Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bridezilla-in' out

Don't you just love the movie Bride Wars? I personally really liked the movie and yes maybe I partially just liked it because Anne Hathaway is in it. I so feel like an angry bride right now. It's that feeling where the things you planned just can't seem to go right. I've been so clumsy these last 2 weeks. In fact, I label this week:
Week of the Clutz 2: defective teenage grace, known as clumsiness, strikes back.
Dun dun da dun dun dun.
Btw, I'm so glad that clutz actually ends with a z and that I'm not making it up. I absolutely hate it when people at a "z" to their words for no apparent reason.
Example: lolz.
What I want to say in return: "lolz"? PLEASE, I beg of you to stop laughing out loud-zuh and pick up a dictionary instead. Laugh at all the new WORDZ you'll discover that you've never learned before.

Quote(s) of the Day: "We'll take a long walk between the corn field...and I'll kiss you between the ears..." -Owl City, The Bird and the Worm.
"And what's this supposed to mean?" -Freckles says in our gift exchange of Secret Santa [can I get a "woot woot" for Santa Clause please?] when he discovers that his SS had given him a bran flakes cereal box with a small pink stuffed animal, jamba juice card, and old card. Oh, how glad are us girls that we didn't get him as our SS.

Song(s) of the Day: Some sorta mixin's (HAH, ever see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie? I'm personally in love with it. Bailey and Tibby made some really great laughs together. I loved their interviews. Note to self: get copy of second movie to obssess about) of Girls Don't like Boys by Good Charlotte and Wedding Dress by Taeyang. Add in a scoop of Hot Mess and Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship, who are my latest music obsession at the moment. Well, Cobra Starship and Owl City. And you know, Katy Perry's Starstrukk and Colbie Colliat's Falling for you with her music video too.

Mood(s): Listless and droning. I'm not sure what droning means, but heck. I'm sure droning means what it sounds like. Not that great.

Dear Diary, ((11:15 PM. Whoa/Damn/Oh No, is it really all that late?))

So sorry I haven't written anything in such a long time, but my laptop broke for about two weeks! My big bro fixed it by knocking it around on the floor a few times though, so we're all good.

So...remember the good guy friend I went shopping with in the beginning of the year? Our what he would call "very odd." He would say that because that's what he calls me a good amount of the time. It's kind of like...he flirts with so many girls, but sometimes I feel like he really likes me. Sometimes not. He's definitely not a "playah" gettin' some every every weekend, but he's not a loser either. It's like, he flirts but girls don't like him...and you would have to add me to that list of girls who don't like him like that. Plus, I hate to say it, but he's not exactly the best looking guy in a room. He has a lisp like Donald Duck (Donald has a lisp, right?) and a head shaped like an egg. His forehead just looks big for some reason and it makes his hair line almost look receding. You can see why he's not exactly a hottie of the school or anything like that. I mean, yes he's my good friend but this is my blog and I can rant and blog and bitch all I want, huh?

OH I can't type anymore. I'm watching the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 online and the sad part is coming on.

-That Girl, hmm/gahh/ohh/sigh.

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