Friday, June 26, 2009

Half-Crushed and Quizzes

Dear Diary, ((11:45 AM))

Well I have some stuff to say about this week, yesterday, and well, yeah that's it.

First, I'm taking quizzes right now and I'm going to post all my answers because it's fun so don't judge!



Your mask is purity. You are always trying to be true to yourself. You don't care what others think is right or wrong, you always use your own judgment to decide. You often ignore the millions of rules people are trying to place on the way you should live your life, because you know they are meaningless and that you are a good person. Your intentions are usually pure, whether it's wanting to do something nice for someone, or just take some time for yourself. You understand that pure isn't perfect. You get angry, jealous, mean, sometimes stubborn, but you are who you are, and your mask isn't trying to hide it; it's just helping you get by the life you love and enjoy.

They are born between 24th August - 23rd September


You're a big dreamer and in love, you're looking for the one. It's not easy as you find lots of flaws with all the potential lovers that cross your path. But you don't give up hope and continue your quest come hell or high water. As you get older, you lower your expectations and end up telling yourself that perfection maybe doesn't exist after all. You therefore find yourself content with a caring, intelligent and affectionate person (wealth isn't important to you, it's just an accessory that's of no real concern for you). And you love them loads... A bit too much, perhaps! Careful not to smother them. You will make their dreams come true through just being you. They will feel they can show how they really feel to you because of your open nature inspires them to open up to you. Probably only you will know how sensitive, gentle and romantic they can be. They can learn a lot from you. Therefore you complete each other.


You are a very wholesome person dedicated to your morals, values, and reputation. You have strong convictions and stand by them. More than likely, you have conservative political beliefs and ideologies. Building solid family and friend relationships is important to you. You like traditional roles of men and women and find it your natural tendency to fall into those roles. You enjoy the latest music, movies, and other recreational fun with your friends and family alike. Although conservative in nature, you also like to be up on the latest and greatest. You are a classic American, who is hard-working and a quality friend to have.


You are often associated with preps, and are halfway between a prep and a female jock. It's a bit obvious - you are a cheerleader. You are loud, outgoing, and tend to be very optimistic. You're probably blonde, ditzy, and love to talk. You are somewhat like a prep, and value your social standing, but you're a little more open to friends of lower social standings. You are also like a jock in that, you have to take care of your body, and value your body image.

Cady Heron


You are seemingly sweet, but we all know you are a home schooled jungle freak who is a less hot version of Regina. Ouch. But you're a God in you're own right. People still look up to you, especially when you wear army pants and flip flops. People still know who you are, but YOU don't always know who you are. Deep down, however, you are still the nicest of the mean girls.


If given a chance, you wish that you could go back in time, to a by-gone era where there's no such thing as computers, cell phones, or microwaves. You prefer life at a snail's pace and you envision yourself sitting on a veranda, drinking a mint juleps while soaking up the sun and watching the beautiful world while away ...


Yeah and uh, I might not like MalcomC anymore.

He might just be too bookwormy for me, I mean he's just not all that outgoing and it seems like HE NEVER wants to let loose and have pure, unadulterated, and immature FUN! I need a guy that can make me laugh not only with conversations, but is outgoing and a blast to be with.

1 outta 2 ain't bad though.

I'm not trying to be too picky or anything, i just wish he was less...prude. You know?

Plus, he's so smart that I just feel plain dumb around him and...immature. Which I'm totally not most of the time!
I mean, GOD, he's my same age and acts like he's 26 years old and on the brink of discovering the cure for cancer.
More or less.
I just don't know...and we're going to different high schools; I.E. cute boys and hot girls? There's a whole big possibility to cheat and never know.

Now I'm starting to think of Nice Jock again...-sigh- but I shouldn't be. I told myself that I moved on from my little crush already! So why aren't I?

And when I see MalcomC I totally feel comfortable around him, like I can be myself, and I forget that I even like him at all. Is that a good thing? Or does that mean that we're headin' towards that train called FRIENDSHIP and leaving the DATABLE station?

I think that I just need time to think. Only time will tell, huh bud? Then again, I've always hated that quote.

Love is in the air,

-That Girl, thinkin it all out.

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