Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On a scale of one to ten...

Dear Diary (( 2:46 PM on a Tuesday afternoon. ))

Today I have decided to make this post a bunch of 1-10 scales instead of doing my regular paragraphin'. Why, you may ask? Well, I'm just tired of the same 'ol same 'ol and I need CHANGE. I'm craving change today and what better way to show it then make change? So here we go...

Oh btw, the song of the day is Lady Killer by Kreesha Turner. Check it out.

How big of a geek magnet am I?
8 and 3/4th

How freaked/stressed out am I most of the time?
A LOT. Like out of 10 times, 8 times is when I am.

AHH . Okay, well I was gonna list on a bunch of stuff today, but I'm having a sudden urge to not. I just can't think of stuff to rate because I'm also watching WIFE SWAP right now and so I have all these different things swimming through my head. Here's just some stuff that's happening lately:

-I didn't go to school yesterday or today because I have a small cold and I'm just
really tired for some reason. Also, I'm just not in the mood to socialize. Something that I've learned? I socialize with people very easily and I can totally be anyone's best friend when I put my best foot forward. But I literally get too lazy to socialize with people and I'm just content enough with what I have now.

-Some guy whose my friend's friend likes me, I think. He keeps looking at me when a group of us talk and when he's around his friend while they walk to me, my friend will say something like, "she doesn't even know you though!" quietly and he'll say, "but that doesn't matter." and some other stuff and sometimes she'll push him a little bit towards me. I haven't been verified if he likes me or not, but I can take a hint, you know?

-The really funny guy who hung out with my EBFF group stopped hanging out with us. I think he made other-more NORMAL-friends who are guys and not girls like the majority of most of our group which contains 3 freshman girls and 2 sophomore guys plus that one guy who left. He was a cool part of our group and it's sad that he left.

Gotta go SECRET SANTA shopping with EXBFF, talk to ya more later Diary. Thanks for listening dude.

-That Girl, where'd the humor go?

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