Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just about positive. and negative too. -title ment to be taken in many ways

Dear Diary, (( 8:07 PM , -sigh- just listen today.))

shemovesinherownway1-1.jpg swing dancing image by ipodkid707

Diary, is there something Wrong with me? Do I just have bad karma and no optimism or what? I mean, I don't think I'm very mean or too sarcastic to the point where bad stuff starts appearing in my life. Right? So it must be me thinking that something is wrong, I mean, I don't know-maybe my life is actually really great but I'm always seeing the cup half empty with a big crack down the middle?

I must sound like a lunatic talking to myself-and you of course Diary-like this, but let me explain my day/life/everything!

So, every May, since freaking kindergarten- though truthfully I love doing this-we have a Maydance where K-8th graders all learn a separate dance for their grade.

Long story short:
The 8th graders always do the swing.
We had to pick a partner.
I thought Nice Jock and Cheeky already picked each other; they didn't.
So I picked Nicerooni; who totally lacks any and all enthusiasm for dancing.
Then I saw NJ standing next to me; he probably would have asked me.
Cheeky asked NJ then.
N is actually a pretty good dancer! Although he is really not into it, he's really good at the moves.
I don't like N anymore, and I have a big 'ol crush on NJ again; and with the way he always looks at me and just the way he acts in general to me, I really think that he likes me too!!

So that's about it.

Auf Wendersian! ( totally spelled wrong, yes indeed )

-That Girl

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