Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Beginnings ( thank god! )

Dear Diary, ((9:03 PM Really, that late already??))

This is the last Thursday of the 8th grade, of the school year, of my time at the K-8 school. Actually, it's 9:39 PM now, I got a little busy moving some stuff around for my mom.

So diary, I am a little, I mean just a tad heart-broken because I'm starting to realize that Nicerooni? He never really liked me. And Nice Jock? I kinda see how he's just friendly to most girls and though I know he would never intentionally hurt me or anything, I just can't put up with the whole thing and...yeah. You know what? I guess I'm a LOT heart-broken by the with the whole thing. And about BestGuyFriendForever? I think that he's just nice to girls overall and we're just friends...and friends is All It Is.

And to make a long story short, BigFatHen is increibley...just REALLY BITCHY!!
but MissStucky isn't mean and I'm trying to find some sweet revenge on BFH if possible.

I won't miss very many people, but a few I will.
I wrote something nice in everyone's yearbook, and yeah.


That Girl XOXO

P.S. High School, Babe WHOO HOO!!!!!

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