Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today is today is today.

Dear Diary, (( 8:02 PM ))

Today I wrote a note on my cell ( yes I did find it at my job interview fyi, and more fyi, I did get the job in the end!! Haha, That Girl's has a job this summer! Which you can find more about in my upcoming blog purely on this coming summer of '09! Watch out I come. ) and I'll just copy it down here :)

Dear Diary,

Have you ever been at a hardware store and had the urge to take one of those pipes that they leave on display and just smashing everything in the store then putting a big 'ol "
Please feel free to kick me HARD!" sign on the back of Mom?
Well, okay I didn't exactly do that, or do any of that at all , but still.
I felt like doing it.

Yeah, I better explain huh?

-sigh- Well I had a pretty long day starting with my dad picking me up at 10 AM and picking up my brother and grandma up to go get shoes for graduation tomorrow. Long story short is that most of the shoes sucked so tomorrow I'm leaving school after graduation practice at 10 :30 AM and going to get shoes with my dad and brother.
Anyway, after that I had to go visit my grandma's brother's wife's new house (whew, right?) and my mom was driving around with my other grandma so she came to pick me up there for no reason when my dad was going to drop me off anyway, but whatever.
My mom's hobby is fishing. No not at the lake near the house, I mean like the piers in the next city and my grandma likes coming with her for some reason.

And I personally, hate fishing.
You see the problem here?
Loves vs. Hates is usually a bad thing.

But as we yelled in the car about me having to go, she drove to the beach anyway.
I wouldn't get out the car because the other times before that I just stayed in the car and talked on the phone or something, but she wouldn't let me this time. I felt this unfair because she had no good of a reason to change this rule all of a sudden.
She took the to-go platter of food that I got from that new house and grabbed it from my hands (cutting my hand btw) and went to throw it away.
I was starving at this point because that food was going to be both my breakfast and lunch. And it smelled really good too.

Next, we then we drove to 2 places.
Costco and an all-you-can-eat restraunt.
Neither of which I got out of the car to go to.
And more yelling at me.
Private tears on my face rolled down as I got yelled at and called in the process "bitch" "selfish" "queen" "god" and so on. Meant to be mean of course. And it did hurt. But for some reason, I cry when it happens but can easily feel nothing as I tell my stories about sad subjects. I guess I just don't like crying in front of people or you know, that kind of stuff : /

Then we went to the hardware store previously mentioned and I was really hungry at that point.

Then we went to a supermarket place where I had to walk arond with my grandma and my mom went on her own to buy stuff. It was very heavy stuff my grandma picked out for me to carry around. My mom, I later discovered, went to a bakery and got me some food.

I ate in the car and I finally returned home safe and sound-minus the cut on my hand and ego slightly bruised.

And since I got home I've been sitting in front of this laptop surfin' the net.
By myself.

Oh, I also have to tell you what I did yesterday and the day before that.
Let's start with Friday. Why you may ask? Well, why not .

I felt a little queazy, I think I might have had spoiled orange juice the day before now that I think about how it was slightly fizzy.
Note to self: Don't drink randomly fizzy orange juice.
So I stayed home on Fridayand didn't go to the middle school dance for 8th graders throughout the city, the ticket was $15 and I bought it about a month ago. I should have gone but I guess I'm just a little chicken especially due to the fact that people like BigFatHen were there and I'm not the best dancer. See where I'm going with this?
But my mom told me to go even just for 5 minutes to get worth out of the ticket.
I got dressed and went to the playground up the block and went on the swings alone for about 20 minutes then went home and said I gave the ticket in and went to the park by myself afterwards.

When I got home I found the ticket taped to the wall next to my desk.
I crumpled it up and stuffed it somewhere but I don't remember exactly where it is now.

On the Saturday, there was a dance for just my classmates at the same place, and hour earlier.
I claimed sickness again but since you didn't need to buy a ticket for this, I was not pressured into going to to park to swing by myself again.

And that's basically how my weekend went.
Pretty pathetic, huh?

Oh, I had a dream last night. I'll tell you about it.
Actually it was like 2 dreams in one night without a pause, but I don't think that the mutant rabbit that my brother and I rescued and I sat with in the back seat of some random car, is an important thing to talk about right now.

So in my dream, I was a great dancer and even surprised myself with my dancing skills. This one guy, who later told me his name was Nick, started dancing behind me and we ended up sitting down on some couch and making out. He tried to cope a feel on me but I called him out. He kept calling my "babe" which by the way is the single most annoying thing a guy can tell you, and I got in his face about it and walked away. He grabbed my arm and said that he was going to get what you wanted. And in turn, I kicked him in the balls and out of no where I saw Nice Jock appear from the crowd which was there now. He punched him in the face of course.
Then the Security Guard took Nick away and the DJ called me up to talk to me. He lined up a bunch of guys that wanted to slow dance with me.
Nick Jock was there. I chose him.
As we danced, other couples started joining in and at the end of the song, NJ asked me if I wanted to get out of there, which I very much did with him!
We went to the playground and talked while we swung on the swings, slid down the slide, laid in the sand, kissed eachother and played thumb wars, until midnight.
I went home and told my mom about it.
Word spread at school and I told my friends about it.
He asked me for a word in private and I told him that I wasn't sure if I could keep the relationship with us going to different schools.
He said I was special and all those other things a girl wants to hear.
I said I felt the same.
And he said he thought that it would be hard too.
I suggested that we go on a date and to see how it went before we decided anything and he thought it was a good idea so I went over to ask my friends if anyone could double with us since double dates are a whole less awkward. Not that it matters with a guy that you spend the whole evening with, but still. It's a little easier I think. Not that I've ever been on one. And I couldn't dream it, I would have but the phone rang and woke me up. I'll let you know what happens in the future though.

Then I woke up.
And it made me think. If anyone asked me out now I would have to think if it would work out with us going to different high schools and everything.
But I'm glad I thought it. Because now I'm a little glad no one's asked me out, it would be incredibley sad to have to break up after just one summer because of the whole school thing.

Okay, that's about what I wanted to say today!
Oh, one more thing...isn't these guys soooooo DREAMY and CUTE!

And I leave you with them :)

-That Girl, melancholy

James Marsden
was basically my dream guy for looks and personality in 27 Dresses.
I always thought he was Mark McGrath though!

MarioLopez08.jpg Mario Lopez image by StockholmByMorning Mario Lopez is very cute with dimples and all.
Not sure who those two are but they are very cute.

Max Theriot

Johnny Pacar
Cutest Guys of 2008! - Why California Girls Are Awesome

Robert Pattinson
you know how he looks already.

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