Saturday, November 14, 2009

Two words. one thought: So confused!

Quote of the day: Uh, you know that one from Juno about finding that one peron who will love you no matter how you're feeling and looking that day? I would look it up but I'm suffering from something terrible that I call "LazyBoredomidous."

Mood(s) of the Day: Confused...just trying to get some things straight in my flippin' confused 14 1/2 (Yes, 14 1/2, I'm embracing my inner 5 year old "Mommy I'm actually five and a HALF years old so lemme get at that sugar filled-teeth rotting-too sweet for comfort-cake.") mind.

Song(s) of the day: Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz (it pretty much makes me feel like a load of shizz for rejecting all those geeks who came on to me this year) and Somebody like you by Keith Urban because I found it on Pandora Radio-check it out by the way yo it's seriously pretty cool. it sounded pretty decent to me. Oh and Life is a highway by whoever the hell sings that song.

Dear Diary, ((4:55 PM on Saturday and thank god(?) that I have nothing to do today. I keep getting invited to do all these things..."That Girl come do health homework with me," "That Girl wanna go to the movies?" "That Girl let's go shopping downtown..." and I'm EFFING tired of it all! I mean, right now I'd say that I'm pretty decently popular but is it worth all the work? All the time away from myself?))

So, to continue what I was saying above ^ I'm pretty confused. I'm not sure that I like being so popular all of a sudden. I have no time for myself these days and I'm constantly reminded that I have to worry about my reputaion at school, or rather, my social standing. If I reject these people will I miss out on something good? And what if these so called "popular" people are insanely boring?

Diary, if you're wondering why I haven't been able to post anything good lately, I'll tell ya. My laptop at home is working fine...except that I sorta broke the power cord that charges it. I kind of dropped my laptop off my lap and I guess that the impact on the cord made the cord bend in an unruly way and now I have no internet to use at home nor a laptop at huh? Gee I might as well submit my Yale application now...they'll ask me why I applied and I'll write down "Well, I had to stop using my laptop at home cuz I was being a freakin' smartie and bent the cord out of shape. How? Well that's the magic of it. I'm just that clumsy."
But at the chance of my busting out in sobs (no not really) I'll move onto another subject.

So, I went by Halloween without saying anything and I went to the movies and downtown with the so-called "popular" people and even went on a kayaking trip with those people that I worked with this summer. What should I start with?

How about the movie and downtown shopping trip (and the other shopping trip with yet another "popular" girl who sadly reminds me of MissStuckey from my K-8 school).

So, it was me and about 5 other girls with a guy who I think I called Marly? Yeah I had a very short-lived crush on him in the beginning of the year. So, we were going to see Paranormal Activity and sneak in since it's rated R, but we ended up up seeing something like I, Robot.

Oh DAMN my mom is here at my dad's hosue to pick me up. Finish this up later!

-That Girl, with much love and twirled with confusion

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