Sunday, January 1, 2012

Can girls and guys be just friends?

Dear Diary, (11:18 PM on January 1st, the first day of the year 2012. And the new year couldn't have come at a better time. Not that the new year constitutes all sins to be forgiven by those we actually give a shit about; the religious sins and just general sins in general like greed, lust, and sloth that is. And ya'know, swearing is probably a sin too in somebody's book.)

My brother says that the new year's arrival isn't a good reason to change bad habits; that bad habits should be corrected right on the spot, or whenever it is we have time to fix them, not in a whole YEAR'S time to make things better. And that made sense to me. Because I always say that I'll change for the better when ... the new school semester starts, when the week ends, when I start going to sleep earlier, or when I stop being lazy. Why not start correcting your mistakes when you realize that what you're doing is wrong?
Aw, well.

I haven't written in a while on this blog because I've been busy sinning, according my own accord of course. I couldn't say that my sins are relating to any religion, as much as I just know that whatever it is I'm doing ain't exactly considered what a good girl does. Personally, I'm not really religious, but I'd be lying if I haven't had tears streaming down my face and my palms together facing towards the sky while I pray to "whoever it is up there". Buddha, Jesus, God, man I've prayed to Zeus; all of these holy figures at the same time. Anybody who could make some life-altering decisions for me to change would be helpful! Ya'know, besides something scary sounding like that guy from the Halloween movie. That movie scares the shit outta me.

Anyways. To get to the topic.
Teenage friendships. It's true that yes, in fact you can have a long-lasting friendship with a member of the opposite sex. But yes, it is indeed true (like explained in great detail in the marvelous movie "When Harry met Hally") that the sex thing gets in the way. You know that the guys you're friends with probably has checked you out a few times before. If you guys hang out closely, the possibilities of you two somehow having one of those cheesy-ass romantic-comedy moments are pretty high up there.
I happen to have lots of those, but do they ever result to anything in the end? NAH. Because although I happen to have quite a few "moments" with guys, it never ends up working out correctly. Because if you end up with just one too many of these "moments", prepare yourself to end up in a very awkward situation of the two of you uncomfortable with each other and literally walking out the room when you guys spot one another.
Yes, I am ranting. And yes, I am speaking from personal experience. And that is because, there are FOUR different guys who have succeeded in falling for me-and me falling for them in one way or another also-and awkward attempts to pretend that "nothing is wrong" never fail to result.
Have you seen the movie "The Ugly Truth"? Sure you have. Have you seen the scene where the two friends kiss in the elevator after a whole night of having those freaking cheesy, leading-on moments? Of course you have. And then you saw the scene where he realizes that YES this is the girl for him and he marches out his hotel room to find her and spill his freakin' heart out.
Well guess what you dumbass producers of current mainstream productions of romantic-comedies, that SO IS NOT how life actually works! Seriously though!!
Just like the movie "Friends with Benefits". He ends up falling so hard for her emotionally fucked-up self and she just wants to be with him too. They just rebound on one another and end up in this perfect little relationship of being best friends who have sex and love each other.
See, friends with benefits don't even work like that! I would know!
Maybe they had too much sex or something...I don't know. I've never really had sex with a guy, but I know that friends-who-make-out-and-give-one-another-hickeys doesn't actually work out very well, kid! It's not like me and that guy even planned to do all that either. We just happened to be really, really good friends and I happened to sleep over at his house once or twice. Hickeys were inevitable between us, unfortunately. We were friends for a long time though. Just good friends who were not attracted to each other (I think he's way too skinny, and he thinks that I am also way too skinny. Yay to no self-confidence!), called each other often, and ranted about our love lives. Yeah, yeah you might think that all those lead up to us falling for each other, but all it really ends ups as is a night of regrets and awkward feeling towards each other, while doubting their real intentions of the friendship and completely over thinking about your fun and embarrassing night!

So I beg to ask the question: Can girls and guys be just friends without the sex thing getting in the way? If you guys are emotionally connected really strongly, who's to say that one long conversation about world events won't lead to the topic of something that will get you totally in the moment to start making out!

MANOHMAN, I've been single one and a half year way too long!
That's all for today folks! Hope you didn't explode your hand on fireworks this new year's day. Owie.

-That Girl, I give up on the male population. But us girls are annoying. Guess I'm left to be single until the end of time!

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