Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dear Diary.

I just started writing a really good, like GREAT, post and I accidentally
closed the tab.



I REALLY. Really. REALLY. Don't want to have to rewrite everything.
It was so flipping good and I was right in the middle of success.



So basically.
I was talking about my different various flirting methods.
And CCAN. And how I felt about seeing him tomorrow.

And a flirting method I call Catching Goldfish where you get a guy you're interested in and decide to make him a friend instead a boyfriend like you once thought.

But now I'm extremely frustrated.
I'm too upset to repeat everything. sucks majorly.
Major SUCKAGE going on here, dude.

By the way, I refuse to use the word "BABE" now because of LBB.
He keeps calling me that when we talk over Facebook and AIM.
What the effin' hell is his problem? I have a name and it's obviously not "BABE".

Anyway. I'm more or less just really "UGHH"ish so I'll tell more about CCAN and me tomorrow.
I'm in total suspense mode. Will our relationship float or flood like the Titanic?

-That Girl, totally freaking out.

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