Friday, June 26, 2009

Half-Crushed and Quizzes

Dear Diary, ((11:45 AM))

Well I have some stuff to say about this week, yesterday, and well, yeah that's it.

First, I'm taking quizzes right now and I'm going to post all my answers because it's fun so don't judge!



Your mask is purity. You are always trying to be true to yourself. You don't care what others think is right or wrong, you always use your own judgment to decide. You often ignore the millions of rules people are trying to place on the way you should live your life, because you know they are meaningless and that you are a good person. Your intentions are usually pure, whether it's wanting to do something nice for someone, or just take some time for yourself. You understand that pure isn't perfect. You get angry, jealous, mean, sometimes stubborn, but you are who you are, and your mask isn't trying to hide it; it's just helping you get by the life you love and enjoy.

They are born between 24th August - 23rd September


You're a big dreamer and in love, you're looking for the one. It's not easy as you find lots of flaws with all the potential lovers that cross your path. But you don't give up hope and continue your quest come hell or high water. As you get older, you lower your expectations and end up telling yourself that perfection maybe doesn't exist after all. You therefore find yourself content with a caring, intelligent and affectionate person (wealth isn't important to you, it's just an accessory that's of no real concern for you). And you love them loads... A bit too much, perhaps! Careful not to smother them. You will make their dreams come true through just being you. They will feel they can show how they really feel to you because of your open nature inspires them to open up to you. Probably only you will know how sensitive, gentle and romantic they can be. They can learn a lot from you. Therefore you complete each other.


You are a very wholesome person dedicated to your morals, values, and reputation. You have strong convictions and stand by them. More than likely, you have conservative political beliefs and ideologies. Building solid family and friend relationships is important to you. You like traditional roles of men and women and find it your natural tendency to fall into those roles. You enjoy the latest music, movies, and other recreational fun with your friends and family alike. Although conservative in nature, you also like to be up on the latest and greatest. You are a classic American, who is hard-working and a quality friend to have.


You are often associated with preps, and are halfway between a prep and a female jock. It's a bit obvious - you are a cheerleader. You are loud, outgoing, and tend to be very optimistic. You're probably blonde, ditzy, and love to talk. You are somewhat like a prep, and value your social standing, but you're a little more open to friends of lower social standings. You are also like a jock in that, you have to take care of your body, and value your body image.

Cady Heron


You are seemingly sweet, but we all know you are a home schooled jungle freak who is a less hot version of Regina. Ouch. But you're a God in you're own right. People still look up to you, especially when you wear army pants and flip flops. People still know who you are, but YOU don't always know who you are. Deep down, however, you are still the nicest of the mean girls.


If given a chance, you wish that you could go back in time, to a by-gone era where there's no such thing as computers, cell phones, or microwaves. You prefer life at a snail's pace and you envision yourself sitting on a veranda, drinking a mint juleps while soaking up the sun and watching the beautiful world while away ...


Yeah and uh, I might not like MalcomC anymore.

He might just be too bookwormy for me, I mean he's just not all that outgoing and it seems like HE NEVER wants to let loose and have pure, unadulterated, and immature FUN! I need a guy that can make me laugh not only with conversations, but is outgoing and a blast to be with.

1 outta 2 ain't bad though.

I'm not trying to be too picky or anything, i just wish he was less...prude. You know?

Plus, he's so smart that I just feel plain dumb around him and...immature. Which I'm totally not most of the time!
I mean, GOD, he's my same age and acts like he's 26 years old and on the brink of discovering the cure for cancer.
More or less.
I just don't know...and we're going to different high schools; I.E. cute boys and hot girls? There's a whole big possibility to cheat and never know.

Now I'm starting to think of Nice Jock again...-sigh- but I shouldn't be. I told myself that I moved on from my little crush already! So why aren't I?

And when I see MalcomC I totally feel comfortable around him, like I can be myself, and I forget that I even like him at all. Is that a good thing? Or does that mean that we're headin' towards that train called FRIENDSHIP and leaving the DATABLE station?

I think that I just need time to think. Only time will tell, huh bud? Then again, I've always hated that quote.

Love is in the air,

-That Girl, thinkin it all out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crushin' Hard!!

"So, when you're go sit in the corner alone and count your cards?"

Oh my gosh today was full of inside jokes, but this one was from me ( joking of course ) to my co-workers about this guy who was talking a lot. Note that he used to go to my school, so it's all cool. And we all got a good laugh out of this one.

z150544454.jpg crush love quote image by milly-vinillypeoplelaughn.jpg people laughing image by KGrnBull382

Dear Diary,

OH MY GOSH! Today was full of things to talk about ( "Yo Momma" and stepping on the line games, to fun games and surprising personalities ) but I feel the NEED to rant about my newly discovered crush.
And baby let me tell you, for-GET about Nice Jock and Nicerooni. Babe, there's a new sheriff in town!
Like seriously, I'm totally over those two. I don't care if they used to like me, do like me, or did in the future because I'm not about to wait up for them or put my life in PAUSE!

Let me explain how we met...

Well you know how I got the job at my preschool, right?
He got the job too, and for now let's call him...MalcomC (kind of like Malcom X from 27 Dresses, and Malcom X had the exact personality that I want in a guy).
I thought that he was a teeny bit of a...well, loser to truthful, when I first met him. I think he was trying a little too hard to be funny and way too quiet, but NOW that I know him...everything he says just sounds cute and funny. He also is really smart! He says he kinda stays home and reads books all he doesn't get out much, but at the same time, I don't think that usually admits that openly.

But it all makes me like him even more.

The thing that I really like about him is that I can make him laugh and he can make me laugh, Like if we ever went out we could talk about important and serious issues at times, and at other times, we could make eachother roll on the floor laughing. He gets my sense of humor, and my very impressive use of sarcasm, and when I'm sarcastic, I'm usually so sarcastic that people just think that I'm telling the full blown truth.

Someone asks me, "Do you like this shirt?"
And it's a stupid looking shirt and they know it of course.
So I'll say, "Oh, I love it so, so much!"

And sometimes they'll be all like, "Seriously? I thought it looked like a bunch of throw-up."
So I'll say something like, "I know. I was joking."
And in return? "Oh yeah...I knew that."

So you see my problem there. But MalcomL isn't like that. He gets what I'm saying and laughs about it, which makes me like him SO much.
When someone gets my jokes and sarcasm, and is a decent person who can make me laugh, you better bet that I fall for them.

Only one problem.
He's going to a different high school than me in the fall. Which sucks.Practically everyone else I co-work with is going to that same school too. More sucking.

But anyway, everytime I even think about him now, I get butterflies.
Greens seem greener now. So that grass? Blazin' on the fields.
And the sky? Blindingly blue of course.
What else? Naturally, music sounds better.


He's not the best looking guy in the room, but he can hold his own, stand up for himself and me, make me laugh, and hold conversation. So what else can a gal ask for?

Oh I know, for him to ask me out??
But I don't know what I'd say. I might not say YES because I'll know that it's a good chance that it'll be a summer fling kind of thing.

But not right now, so I'm a thinkin' positive!! :D

I'm getting a little sleepy now, so I'll be going to bed soon, but I have an inside joke that I must share with you.

Me, the guy from my school, and MalcomC, along with some other kids that don't need mentioning, were sitting at the corner store/eating place during lunch and I was eating some Cup Of Noodles. MC being a boy, is naturally a little perverted, something that I can deal with though.
So he was like, "That Girl, what's that white stuff in your noodles?"
It was foam.
The guy from my school was like, "White stuff?"
"Yeah white stuff."
They then started doing their perverted-boy giggling and the guy from my school was joking around and all of a sudden said,
"I like white stuff." Just as an old man walked in.
I covered my mouth and starting laughing-hard.

It was definitely a fun day and if I could, I'd go to school with all these people all the time, and just stay at the preschool learning stuff.
Yeah. That would be cool.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that story, and if you're wondering, everyone else starting laughing once I did and they all started adding to the joke, including MalcomC.

That's all for now!

-That Girl; happy as a the best possible way.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh goshooks!! (pronounced Gah-shah-cks)

" Je ne sais pas! Je ne sais pas, JE-NE-SAIS...PAS! "
Me to myself today. It's my new catchphrase!
What does it mean? Look it up and you'll be one chic bilingual chick ;)

Dear Diary,
((6:10 PM on a Sunday evening and guess who's FREAKING out for tomorrow?!))

Tomorrow-on a soon to be less than lovely Monday- I start not only a new (and first!) job at my old preschool, but also my mom has cursed me for sure fire embarrassment called "SWIMMING lessons!"
Yes I know it's sad to be 14 years old and only know to doggy paddle in water, but hey I'm sure there's tons of 20-year olds afraid to go to the beach because they can't swim.
And so what if I can't ride a bicycle.
OH shut up.
-sigh- Just don't rub it in!

Okay, so like I said, I have to go to work for the first time in my life and take a swimming lesson for the literally second time in my life. The first time I was about 4 years old and I only took one class then I got tired of it. And the girls made fun of me too, and I was not a happy camper! My mom actually bought me a swimsuit that only covered my bottom and you could see my whole top. I was small, but hey my mom should've known better!! This other 4 year old girl told me that I was in the wrong shower room because only boys had my kind of swimsuit. I was in the girl's show room. Of course I tried to tell her off, but it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my short life.
No lie.

So maybe that was the reason I never went back. Alright, it WAS the reason, but you know that if you were me there in that ugly swimsuit being ridiculed by those kids, you wouldn't go back either!

And because I haven't been swimming in about 8 years, my mom took me to buy a something last night, i.e. one of the scariest words in the English dictionary: bikini.
Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have the worst body ever. By that, I mean that I'm not obese with flaps of flat hanging out of my stomach or completely flat chested with two floppy looking balloons for a top.
I'm definitely on the skinnier looking side-but not anorexic or anything! But I do have enough of a chest to modestly fill out a top and a very flat stomach that I think is worthy of showing in public.
The only thing that I'm actually nervous of showing is my back.
And NO I don't have roaches feeding off my spine or anything. I just used to get some acne on my back (no comments please) and now there's some scars there that look less than attractive to me, myself, and I. Usually I just some makeup over it and I look fab, but makeup+water=baaaad news. SO I guess I'll just have to put on the confidence act, cuz darling, it's all in the attitude, confidence, and personality :)

Just remember your ACP's and you're good to go sweet stuff.

Oh, mad props to Robyn Schneider and her wonderful book I have just discovered called The Social Climber's Guide To High School, which may I say, was a huge help in boasting my C's for some reason. It gave me some of my fave words that I've posted here that usually would never show up in That Girl's context, sweetheart.

Okay well I was going to put some helpful hints from her book, but I'll be easier to test everything out when I write down notes on paper, but I'll type 'em out here later.

-That girl, armed (no not literally!) and ready to face tomorrow

P.S. La dolorosa is coming and I think I'll be ready...nah I was being a contaballe, but don't confuse that with a slag! Diary darling, you truly are Chouette; like a figata favola.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awsomely awsome pictures I found on Photobucket,

Dear Diary,

It's 10:25, same day as the last post and I found some pictures on Photobucket that I liked and I've decided to share to who else, but you!

summerhand2.jpg summer image by foxbitch18Summer-21350.jpg sea image by xeniadel7 I_Love_Me.jpg image by i_cuulspockmg.gif Star Trek SPOCK EXPLANATION image by jh2upquote-2.jpg love quotes image by fuggesbby0013

retro-15.jpg fashion or vintage or retro image by turtlebeeb_08

BITCHES.jpg BITCHES image by Deelytfuls bitches.jpg Friends Quote image by darlinangel2004
okay so what if these two are so not true for me, I would like it if it were true!

summer.jpg summer image by longhornfromthehood
peace-flash-mxd.gif peace flashy vintage retro image by jfulkerson0032 newquotes1.jpg image by findstuff22

The last three are most definitely ( or as I've been strangely saying a lot lately, most DEF ) my favorite though :)

And there's a couple more that I liked a lot but my computer wouldn't let me drag them over for some reason..go figure!

-That Girl, gettin' a little sleepy!


normal_005.jpg image by mqwe


I forgot to tell you something!
I got highlights in my hair!!!

The picture isn't of me, but I have highlights around the same color as this girl, I had highlights before in like 3rd grade or something but they were professional and this time my mom and me did it from the box.
Just saying! And sorry, but no hints on my hair color, because I'm trying to keep this blog as anonymous as possible so that I can be totally and sincerely truthful on everything social, physical, and mental.

And good day to my people,

-That Girl, with highlights


" You have to eat one-forth of the cupcake. No-eat the cupcake or...die or something. " Quote of the Day. This one's by me to my two cousins. Speaking sarcastically of course!

Dear Diary, (( June 18th 2009. Um Thursday evidently. ))

Just a few minutes ago I was planning on closing of this 'ol blog and making a new one for this summer of '09, but then I thought about all the memories and different things I've written here, and all the hard work and hours added up to make this blog and all to get my few but totally cool followers.
So why waste the hard work?
I've decided to keep writing here until at least the end of the summer if not when I'm in my Freshman year in high school too. 'Cause we all know my humiliating, embarrassing, and unforgettable stories will only get better-or rather worse for me-in high school!

So far summer for me hasn't exactly been a big blast or anything mildly interesting at all for that matter. Basically, I've been cooped up inside my house reading books which I've already read before; rotting my brain on MTV, VH1, and Nickelodeon specials companioned with ABC Family and Disney Channel movies; painting a so-called "Paint by the Numbers" picture in which I spend about 4 hours every night trying to paint the same freaking picture and I have lost about 3 different colors in the process and totally painting the colors off of memory and not reading any of the frustrating numbers; and texting people telling them about my less than boring summer.

Oh, I do have something interesting I've done though!
I e-mailed by favorite author ( besides Dr. Seuss of course ), Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, a letter about her Alice series which is my favorite series and favorite books that I've ever read. I highly recommend it to anyone! Actually, it's so great that a movie was made from it. It's called Alice Upside Down.

Here's what I sent her. She even replied!

Dear Phyllis,

There’s something about the Alice movie that makes me a little frustrated, and I don’t know if you’ve gotten this same complaint before, but I’ll say what’s on my mind anyway.
In the Alice movie, Liz is black. Now don’t get me wrong here, normally I would have nothing against this except that, isn’t Pamela’s dad racist against African Americans? Just casting someone who goes against the plot is a little frustrating to me. Aren’t you kind of aggravated by that?

Anyway, I’m really dying to read Intensely Alice! I just ordered it on Amazon and can’t wait until it’s delivered! Almost Alice was one of my favorites, but I have to tell you that some other readers thought that the book ended a little flat. Like the way Pamela got lucky with the miscarriage and that the party after prom was hosted by parents and not some crazed party at a hotel. But overall, the book was great for me.

Thanks for SO much for writing the Alice series and don’t stop! I think that every girl can somehow find themselves in Alice’s place at one time or another and it’s great to be able to relate to someone so real…well kind of. It’s sad to think that Alice isn’t real because reading her books you feel like one of you best pals, when really she’s just words.

Thank you again for your wonderful, great, and inspiring Alice series

<3>Phyllis replied:

Thank you for your comments. I was frustrated too because Liz was so miscast, and wished they could have included wonderful Gwen in the movie. I understand why they did it, of course. They wanted the film to appeal to people of all races, and since Gwen doesn’t appear until later in the series, they decided to make Liz African-American. But as I said, I try to see the movie as a thing separate from the book, “The Agony of Alice.” If we didn’t know about the book, in other words, would the movie work on its own? That’s the best way to judge it.

As to your other comments, I hope readers understand that I am following one particular girl as she matures. She is not “every” girl. She does not do what readers always expect, or what readers think would be most exciting. In our part of the country, that “after prom party” is a big deal in some high schools, and are a lot of fun. My concept of what Alice would do at this particular time would be to have fun with her friends. Yes, Pamela’s miscarriage was convenient, but this is not unusual for a small stature teenage girl who isn’t getting the sleep or the nutrition she needs and is tense and worn out. I have to write the book as I feel it would happen, but every reader is entitled to make her own judgment. I’m always grateful to readers who give me their opinions, and I do think about each one. It helps direct me in future books.

So that's what I sent her.
Okay you're right, it's not the most interesting thing in the world that a girl can do, but hey it's a start! The book hasn't been delivered to my house from Amazon yet.

OH there's something else that's even better that happened!
I'm very proud of my self, but I'm not allowed to tell my brother or my dad yet because my brother is looking for a summer job and my mom said that if I get a job before my older brother does, which is what happened, he'd feel bad. So I'm not allowed to say anything about it right now.
I start work Monday though! And I'll be able to blog ALL about the other teen leaders I meet! Hopefully I'll be going to high school in the fall with some of the other people who got the job and it'll be easier to make more friends and blend in!

So that's about it, and I'll get back to ya when anything new pops up!

That Girl, slowly becoming a social reptile. Whatever that means...hahahaha!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I graduated 8th grade,
It's as plain and simple as that, and though today is the last official day of school, can you really expect me to go to school today if I skipped regular school once every 2 weeks? I mean, come on dude.
But do you truthfully wanna know why I'm not at school now?
I hate goodbyes first of all. They're so sad and it's one of the reasons I hate going to camp, the people I meet are absolutely great but one day I'm best friends with them cooking s'mores over the campfire and the next I'm heading towards my real life at home.
Also why I didn't go?
At graduation everyone was hugging eachother and crying but I only got maybe 3 heartfelt hugs. So I most definitely don't want to go to school to see everyone crying their eyes out and hugging eachother to death while I stand at the stand lines. I mean, of course I'd get hugs and stuff.
But to tell the truth, I won't miss these people all that much.
Oh and I got bad news yesterday. VPG (VeryPopularGirl) is going to my high school. Or at least enrolled though she fighting for a different school.

Graduation last night was torture!!
My aunt came to take pictures and she kept following me around taking pictures of random people! I just wanted to talk to people but I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone!
I didn't all that many claps when I got my certificate. What's worse is that the 2 people who got theirs before me got an enormous amount of claps!
Then this guy that goes to my school who I'll call QuietGuy has this mom whose been trying to set us up since like 3rd grade (!!) asked me for my phone number because and I quote "they're so shy in high school so why don't you give me your number so maybe QG can chaperon you to the dances! You can text right? Oh, I won't tell him about this though, he'll be so embarrassed! Nice to see you!" then I had to take a stupid picture with QG's mom, dad, and little sister! God, he wasn't even in the picture in the first place!
Then I went to a miserable graduation dinner with my family. If my brother wasn't there to feel my pain I swear that I would've splatted my face right into the rice plate and taken a good night's sleep in it.

And then I went home to sleep.
TONS OF FUN RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God. My 5th grade graduation wasn't all that bad.

Okay I need a rest now.

-That Girl, just twisted up.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today is today is today.

Dear Diary, (( 8:02 PM ))

Today I wrote a note on my cell ( yes I did find it at my job interview fyi, and more fyi, I did get the job in the end!! Haha, That Girl's has a job this summer! Which you can find more about in my upcoming blog purely on this coming summer of '09! Watch out I come. ) and I'll just copy it down here :)

Dear Diary,

Have you ever been at a hardware store and had the urge to take one of those pipes that they leave on display and just smashing everything in the store then putting a big 'ol "
Please feel free to kick me HARD!" sign on the back of Mom?
Well, okay I didn't exactly do that, or do any of that at all , but still.
I felt like doing it.

Yeah, I better explain huh?

-sigh- Well I had a pretty long day starting with my dad picking me up at 10 AM and picking up my brother and grandma up to go get shoes for graduation tomorrow. Long story short is that most of the shoes sucked so tomorrow I'm leaving school after graduation practice at 10 :30 AM and going to get shoes with my dad and brother.
Anyway, after that I had to go visit my grandma's brother's wife's new house (whew, right?) and my mom was driving around with my other grandma so she came to pick me up there for no reason when my dad was going to drop me off anyway, but whatever.
My mom's hobby is fishing. No not at the lake near the house, I mean like the piers in the next city and my grandma likes coming with her for some reason.

And I personally, hate fishing.
You see the problem here?
Loves vs. Hates is usually a bad thing.

But as we yelled in the car about me having to go, she drove to the beach anyway.
I wouldn't get out the car because the other times before that I just stayed in the car and talked on the phone or something, but she wouldn't let me this time. I felt this unfair because she had no good of a reason to change this rule all of a sudden.
She took the to-go platter of food that I got from that new house and grabbed it from my hands (cutting my hand btw) and went to throw it away.
I was starving at this point because that food was going to be both my breakfast and lunch. And it smelled really good too.

Next, we then we drove to 2 places.
Costco and an all-you-can-eat restraunt.
Neither of which I got out of the car to go to.
And more yelling at me.
Private tears on my face rolled down as I got yelled at and called in the process "bitch" "selfish" "queen" "god" and so on. Meant to be mean of course. And it did hurt. But for some reason, I cry when it happens but can easily feel nothing as I tell my stories about sad subjects. I guess I just don't like crying in front of people or you know, that kind of stuff : /

Then we went to the hardware store previously mentioned and I was really hungry at that point.

Then we went to a supermarket place where I had to walk arond with my grandma and my mom went on her own to buy stuff. It was very heavy stuff my grandma picked out for me to carry around. My mom, I later discovered, went to a bakery and got me some food.

I ate in the car and I finally returned home safe and sound-minus the cut on my hand and ego slightly bruised.

And since I got home I've been sitting in front of this laptop surfin' the net.
By myself.

Oh, I also have to tell you what I did yesterday and the day before that.
Let's start with Friday. Why you may ask? Well, why not .

I felt a little queazy, I think I might have had spoiled orange juice the day before now that I think about how it was slightly fizzy.
Note to self: Don't drink randomly fizzy orange juice.
So I stayed home on Fridayand didn't go to the middle school dance for 8th graders throughout the city, the ticket was $15 and I bought it about a month ago. I should have gone but I guess I'm just a little chicken especially due to the fact that people like BigFatHen were there and I'm not the best dancer. See where I'm going with this?
But my mom told me to go even just for 5 minutes to get worth out of the ticket.
I got dressed and went to the playground up the block and went on the swings alone for about 20 minutes then went home and said I gave the ticket in and went to the park by myself afterwards.

When I got home I found the ticket taped to the wall next to my desk.
I crumpled it up and stuffed it somewhere but I don't remember exactly where it is now.

On the Saturday, there was a dance for just my classmates at the same place, and hour earlier.
I claimed sickness again but since you didn't need to buy a ticket for this, I was not pressured into going to to park to swing by myself again.

And that's basically how my weekend went.
Pretty pathetic, huh?

Oh, I had a dream last night. I'll tell you about it.
Actually it was like 2 dreams in one night without a pause, but I don't think that the mutant rabbit that my brother and I rescued and I sat with in the back seat of some random car, is an important thing to talk about right now.

So in my dream, I was a great dancer and even surprised myself with my dancing skills. This one guy, who later told me his name was Nick, started dancing behind me and we ended up sitting down on some couch and making out. He tried to cope a feel on me but I called him out. He kept calling my "babe" which by the way is the single most annoying thing a guy can tell you, and I got in his face about it and walked away. He grabbed my arm and said that he was going to get what you wanted. And in turn, I kicked him in the balls and out of no where I saw Nice Jock appear from the crowd which was there now. He punched him in the face of course.
Then the Security Guard took Nick away and the DJ called me up to talk to me. He lined up a bunch of guys that wanted to slow dance with me.
Nick Jock was there. I chose him.
As we danced, other couples started joining in and at the end of the song, NJ asked me if I wanted to get out of there, which I very much did with him!
We went to the playground and talked while we swung on the swings, slid down the slide, laid in the sand, kissed eachother and played thumb wars, until midnight.
I went home and told my mom about it.
Word spread at school and I told my friends about it.
He asked me for a word in private and I told him that I wasn't sure if I could keep the relationship with us going to different schools.
He said I was special and all those other things a girl wants to hear.
I said I felt the same.
And he said he thought that it would be hard too.
I suggested that we go on a date and to see how it went before we decided anything and he thought it was a good idea so I went over to ask my friends if anyone could double with us since double dates are a whole less awkward. Not that it matters with a guy that you spend the whole evening with, but still. It's a little easier I think. Not that I've ever been on one. And I couldn't dream it, I would have but the phone rang and woke me up. I'll let you know what happens in the future though.

Then I woke up.
And it made me think. If anyone asked me out now I would have to think if it would work out with us going to different high schools and everything.
But I'm glad I thought it. Because now I'm a little glad no one's asked me out, it would be incredibley sad to have to break up after just one summer because of the whole school thing.

Okay, that's about what I wanted to say today!
Oh, one more thing...isn't these guys soooooo DREAMY and CUTE!

And I leave you with them :)

-That Girl, melancholy

James Marsden
was basically my dream guy for looks and personality in 27 Dresses.
I always thought he was Mark McGrath though!

MarioLopez08.jpg Mario Lopez image by StockholmByMorning Mario Lopez is very cute with dimples and all.
Not sure who those two are but they are very cute.

Max Theriot

Johnny Pacar
Cutest Guys of 2008! - Why California Girls Are Awesome

Robert Pattinson
you know how he looks already.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Beginnings ( thank god! )

Dear Diary, ((9:03 PM Really, that late already??))

This is the last Thursday of the 8th grade, of the school year, of my time at the K-8 school. Actually, it's 9:39 PM now, I got a little busy moving some stuff around for my mom.

So diary, I am a little, I mean just a tad heart-broken because I'm starting to realize that Nicerooni? He never really liked me. And Nice Jock? I kinda see how he's just friendly to most girls and though I know he would never intentionally hurt me or anything, I just can't put up with the whole thing and...yeah. You know what? I guess I'm a LOT heart-broken by the with the whole thing. And about BestGuyFriendForever? I think that he's just nice to girls overall and we're just friends...and friends is All It Is.

And to make a long story short, BigFatHen is increibley...just REALLY BITCHY!!
but MissStucky isn't mean and I'm trying to find some sweet revenge on BFH if possible.

I won't miss very many people, but a few I will.
I wrote something nice in everyone's yearbook, and yeah.


That Girl XOXO

P.S. High School, Babe WHOO HOO!!!!!