Thursday, August 1, 2013


Dear Diary,

I spent the day crying because of things that I'm tired of thinking about. But what was the moral of all of my crying? Something that I am glad to share with any viewers of this blog is that if you were EVER:
a.) the person on the side knowingly or not
b.) left for someone else
c.) used for sex, car, money, boredom, or free meals
d.) been treated than less than you deserve
and you cared about the person who hurt you, and probably still do,
YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT. You deserve more. Don't say that you'll get over it or that you're probably over-thinking. If you don't feel comfortable with where a friendship or relationship or in-betweenship has gone, if you don't feel happy after you talk to them or if they lower your self-esteem, if you know that what you have is holding you back from being happy, successful, productive, or your naturally charming self, remember that you DESERVE MORE.
Best friend turned romantic fling turned heartbreak turned best friend turned friends with benefits turned girl-on-the-side? What are you doing? 
If you have to question yourself, "Oh gosh what I am doing with my life? Why am I doing this...? Why am I here...?" Then you already know that you can do better. It's not even a matter of telling yourself to get out and over it or trying to convince yourself that things aren't as bad as the seem. It's a matter of realizing your worth.
Watch the movie, "Bridesmaids." Do you really want to be the girl with the fuck buddy? Or rather, do you want to either be the sloppy seconds for someone else, a mentally distraught mess with insecurity issues and a body that hasn't been loved, or go back to the same guy who you are used to but makes you feel worthless?

I usually don't make short posts, but I want my readers to remember, you deserve more.
Keep your standards high and your expectations low.

Most importantly, you are your best self when you are a person who you like being. So don't try to be someone else's version of "better" or change the way you are. You are beautiful in your own respect and there are people out there willing to respect the person who you enjoy being. For those of you out there feeling down in the dumps about yourself, I recommend keeping a list of things you LOVE about yourself. Take a glance every time you feel like somebody just punched you in the stomach and stole your lunch money.
I'll start with things I like about myself :
-I am naturally skinny, so there's no need to worry about my flat abs, thigh gap, or cute feet
-I like spending time with my family
-I like learning about people and hearing their stories
-I enjoy reading and writing
-It's easier for me to see the good in people versus the bad
-I don't feel pressure to be just like everyone else
-I want to positively contribute to society
-I like helping people in need, instead of putting them down
-I know how to friendly, flirty, or sexy when I care about someone
-When I love someone, I love them deeply
-I know how to do my makeup well
-My hair is naturally not frizzy
-I don't get much body hair to begin with
-I like the color of my skin
-I have my own sense of humor
-I like to smile and laugh with gusto
-I am a really hard worker when I put my focus on something
-I find the little things in life the most beautiful.

Much  love,

-That Girl, where do you place your love?

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