Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That's what she said!

Dear Diary,

Continuing on from my old post and adding some little footnotes:
((I just looked over my lost post and what I said made me sound like a freakin' Bitch (from the book Rhymes with Witches)/Heather (from the movie Heathers, -makes pompous and egotistical football player voice-Durr!)/other un-liked yet totally and completely in-awe-by-others group of cliquey girls.
The thing is really that...the girls put you put to certain situations and see how you react. They see how the guys see you. Then they ask you things to see how you respond, sometimes it can be a little mean, and I let them think that they are totally in control but also that I can joke with them too, and when they are crazy you laugh and respond back with questions. That's basically it. That's basically how I got "in."
And I was planning to start maybe just being a teensy bit more forward with CCAN this week and so that's why I gave those links, but we ended up not going to the bungalow on Monday and while I for some odd reason always found CCAN next to me in p. e. , in a nonstalkerish way that makes me wonder if he's there on purpose, I always freak out a little internally yet never let it show and I don't glance at him. I don't want to seem all weird/clingy/desperate/obvious so I just pretend not to think or look at him.
Which is a horrible idea, really. How's he ever going to know if I'm interested in him this way? So I was thinking of doing some flirting techniques I found online and in various teenage magazines such as Cosmogirl! and Seventeen and an old school favorite called Twist because even though old magazines don't bode well for fashion tips, guy tips are always timeless.
But even though I'm fearless when it comes to flirting most of the time, this time I'm scared. I actually really like this guy, both for his looks and personality and I really don't wanna screw up.
Then again, I'm also scared he's going to lose any interest that he might have had/does have at the moment...))

Anyway. Today I thought I'd start with some of the most used phrases in high school and what I think of them.

"Your Face."
This certain phrase is actually one of my favorites simply because it is so damn stupid. It can be used to answer a question which someone asks such as, "What is that?" or "Do you know what this is a picture of?"
The answer? Naturally, it's Your Face.
BUT. There is an alternative to the above.
"Your Mom," or "Your Mother," or "Yo Mama."
Although contrary to popular belief, "Yo mama" is the thing people say the least. "Your Mom," is a very common thing to say and "Your mother," can sounds kind of funny when it's said cheekily. Guys usually prefer this phrase to "Your Face," because...well because they are dumb. 'Nuff said?

"That's what SHE said!"
This is most definitely the most popular thing to say in high school. I swear that I hear it at least 10 times a day! And yeah, sometimes it can be pretty funny if you weren't expecting it at all, but it can soo be easily overdone!
If, somehow(??), you missed the epidemic of this phrase, it is used when someone says something that a girl could say while having sex.
For example (By the way, YES this post is actually kind of fun to talk about today) a girl in your P. E. class might be commenting on the baseball bat she has in her hands and say, "This stick is so long and hard, how am I going to score with this thing?" That would be your que to say, "That's what she said!" Although it's weird sometimes when a girl says it, depending on how it's said.
Sadly enough, I do find this pretty funny and I've had my share of "That's what she said!" moments.

One I actually really like because of the pointless factor would have to be...
"Gurrl, I will CUT you!"
This can only be described by the following Youtube Video.
Please tell me you've seen it! If you haven't...dude you are MISSING out.
Check it. And check the links listed below. That site is Hella Beasting.
And that's another phrase, "Hella Beasting," I mean.
You should know what that means. Also "thizzin'" in the non-literal sense and "Ballin" because...that's the way I like it...uh huh uh huh.
Sorry I need sleep. Sleep Deprivation will make you a straight up G.
Which I am not.
ERG! Sorry. Gotta get outta the ghetto smack talk mode, which is really fun to use when kidding with friends.

I would love to say more today but Mother is telling me to go to bed.
Yeah I know I know...

"Your Mom!"

What I have to say to that is...
"Girl, you hella HURT!"

-That Girl, don't get crazy.

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