Friday, May 29, 2009


Dear Diary,

It's 10:55 PM on Saturday night and I only have one more week of the 8th grade left!! Can you believe that? And once summer starts, I am planning to start a new blog just for the Summer of '09, then a new one just for my F-R-E-S-H-M-A-N Year.
So, I would like my few followers here to keep on continuing in the readings of my crazy adventure and path that I call: My Life.

Anyway, I'm going to go on to talk about my life at the moment, instead of the future. Actually, I've made quite a few discoveries about people in my life including both enlightening and disappointing, and I'll start with the bad first just cuz when you start with the bad stuff, you might forget about it or something once you hear the good news. Right? Yeah, right.

So, the bad:

o BigFatHen has decided to keep on continuing to be a REAL Beyotch to me and her fake sweetness that she shows at times just sickens me down from my head down to my cute little toes. Her and SYPG ( Strange Yet Popular Girl ) were so incredibley mean to me today and what was even more embarassing was that BGFF actually stood up for me, which is Very Humliating due to the fact that though I may not be the most popular girl, BGFF is known as a geek basically.

o Nicerooni shows signs of not liking me and I don't like him anymore, and that was the finial decision on that matter. It just doesn't work out.

o PrincessGiggles seems to be under BFH's contol when it comes to any matters of opinions. Our graduation field trip coming up, and PG asked me if I liked going on rides like roller coasters and I said that I did because well, I do. And on my birthday, she LOVED the roller coasters and all the other rides, but when I asked her if she liked them, BFH said something like, " No, we don't ride rides, they make us sick." and PG looked kind of unhappy in an "okay, I guess I'll agree with you" way and said, " yeah I don't like them anymore, they make me sick. We'll just get popcorn." and then BGF said, " I don't like popcorn. " and PG groaned painfully.

o BlondePopTomboy is a real BITCH too.

The good:

o Me and Nice Jock have been spending a LOT more time together lately and talking and joking around more. Flirting? Perhaps.

o MissStucky may have written something meana in my yearbook, but something nice too I'm sure ( I don't read my yearbooks until the summers )

o PG said something about being Best Friends Forever in my yearbook, that's one of the only things that I read from hers.


So, that's about it.

Gotta go now, it's gettin' late!

-That Girl ( at 11:30 PM ) anxious

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