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" You have to eat one-forth of the cupcake. No-eat the cupcake or...die or something. " Quote of the Day. This one's by me to my two cousins. Speaking sarcastically of course!

Dear Diary, (( June 18th 2009. Um Thursday evidently. ))

Just a few minutes ago I was planning on closing of this 'ol blog and making a new one for this summer of '09, but then I thought about all the memories and different things I've written here, and all the hard work and hours added up to make this blog and all to get my few but totally cool followers.
So why waste the hard work?
I've decided to keep writing here until at least the end of the summer if not when I'm in my Freshman year in high school too. 'Cause we all know my humiliating, embarrassing, and unforgettable stories will only get better-or rather worse for me-in high school!

So far summer for me hasn't exactly been a big blast or anything mildly interesting at all for that matter. Basically, I've been cooped up inside my house reading books which I've already read before; rotting my brain on MTV, VH1, and Nickelodeon specials companioned with ABC Family and Disney Channel movies; painting a so-called "Paint by the Numbers" picture in which I spend about 4 hours every night trying to paint the same freaking picture and I have lost about 3 different colors in the process and totally painting the colors off of memory and not reading any of the frustrating numbers; and texting people telling them about my less than boring summer.

Oh, I do have something interesting I've done though!
I e-mailed by favorite author ( besides Dr. Seuss of course ), Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, a letter about her Alice series which is my favorite series and favorite books that I've ever read. I highly recommend it to anyone! Actually, it's so great that a movie was made from it. It's called Alice Upside Down.

Here's what I sent her. She even replied!

Dear Phyllis,

There’s something about the Alice movie that makes me a little frustrated, and I don’t know if you’ve gotten this same complaint before, but I’ll say what’s on my mind anyway.
In the Alice movie, Liz is black. Now don’t get me wrong here, normally I would have nothing against this except that, isn’t Pamela’s dad racist against African Americans? Just casting someone who goes against the plot is a little frustrating to me. Aren’t you kind of aggravated by that?

Anyway, I’m really dying to read Intensely Alice! I just ordered it on Amazon and can’t wait until it’s delivered! Almost Alice was one of my favorites, but I have to tell you that some other readers thought that the book ended a little flat. Like the way Pamela got lucky with the miscarriage and that the party after prom was hosted by parents and not some crazed party at a hotel. But overall, the book was great for me.

Thanks for SO much for writing the Alice series and don’t stop! I think that every girl can somehow find themselves in Alice’s place at one time or another and it’s great to be able to relate to someone so real…well kind of. It’s sad to think that Alice isn’t real because reading her books you feel like one of you best pals, when really she’s just words.

Thank you again for your wonderful, great, and inspiring Alice series

<3>Phyllis replied:

Thank you for your comments. I was frustrated too because Liz was so miscast, and wished they could have included wonderful Gwen in the movie. I understand why they did it, of course. They wanted the film to appeal to people of all races, and since Gwen doesn’t appear until later in the series, they decided to make Liz African-American. But as I said, I try to see the movie as a thing separate from the book, “The Agony of Alice.” If we didn’t know about the book, in other words, would the movie work on its own? That’s the best way to judge it.

As to your other comments, I hope readers understand that I am following one particular girl as she matures. She is not “every” girl. She does not do what readers always expect, or what readers think would be most exciting. In our part of the country, that “after prom party” is a big deal in some high schools, and are a lot of fun. My concept of what Alice would do at this particular time would be to have fun with her friends. Yes, Pamela’s miscarriage was convenient, but this is not unusual for a small stature teenage girl who isn’t getting the sleep or the nutrition she needs and is tense and worn out. I have to write the book as I feel it would happen, but every reader is entitled to make her own judgment. I’m always grateful to readers who give me their opinions, and I do think about each one. It helps direct me in future books.

So that's what I sent her.
Okay you're right, it's not the most interesting thing in the world that a girl can do, but hey it's a start! The book hasn't been delivered to my house from Amazon yet.

OH there's something else that's even better that happened!
I'm very proud of my self, but I'm not allowed to tell my brother or my dad yet because my brother is looking for a summer job and my mom said that if I get a job before my older brother does, which is what happened, he'd feel bad. So I'm not allowed to say anything about it right now.
I start work Monday though! And I'll be able to blog ALL about the other teen leaders I meet! Hopefully I'll be going to high school in the fall with some of the other people who got the job and it'll be easier to make more friends and blend in!

So that's about it, and I'll get back to ya when anything new pops up!

That Girl, slowly becoming a social reptile. Whatever that means...hahahaha!!

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