Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When Your Nice Guy Becomes an Annoying Little Shit (Sorry Ma)

Dear Diary,

I just finished Breaking Bad (!!!!). In honor, here is a meme ^


One week into my relationship, my current boyfriend thought I was the nicest, cutest little creature he'd ever laid eyes on. While I enjoy compliments, I don't enjoy being described as a 12-year old on a daily basis because of my petite stature and eager nature.
Now I'm still that little creature he loves, cherishes, and squeezes the fucking cuteness out of but I'm not the nicest chinchilla at the pet store.


Dating a nice guy is indeed, nice, if you want what the lifestyle provides. For me it includes stability, planning, resting, comfort, cheesy family get-together shit.
Don't get me wrong, I always thought I'd like to date a nice guy and get all the security that comes with it which I never had in my own upbringing of single-mother moving and disappointing father scenarios.
But maybe the problem isn't that he is a nice guy. The problem is that he is the "whipping boy" of his own life, a "momma's boy" in relationships (cue Think Like a Man), and a product of stable middle-class comfort that leaves little to no room for any type of non-recreational ambition.

The boy FEEDS HIS MOM FOOD and HOLDS HER HAND while they walk around their neighborhood block. He even says that she's a bitchy mom, but when I get an earful of her snarky comments firsthand he NEVER DEFENDS ME because he's scared of his mom!

While I become increasingly unhappy....

Okay I cut off the post there and decided to proceed with continuing my life in a normal, non-agressive fashion.

Needless to say, we got into a fight the week I began writing this.

We're still dating.

Will update when the passion strikes me again.

-That Girl, do you ever want to go into hibernation for a million years and wake up to see that everything is gone? (Just me? Okay, nvm brb gotta screw on my head-cap a little tighter...or go to sleep; I'm exhausted of the thought of finishing my studying for my last final.)