Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teardrops on my guitar-or rather, teardrops on my laptop for me.

Your Result: "Teardrops On My Guitar"


The guys you tend to like are your close guy friends and sometimes are already in relationships. You want the best for people. Even if you don't get what you think is right, you're always accepting and happy for whatever other people get. You're the kind of person who sees the best in people.

Dear Diary,

Oh god. I'm falling for BGFF; which is absolutely horrible.

Today, I found myself talking and flirting with him constantly. His eyes looked brighter with tons more colors and the whole time we talked everything seemed great. But afterwords? I felt like what I was-flirting and falling for one of my best girl friend's boyfriend. Well, at least that's what she's calling him; her boyfriend even though they haven't even been on a date yet.

And I really like him now. A LOT. And I don't know how much I can take of him because my insides are all mixed up, or maybe that's just butterflies? But WAIT. Aren't my butterflies for Nicerooni and Nice Jock?

I don't know!!!!!!!!!

Here's a weird thing about me-when I like someone and I don't get asked out in a couple months ( yeah I wait a long time for guys ), I stop liking them. But I'm crushing on THREE guys right now! And the front runner right now is -bites lip- BGFF then Nicerooni and Nice Jock tied for second.

But is it really wrong to like more than one guy-three guys for that matter?!

Oh my god I have no clue what to do.

And I feel like crying. Maybe something is wrong with me? I mean, why don't I have a boyfriend yet? I really feel like breaking down and crying right now. Like having a sobbing fest.

My best guy friend who I now love in a different light is now dating one of my best girlfriends.

So that's that.

Followers of this blog-readers of this blog-guys and girls who care about a care about a confused girl-please, no really


comment here. It would make me feel better.

Give me your stories and advice and I'll thank you in the blog!!

Tearing up,

-That Girl in agony.

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