Friday, August 14, 2009

Truthfully the Truth.

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Dear Diary, ((10:42 PM on I'm not hangin' with some new friends tonight or anything like that. ))

I have SO much to say, and guess what?
When I'm faced with something like this; I'm in need of blogging, and the best way to get out all the weird, weirder, and weirdest feelings-plus-situations I've been in, is to list.

I would've called this post "101 and 1 truths by your very own That Girl" or somethin' similar, but the truth is that I'll probably have less than 101.
There's the first truth.

And here we go, my life in a nutshell-AKA: my life in a list.

Truth #1. I'll probably have less than 101 Truths to tell, but it could be more for all I know.

Truth #2. I realized that my MarcoPolo (remember that I changed MalcomC's name to MarcoPolo?) isn't the guy for me.

Truth #3.
WrestlingChick says that she doesn't like MP anymore, but we all know that she's still in love.

Truth #4. MP is shy around girls, but not in academics.

Truth #5. ComfortGuyFriend told me that he thought of me as a sister.

Truth #6. I was and am disappointed that I still can't hook a guy that I want.

Truth #7. The guys that I like-to my knowledge-never like me the way I like them.

Truth #8. Today I went shopping at Macy's and even though I paid for my stuff with a gift card...I stole a tee just because.

Truth #9. I could afford it and would practically die if I got caught. But I didn't care, too.

Truth #10. I make friends easily.

Truth #11. I'm almost always my friends' second choice when it comes to being around eachother.

Truth #12. Sometimes I stay home watching Kenan and Kel on Youtube on weekend or weekday nights.

Truth #13. I do #12 and tell my new friends that I had a sleepover or something interesting that night.

Truth #14. I love puns.

Truth # 15. I'd say that every friend that I've ever been close to in my entire life has told me that I was "funny."

Truth #16. Except ExBestFriend, who is probably my only friend who knows me as me.

Truth #17. My supposed "friends" from my K-8 school haven't even hung out with me once this summer. Except ExBestFriend.

Truth #18. Every time I go under a tunnel, I make wishes.

Truth #19. My wishes include: clearer skin, gaining a little weight, getting taller, to have everyone that touches my life to live forever, for everyone to be happy, to stop abuse, to get along with my family better, to have real friends, and to continue being likable in high school.

Truth #20. On my way to my high school orientation yesterday, there were two guys about 3 seats away from me who were rating me on my looks.

Truth #21. They were trying to whisper but were pretty loud. I got a 5-6 from one guy and an 8 from the another. The one who gave me an 8 was cute, the other guy wasn't. They kept saying, "you talk to her!" but they never did.

Truth #22. I wish I said something. Anything. I was flattered but weirded out.

Truth #23. I made friends with a girl at orientation when we had to pair up with someone that we didn't know.

Truth #24. Her friend was really cute. We chatted a little, but never caught eachother's name.

Truth #25. I wish I knew his name.

Truth #26. I'm SO happy to be starting high get rid of all the bull in the past.

Truth #27. I'm going to go do more typing for the story I'm writing right now, I'm not going to sleep yet.

Truth #28. I'm watching a Nutty Professor marathon on VHS's.

Truth #29. I wish so incredibly much that I had a boyfriend.

Truth #30. I can't wait for ExBestFriend to come back from camp.

Truth #31. Maybe me and ExBestFriend can be reinstated as good friends again?

Ciao mon ami,

-That girl

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