Thursday, September 24, 2009

SM-ORE'S please!

Song(s) of the Day: I Do not Hook Up-Kelly Clarkson, Please don't leave me-Pink. Why? Well because Diary, BECAUSE my dear friend, freakin' LB keeps on flirting with me in freakin' Drama class and I don't like it. Sure, at my middle school I would give anything for FirstCrush-from 2nd grade to 3rdish I think-to flirt with me. He still acknowledges me with head nods and "What's up That Girll!" when we see eachother and I'm glad of it. He's a really good guy. And uhm, cute too, may I add? But at the same time, I don't like BL's flirting because I feel like he does this with all girls...I'm just another one. And it makes me a little sad and a little angry. Sure, I don't like him anymore, but I've noticed that since he was rejected a little while ago by the girl he liked, we haven't been talking quite as much. Today in Drama-hahh ironic ain't it? DRAMA class!-he wrote on my hand with a pen. He does this a lot, yes I think he is flirting. But today he wrote "That Girl loves NiceCuteGuy" on my hand. NCG is my new friend who I actually have been hanging out with after school a lot. I went to his house with EBF and her friend Funneh whose super HI-larious. 5 Gold stars to Funneh.

UGH POS-parent over shoulder. Not literally.

Ciao diary, much more to say but later.

-That Girl, confused about who she likes. Is...BOY NUMBER 1 the Correct answer or perhaps BOY NUMBER 5? Who knows.

BTW, I had SMORES at NCG's place today. More 411 tomorrow!
Much love and kisses.

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