Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh goshooks!! (pronounced Gah-shah-cks)

" Je ne sais pas! Je ne sais pas, JE-NE-SAIS...PAS! "
Me to myself today. It's my new catchphrase!
What does it mean? Look it up and you'll be one chic bilingual chick ;)

Dear Diary,
((6:10 PM on a Sunday evening and guess who's FREAKING out for tomorrow?!))

Tomorrow-on a soon to be less than lovely Monday- I start not only a new (and first!) job at my old preschool, but also my mom has cursed me for sure fire embarrassment called "SWIMMING lessons!"
Yes I know it's sad to be 14 years old and only know to doggy paddle in water, but hey I'm sure there's tons of 20-year olds afraid to go to the beach because they can't swim.
And so what if I can't ride a bicycle.
OH shut up.
-sigh- Just don't rub it in!

Okay, so like I said, I have to go to work for the first time in my life and take a swimming lesson for the literally second time in my life. The first time I was about 4 years old and I only took one class then I got tired of it. And the girls made fun of me too, and I was not a happy camper! My mom actually bought me a swimsuit that only covered my bottom and you could see my whole top. I was small, but hey my mom should've known better!! This other 4 year old girl told me that I was in the wrong shower room because only boys had my kind of swimsuit. I was in the girl's show room. Of course I tried to tell her off, but it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my short life.
No lie.

So maybe that was the reason I never went back. Alright, it WAS the reason, but you know that if you were me there in that ugly swimsuit being ridiculed by those kids, you wouldn't go back either!

And because I haven't been swimming in about 8 years, my mom took me to buy a something last night, i.e. one of the scariest words in the English dictionary: bikini.
Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have the worst body ever. By that, I mean that I'm not obese with flaps of flat hanging out of my stomach or completely flat chested with two floppy looking balloons for a top.
I'm definitely on the skinnier looking side-but not anorexic or anything! But I do have enough of a chest to modestly fill out a top and a very flat stomach that I think is worthy of showing in public.
The only thing that I'm actually nervous of showing is my back.
And NO I don't have roaches feeding off my spine or anything. I just used to get some acne on my back (no comments please) and now there's some scars there that look less than attractive to me, myself, and I. Usually I just some makeup over it and I look fab, but makeup+water=baaaad news. SO I guess I'll just have to put on the confidence act, cuz darling, it's all in the attitude, confidence, and personality :)

Just remember your ACP's and you're good to go sweet stuff.

Oh, mad props to Robyn Schneider and her wonderful book I have just discovered called The Social Climber's Guide To High School, which may I say, was a huge help in boasting my C's for some reason. It gave me some of my fave words that I've posted here that usually would never show up in That Girl's context, sweetheart.

Okay well I was going to put some helpful hints from her book, but I'll be easier to test everything out when I write down notes on paper, but I'll type 'em out here later.

-That girl, armed (no not literally!) and ready to face tomorrow

P.S. La dolorosa is coming and I think I'll be ready...nah I was being a contaballe, but don't confuse that with a slag! Diary darling, you truly are Chouette; like a figata favola.

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