Monday, May 4, 2009

Spit and the Swine Flu ( Literally and Not True! )- and also my "TYPE"

swine.jpg Swine image by Crop_Duster

donkey.jpg donkey image by ThaJerm75trust me, these pictures relate PLENTY to today's entry.

Dear Diary (( 4:07 PM, this day needs not extra information ))

Wow today SUCKED. By that I mean that it was pretty horrible for me.
ugghhhhhhhhhh I''m tired.

Okay, so I just took a little break from this and took a bath. And it was alright actually-I mean until I got out and tried to drink some apple cider which I tried to chug since there was only a tiny amount left in the bottle AND of course I poured some of it into my nose by accident.

So, compared to the rest of the say, that little event was quite a treat.
I have no idea where to start talking about my day today.

Here's a summary:

0 MissSttuckey told a whole bunch of people that I have Swine Flu, which I don't have!!

0 PrincessGiggles told me that I was "following her" around the yard, which I WASN'T!! Can I help it if the bathroom is on the left side of the yard where she was standing? NO I can't!

0 MS told PG to spit at me today after FreckledLoser accidentally put CHEESE in my hair after MayDancePartner got saucy HAIR in my HAIR and then MS had the outright, I'm don't even have the word for it, RUDENESS? No, DISRESPECT to SPIT in my hair for no reason besides the fact that she is more of a BITCH then ever.
Guess what MS? There is no way in the HELL that you're onvited to my graduation party now, you rude, unrespectful, pig-faced, BITCH.

0 Ex-BFF wasn't on the yellow bus and I felt like more of a loser than before on the bus by myself.

0 CrackerJacker was especially mean today.

0 My school life is suckin' and even though I was excited as HELL to go to high school before, I'm dreading it a bit now because of the fact that MS will be there and with no PG with me- it'll be all out war.

That once again is my life in a nutshell.
Isn't my life wonderful?

Oh and this probably shouldn't be something I should complaining about, but you know what made me sad today? Or, a better word wouldn't be "sad" as much as it would be...lose ( more! ) faith in guys?

In Tough Love
which is my favorite show at the time, it seems like all the couples would stay together long after the show, but in reality, all except maybe one or two of the girls broke up with what seemed like their perfect matches-their soul mates-as cheesy as that sounds.

But it made me think long and hard about what I look for in a guy and this is what I got:

He must be

sarcastic ( like me )
get my sense of humor
be charming
able to make me comfortable with him\
cute/okay looking
not scary ( haha )
able to stand up for himself and me at times
kind of popular? ( ouch not trying to be shallow here, but... it's the truth )

That's not so much to ask for, is it?
I guess I'm looking for the 27 Dresses type of guy, I LOVED his character!
Anyway, my mom's totally being a POS ( parent over shoulder ) right now, so see ya.

-That Girl, still a little pissed-thank god not literally.

Oh by the way, I think that I've done a little switcheroo on terms of crushes.
On-Nice Jock
Off-well, I have no more crushes do I?

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