Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crushin' Hard!!

"So, when you're go sit in the corner alone and count your cards?"

Oh my gosh today was full of inside jokes, but this one was from me ( joking of course ) to my co-workers about this guy who was talking a lot. Note that he used to go to my school, so it's all cool. And we all got a good laugh out of this one.

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Dear Diary,

OH MY GOSH! Today was full of things to talk about ( "Yo Momma" and stepping on the line games, to fun games and surprising personalities ) but I feel the NEED to rant about my newly discovered crush.
And baby let me tell you, for-GET about Nice Jock and Nicerooni. Babe, there's a new sheriff in town!
Like seriously, I'm totally over those two. I don't care if they used to like me, do like me, or did in the future because I'm not about to wait up for them or put my life in PAUSE!

Let me explain how we met...

Well you know how I got the job at my preschool, right?
He got the job too, and for now let's call him...MalcomC (kind of like Malcom X from 27 Dresses, and Malcom X had the exact personality that I want in a guy).
I thought that he was a teeny bit of a...well, loser to truthful, when I first met him. I think he was trying a little too hard to be funny and way too quiet, but NOW that I know him...everything he says just sounds cute and funny. He also is really smart! He says he kinda stays home and reads books all he doesn't get out much, but at the same time, I don't think that usually admits that openly.

But it all makes me like him even more.

The thing that I really like about him is that I can make him laugh and he can make me laugh, Like if we ever went out we could talk about important and serious issues at times, and at other times, we could make eachother roll on the floor laughing. He gets my sense of humor, and my very impressive use of sarcasm, and when I'm sarcastic, I'm usually so sarcastic that people just think that I'm telling the full blown truth.

Someone asks me, "Do you like this shirt?"
And it's a stupid looking shirt and they know it of course.
So I'll say, "Oh, I love it so, so much!"

And sometimes they'll be all like, "Seriously? I thought it looked like a bunch of throw-up."
So I'll say something like, "I know. I was joking."
And in return? "Oh yeah...I knew that."

So you see my problem there. But MalcomL isn't like that. He gets what I'm saying and laughs about it, which makes me like him SO much.
When someone gets my jokes and sarcasm, and is a decent person who can make me laugh, you better bet that I fall for them.

Only one problem.
He's going to a different high school than me in the fall. Which sucks.Practically everyone else I co-work with is going to that same school too. More sucking.

But anyway, everytime I even think about him now, I get butterflies.
Greens seem greener now. So that grass? Blazin' on the fields.
And the sky? Blindingly blue of course.
What else? Naturally, music sounds better.


He's not the best looking guy in the room, but he can hold his own, stand up for himself and me, make me laugh, and hold conversation. So what else can a gal ask for?

Oh I know, for him to ask me out??
But I don't know what I'd say. I might not say YES because I'll know that it's a good chance that it'll be a summer fling kind of thing.

But not right now, so I'm a thinkin' positive!! :D

I'm getting a little sleepy now, so I'll be going to bed soon, but I have an inside joke that I must share with you.

Me, the guy from my school, and MalcomC, along with some other kids that don't need mentioning, were sitting at the corner store/eating place during lunch and I was eating some Cup Of Noodles. MC being a boy, is naturally a little perverted, something that I can deal with though.
So he was like, "That Girl, what's that white stuff in your noodles?"
It was foam.
The guy from my school was like, "White stuff?"
"Yeah white stuff."
They then started doing their perverted-boy giggling and the guy from my school was joking around and all of a sudden said,
"I like white stuff." Just as an old man walked in.
I covered my mouth and starting laughing-hard.

It was definitely a fun day and if I could, I'd go to school with all these people all the time, and just stay at the preschool learning stuff.
Yeah. That would be cool.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that story, and if you're wondering, everyone else starting laughing once I did and they all started adding to the joke, including MalcomC.

That's all for now!

-That Girl; happy as a the best possible way.

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