Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IN and OUT part dos

Dear Diary, ((11:30 PM on Tuesday night. Wait, it's 11:30 already?))

I've decided to make another "In and Out" list because it's basically the simplest way for me to get my words out. Note that if I say something "isn't in," I mean that in my personal opinion, I'm sure that other people think far differently from what I think.
Here is...

In and Out.. Part Dos

In: Out:
Slight immaturity, Being Boring, Funny guys Never talking in class, Good grades, Most people in the said "Cool Crowd," Passing notes, Being in the cool crowd, Individuality, Posers, Fake Asian accents, Too many bright colors to be worn at one time, players-also said PLAYAHS!, Not fitting in, Not having a boyfriend, Having countless losers ask you out in one year-I call it being a Loser Magnet, Reading, Blogging, Asking boys random questions, running the mile with cramps, headaches, sluts, class flirts, lace tops, flat suede boots, simple flip-flops, Partying too hard, Drunks, Drug Addicts, Boys admitting to me that they are either very perverted or get wasted/do drugs on weekends-So very lame, Having pure unadulterated fun, not judging others on first impressions, second chances, vintage, shirts too tight on some girls who have big bellies.

That's it for now, ttyl I gotta get some sleep!

-That Girl, staggering and tired.

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