Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boys are Stupid. Dumb. Confusing. Fun. Lovely. Dumb.

Dear Diary (( No time for quote of the day or other things today, sorry! 11:21 PM ))

So-so-so much to say! But not enough time to speak the words that I'm thinking of!
And it's 11:22 PM, Thurday night AKA School night, have to sleep soon. But hey, guess who doesn't have algebra homework to do tonight? :)

Here's the scoop summed up- by the way-mom wakes up right now and finds me typing at this hour = death.

Marly and Mindy have decided to go out. Woo-hoo big surprise. They have hardly talked to eachother though, all too shy.

LightBright and me have gotten considerably-seriously!-close. We hug, text everyday after school and talked about just about everything.
Do I like him as more than a friend? Still a question good 'ol That Girl is struggling to find the answer to. I still have his sweater but he'll get it back tomorrow.

I made the cheer squad. Boring though.

MGFG told LightBright that she liked him about 2 weeks ago. Any progression between them? Not to my knowledge!

Oh man it's 11:30 already. Gotta jet amigos!
Ciao Bella!

-That Girl, confused about guys like green tea is about actually being the color brown most of the time.

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