Monday, August 24, 2009

Shockingly the first day, babe.

"What is "act" short for?"
"Um, "acting"?"
Today this was how I answered the question my drama teacher asked the class, and uh may I say...duh?

Dear Diary, (( 6:29 PM, first day of the rest of my life-okay the next four years-AKA Freshman 1st day of school. And You maybe be able to guess from this color font that I had a pretty chipper day, finally nothing went too bad! ))

I met some cool people today, one of which is Ex-BestFriend's good guy friend from her CIT program at the Y. Let's call him Marly. Why? Well, his name makes me laugh and someone with the name of Marly would make me laugh too.
I don't feel I did with MarcoPolo or with NiceJock or even Nicerooni, because I don't like Marly!
He's cool and a guy who makes me laugh a lot plus he's just fun to be around in general.
Also? So far-no awkward pauses!
I can always tell if I'm going to be friends with someone if we can click when we first meet. If it's awkward and you can't think of anything to say, your next meetings will most likely be similiar to that!
He's just a guy to chill with and I like that, not that I wouldn't mind if he liked me like that if you know what I mean. But, But. I think he has an interest in me, in which way I'm not sure of. He always looks at me and I look at him and we laugh a whole lot. We have Drama Class together with another of EBF's friends who I'll call Stripped.
I don't have much of reason to call her that, but I think it fits alright, ya know?
I love that class and how we can all have fun there together and I pretty much look forward to it now. Until something bad happens that is.

I also made another friend who I'll call Cloney. I'm calling her that because she's almost like a clone of myself. Same sense of humor and we do the same thing when we can't think of anything to say, which is make random small talk and obervations. We both couldn't wait for P.E. to end so we could go home and sleep until we had to go back to school again and we both agreed that our butts' hurt for sitting on the floor in the gym so long waiting to leave.

This morning I met up with EBF at her house and I sat on her bed while she showered and stuff. School started at 8:30 AM today, but normally we need to get to school at 7:30-ish, like tomorrow where we have to be there at 7:30 AM and after school the two of us will be going to the library like we always do on Tuesdays because she has a tutor and I live literally 3 blocks away from the library.

Oops mom is home and I gotta go. TTYL and I'll report on any drama that might appear!


-That Girl, on the prowl

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