Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I graduated 8th grade,
It's as plain and simple as that, and though today is the last official day of school, can you really expect me to go to school today if I skipped regular school once every 2 weeks? I mean, come on dude.
But do you truthfully wanna know why I'm not at school now?
I hate goodbyes first of all. They're so sad and it's one of the reasons I hate going to camp, the people I meet are absolutely great but one day I'm best friends with them cooking s'mores over the campfire and the next I'm heading towards my real life at home.
Also why I didn't go?
At graduation everyone was hugging eachother and crying but I only got maybe 3 heartfelt hugs. So I most definitely don't want to go to school to see everyone crying their eyes out and hugging eachother to death while I stand at the stand lines. I mean, of course I'd get hugs and stuff.
But to tell the truth, I won't miss these people all that much.
Oh and I got bad news yesterday. VPG (VeryPopularGirl) is going to my high school. Or at least enrolled though she fighting for a different school.

Graduation last night was torture!!
My aunt came to take pictures and she kept following me around taking pictures of random people! I just wanted to talk to people but I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone!
I didn't all that many claps when I got my certificate. What's worse is that the 2 people who got theirs before me got an enormous amount of claps!
Then this guy that goes to my school who I'll call QuietGuy has this mom whose been trying to set us up since like 3rd grade (!!) asked me for my phone number because and I quote "they're so shy in high school so why don't you give me your number so maybe QG can chaperon you to the dances! You can text right? Oh, I won't tell him about this though, he'll be so embarrassed! Nice to see you!" then I had to take a stupid picture with QG's mom, dad, and little sister! God, he wasn't even in the picture in the first place!
Then I went to a miserable graduation dinner with my family. If my brother wasn't there to feel my pain I swear that I would've splatted my face right into the rice plate and taken a good night's sleep in it.

And then I went home to sleep.
TONS OF FUN RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God. My 5th grade graduation wasn't all that bad.

Okay I need a rest now.

-That Girl, just twisted up.

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