Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jar of Dreams

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"Yeah? Well for my elective, I have Vocal Music-Beginning and I'm pretty sure that I'm TONE DEAF!" -Me to basically everyone who asks about my high school schedule.

Dear Diary, (( 5:31 PM on Sunday night. ))

Tomorrow I have to go to my high school to talk about changin' my lame-a. schedule. I have absolutely no classes with anybody that I know! And I was put into TWO honors classes when I only wanted to take ONE! I only wanted English Honors, but now I have freaking Algebra 1 Honors too!

I hate math. It's far to confusing.
But English is a different story. English I like, in fact I like reading and writing so much that I'm writing my own story right now, though the details of it I can't say quite yet.

So, here's my schedule!

Late schedule.

Unscheduled 1st period. (which means Late Schedule.)
Algebra 1 Honors.
9th Grade English Honors.
Vocal Music-Beginning.
Physical Education 1.
Life Science 1.

So, I had orientation the other day and it was a little weird.
To be quite...frank,

The guys fell all over me.

and I'm not used to that at ALL.
How did this start??

On the bus to orientation, two semi-cute boys (who I found out later were sophomores!) were sitting about 5 seats from me and were basically checking me out and rating me! The uglier one gave me a 6, then changed it to a "5 to 7" when the other-cuter-guy gave me an 8. I wish I talked to them.
They kept saying," No, YOU talk to her!" to eachother, but they never did.
I wanted to say SOMETHING!
Just a "Hey, I can totally hear you guys just so you know." and a grin would have made my conscious feel better.

I guess that all of those old sayings are true...
It's better to life to the fullest, and have no regrets rather than to think of what could have been... Could have, should have, would have...

It would have been great to have two cool and cute guy friends in the sophomore class even before school could have been a start of something new and daring for myself to do...I should have talked to them.
But I didn't. There's the regret. There's where I had a chance to live, well, fuller.

Then again, you only live once and it's a little too late now.
Forget about regrets, think about the positives is what I always usually think. Not say out loud, but I always silently tell myself that.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about dreams today...or rather...stuff I want and literal dreams that I keep on having.

I always have-the literal kind of course-dream about me and a special guy.
A guy who's nice and really funny, and always there for me. We meet at school, or at a candy shop, or he's my neighbor.
It's actually always a different guy. Sometimes he has light brown, soccer-esque hair that's a little long but not messy, sometimes he's Asian and my's always someone different...
And I wish that the dream would never end...last night I had a dream that it was some guy...dark brown hair I think...and we were at a carnival and it was amazing. Too bad you can't live out your dreams...then again would I? Live in the dream and have a fabulous life, but at the same time know that none of it is real at all?

I just wish I could find the right guy already...and I wish in every tunnel that I would, I wish on every star, and I wish on at least one of my birthday candles.
Well. One day.
I'll find him one of these days, and if I don't? E-Harmony and may have the cure for single-itis, though I'm sure that most of those people have some kind of personality or look defect and that's why they can't snag a person of their own. Then again, who am I to judge them?

That's about all for now my oh-so-precious Diary.
Good luck and GOOD speed!

-That Girl, thinking, thinking, pacing.

BTW, look up the song
I Want you to Want me by Letters by Cleo, that's how I'm feeling right now.

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