop grinning. I mean, it's not a serious thing-well I guess it KINDA is, but I mean it's more just funny for me. And the meaner she is to me? Well lets just say that as she does, her reputation, pride, and happiness level? It's goin' WAY DOWN!!! Hahahaha.
Oh wow.
Okay, this is what she did today, all leading up to me wanting to stab her in the back:

o told me that my hair was so knotty ( which it wasn't!! ) that I should just take my hood of my jacket off even though I was only wearing it because it was incredibly windy outside.

o keeps trying to decrease my value by telling other people smack-no make that shit- about me.

o said that I "have so much acne" to PG!!!! and I don't!!

o tried to pour some water on my face so "my makeup would melt off," the idiot bitch. and she wonders why she's never had a boyfriend or a kiss? yeah, she can call other people "losers" all the time, but everyone knows that YOU'RE the real Loser, you bitch.

o kept criticizing the colors of my graduation dress for no apparent reason

o keeps talking SHIT about ME ALL DAY!!!

And that my friend, is why I did what I did.
And I'll tell you what I did, but I beg of you not to judge me, but to accept what I did and blame MS for the cause of it all.


Well, to get to the point, I made a fake Facebook account in her name and talked to some people sounding like an idiot-which she is already anyway, along with an attention seeking freak, I mean, can you say desperate?- and I posted a really hilarious ( to me because I did it making her sound like more of a freak ) status for her with some unbeatable, untouchable, funny as shit comments which I'll show you here just because it's so goddamn funny:

MissStuckey: I AM pooping nastie lemonade and sunflower droppies and farting nasty smellies with my brown pee HAHAHA LOL LOL I'm so funnIIEEE.

wth missstuckey????

Thats discutsing and... Ur on for once

i will never be able to unread that sentence.

WTF MS. youre so disgusting!!!

shut it GNMITD, stuff it, and put it in a lemonade cracker with cheese fillings you doggy dog woof I am de bombs haaaaaa

That Girl: a
yeah uh you know what MS?
after reading both your um phrases (?) I'll change my "wth" to "WTF is wrong with you?"

Yes I know. I couldn't help making comments to make her seem even weirder!!
My favorite comment was, " I'll never be able to unread that sentence." HAHAHA Omfg that was sweet sweet payback. I keep grinning :)

But yes, it was a bad thing to do-in theory that is. But right now, in real life, also known as reality? It was a greata feeling to a get a little revenge. But guess what MS??

This is only the start of destorying you.

I plan on having a big summer bash soon and guess who I will NOT be inviting??
OH that's right...


On to other topics.
I realy can't wait unti high school! It's a time where I can totally be a different person and this new person? She's gonna be calm, cool, collected ( well I'm partially those things already ) but also intimidating to the little, unimportnat people, and won't put up with anyone's crap, but at the sam time, wil be nice to the people who I feel like being nice too, and will give out compliments regularly becuase everyone likes those kinds of people. I am also planning on being a cheerleader which of course is a surefire way to keep my standing as "popular" throughout my life.
Oh and I'm doing some major shopping at the mall this summer!! Not to mention a haircute and possibly a hair dye and I might also get "natural" highlights and while I'm at it, colored contacts might be cool, huh? Oh and a push-up bra...uh, acne creams for those stubborn pop-up once in a while zits, and tons of fashion magazines plus my braces off and..hmm what else? Oh, is it possible to take like a growth and weight gain kind of pill or something? Cuz I couls really use those!
I also need to beat MS to the punch by making friends with all the cool girls before her, and also publicly humiliating her in front of them, and casting her off as a loner would be a nice touch. Yes, then that really would be the ultimate payback :)

I must sound like such a beyotch right now but in all honesty, I don't really care because she deserves it.
Oh, CrackerJacker just commented it saying " Oh gosh. This is gross. "

that's so funny, HA I love revenge!

So anyway. I just had to share my good news-slash-new found evilness-with you.

Feeling GREAT now!

-That Girl !

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