Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Listlessly Listing Lists.

Dear Diary (( 6:18 PM on Wednsday, and I'm doing my science vocabulary as we speak ))

There will be no quote of the day because there could be several quotes today and well, I just can't choose one! They are all funny, funny, and FUN-ny!

Anyway, here are lists and I will be labeling the lists for your enjoyment ;)

My-many-Various Stresses which I have gotten in the past 3 days of high school-
o Nerdy boys flirting with me
o Nerdy boys trying to impress me
o I have discovered that I flirt with guys that I don't even like
o I know just about 0% of the people in my Health Class
o Boys not my type trying to both flirt and impress me
o I think that my newly developed best guy friend likes me-I metioned him last time, and I don't know if I like him back or not.
o I keep going down the wrong hallways to get to class
o Freshman Friday is on Friday
o I'm thinking of trying out for the cheer squad but I don't know how my new friends-and EBF-will react to it
o I'm in honors for Algebra and I suck at math
o I usually can't sleep at night
o This school has a locker room
o I need to take 2 languages next year if I want to have 4 years of language, or else I won't be able to get into a UC college
o I think that my sort-of-friend likes me and I'm afraid he'll ask me out because he's always trying to impress me, but he's not my type at all and I'm in no way at all attracted to him.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shockingly the first day, babe.

"What is "act" short for?"
"Um, "acting"?"
Today this was how I answered the question my drama teacher asked the class, and uh may I say...duh?

Dear Diary, (( 6:29 PM, first day of the rest of my life-okay the next four years-AKA Freshman 1st day of school. And You maybe be able to guess from this color font that I had a pretty chipper day, finally nothing went too bad! ))

I met some cool people today, one of which is Ex-BestFriend's good guy friend from her CIT program at the Y. Let's call him Marly. Why? Well, his name makes me laugh and someone with the name of Marly would make me laugh too.
I don't feel I did with MarcoPolo or with NiceJock or even Nicerooni, because I don't like Marly!
He's cool and a guy who makes me laugh a lot plus he's just fun to be around in general.
Also? So far-no awkward pauses!
I can always tell if I'm going to be friends with someone if we can click when we first meet. If it's awkward and you can't think of anything to say, your next meetings will most likely be similiar to that!
He's just a guy to chill with and I like that, not that I wouldn't mind if he liked me like that if you know what I mean. But, But. I think he has an interest in me, in which way I'm not sure of. He always looks at me and I look at him and we laugh a whole lot. We have Drama Class together with another of EBF's friends who I'll call Stripped.
I don't have much of reason to call her that, but I think it fits alright, ya know?
I love that class and how we can all have fun there together and I pretty much look forward to it now. Until something bad happens that is.

I also made another friend who I'll call Cloney. I'm calling her that because she's almost like a clone of myself. Same sense of humor and we do the same thing when we can't think of anything to say, which is make random small talk and obervations. We both couldn't wait for P.E. to end so we could go home and sleep until we had to go back to school again and we both agreed that our butts' hurt for sitting on the floor in the gym so long waiting to leave.

This morning I met up with EBF at her house and I sat on her bed while she showered and stuff. School started at 8:30 AM today, but normally we need to get to school at 7:30-ish, like tomorrow where we have to be there at 7:30 AM and after school the two of us will be going to the library like we always do on Tuesdays because she has a tutor and I live literally 3 blocks away from the library.

Oops mom is home and I gotta go. TTYL and I'll report on any drama that might appear!


-That Girl, on the prowl

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jar of Dreams

JarofDreams.jpg Jar of Dreams image by behindthe_waterfall

"Yeah? Well for my elective, I have Vocal Music-Beginning and I'm pretty sure that I'm TONE DEAF!" -Me to basically everyone who asks about my high school schedule.

Dear Diary, (( 5:31 PM on Sunday night. ))

Tomorrow I have to go to my high school to talk about changin' my lame-a. schedule. I have absolutely no classes with anybody that I know! And I was put into TWO honors classes when I only wanted to take ONE! I only wanted English Honors, but now I have freaking Algebra 1 Honors too!

I hate math. It's far to confusing.
But English is a different story. English I like, in fact I like reading and writing so much that I'm writing my own story right now, though the details of it I can't say quite yet.

So, here's my schedule!

Late schedule.

Unscheduled 1st period. (which means Late Schedule.)
Algebra 1 Honors.
9th Grade English Honors.
Vocal Music-Beginning.
Physical Education 1.
Life Science 1.

So, I had orientation the other day and it was a little weird.
To be quite...frank,

The guys fell all over me.

and I'm not used to that at ALL.
How did this start??

On the bus to orientation, two semi-cute boys (who I found out later were sophomores!) were sitting about 5 seats from me and were basically checking me out and rating me! The uglier one gave me a 6, then changed it to a "5 to 7" when the other-cuter-guy gave me an 8. I wish I talked to them.
They kept saying," No, YOU talk to her!" to eachother, but they never did.
I wanted to say SOMETHING!
Just a "Hey, I can totally hear you guys just so you know." and a grin would have made my conscious feel better.

I guess that all of those old sayings are true...
It's better to life to the fullest, and have no regrets rather than to think of what could have been... Could have, should have, would have...

It would have been great to have two cool and cute guy friends in the sophomore class even before school could have been a start of something new and daring for myself to do...I should have talked to them.
But I didn't. There's the regret. There's where I had a chance to live, well, fuller.

Then again, you only live once and it's a little too late now.
Forget about regrets, think about the positives is what I always usually think. Not say out loud, but I always silently tell myself that.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about dreams today...or rather...stuff I want and literal dreams that I keep on having.

I always have-the literal kind of course-dream about me and a special guy.
A guy who's nice and really funny, and always there for me. We meet at school, or at a candy shop, or he's my neighbor.
It's actually always a different guy. Sometimes he has light brown, soccer-esque hair that's a little long but not messy, sometimes he's Asian and my's always someone different...
And I wish that the dream would never end...last night I had a dream that it was some guy...dark brown hair I think...and we were at a carnival and it was amazing. Too bad you can't live out your dreams...then again would I? Live in the dream and have a fabulous life, but at the same time know that none of it is real at all?

I just wish I could find the right guy already...and I wish in every tunnel that I would, I wish on every star, and I wish on at least one of my birthday candles.
Well. One day.
I'll find him one of these days, and if I don't? E-Harmony and may have the cure for single-itis, though I'm sure that most of those people have some kind of personality or look defect and that's why they can't snag a person of their own. Then again, who am I to judge them?

That's about all for now my oh-so-precious Diary.
Good luck and GOOD speed!

-That Girl, thinking, thinking, pacing.

BTW, look up the song
I Want you to Want me by Letters by Cleo, that's how I'm feeling right now.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Truthfully the Truth.

truth-small.jpg Truth image by sandy-jones

Dear Diary, ((10:42 PM on I'm not hangin' with some new friends tonight or anything like that. ))

I have SO much to say, and guess what?
When I'm faced with something like this; I'm in need of blogging, and the best way to get out all the weird, weirder, and weirdest feelings-plus-situations I've been in, is to list.

I would've called this post "101 and 1 truths by your very own That Girl" or somethin' similar, but the truth is that I'll probably have less than 101.
There's the first truth.

And here we go, my life in a nutshell-AKA: my life in a list.

Truth #1. I'll probably have less than 101 Truths to tell, but it could be more for all I know.

Truth #2. I realized that my MarcoPolo (remember that I changed MalcomC's name to MarcoPolo?) isn't the guy for me.

Truth #3.
WrestlingChick says that she doesn't like MP anymore, but we all know that she's still in love.

Truth #4. MP is shy around girls, but not in academics.

Truth #5. ComfortGuyFriend told me that he thought of me as a sister.

Truth #6. I was and am disappointed that I still can't hook a guy that I want.

Truth #7. The guys that I like-to my knowledge-never like me the way I like them.

Truth #8. Today I went shopping at Macy's and even though I paid for my stuff with a gift card...I stole a tee just because.

Truth #9. I could afford it and would practically die if I got caught. But I didn't care, too.

Truth #10. I make friends easily.

Truth #11. I'm almost always my friends' second choice when it comes to being around eachother.

Truth #12. Sometimes I stay home watching Kenan and Kel on Youtube on weekend or weekday nights.

Truth #13. I do #12 and tell my new friends that I had a sleepover or something interesting that night.

Truth #14. I love puns.

Truth # 15. I'd say that every friend that I've ever been close to in my entire life has told me that I was "funny."

Truth #16. Except ExBestFriend, who is probably my only friend who knows me as me.

Truth #17. My supposed "friends" from my K-8 school haven't even hung out with me once this summer. Except ExBestFriend.

Truth #18. Every time I go under a tunnel, I make wishes.

Truth #19. My wishes include: clearer skin, gaining a little weight, getting taller, to have everyone that touches my life to live forever, for everyone to be happy, to stop abuse, to get along with my family better, to have real friends, and to continue being likable in high school.

Truth #20. On my way to my high school orientation yesterday, there were two guys about 3 seats away from me who were rating me on my looks.

Truth #21. They were trying to whisper but were pretty loud. I got a 5-6 from one guy and an 8 from the another. The one who gave me an 8 was cute, the other guy wasn't. They kept saying, "you talk to her!" but they never did.

Truth #22. I wish I said something. Anything. I was flattered but weirded out.

Truth #23. I made friends with a girl at orientation when we had to pair up with someone that we didn't know.

Truth #24. Her friend was really cute. We chatted a little, but never caught eachother's name.

Truth #25. I wish I knew his name.

Truth #26. I'm SO happy to be starting high get rid of all the bull in the past.

Truth #27. I'm going to go do more typing for the story I'm writing right now, I'm not going to sleep yet.

Truth #28. I'm watching a Nutty Professor marathon on VHS's.

Truth #29. I wish so incredibly much that I had a boyfriend.

Truth #30. I can't wait for ExBestFriend to come back from camp.

Truth #31. Maybe me and ExBestFriend can be reinstated as good friends again?

Ciao mon ami,

-That girl

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Survery and Guys.

I said to Ex-Best Friend and her friend Caley* (*name change) when a dog came up chasing me on a leash and barking fiercely and then I ran away until I couldn't see the mean little dog anymore.

Dear Diary, ((10:17 AM, I made up another excuse not to go to the preschool today, though my excuse IS true. My aunt is moving in with me and I have to make her comfy. ))

I hate guys. So annoying. So confusing. So immature!

I wish there was an "EASY" button for guys, like the one they have for Wal-Mart.
I like no one again...I think.
But I might like MarcoPolo. Yes, I changed his name from MalcomC to MarcoPolo because he's not as perfect as I thought he was. Plus, I always feel like I'm on-and-off with our petty Friend Relationship and my feelings for him.
Therefore- MarcoPolo!

But I feel too depressed thinking about that, so here's some pictures, surveys, and quizzes.

OH, by the way. I haven't been posting a lot lately because I'm writing a story-two actually. Maybe they could get published into books one day-who knows ;)

- Tell 100 Truths
- Tag 15 people after
- They do the same back to you

1. Last beverage = Glass of vanilla soy milk :)
2. Last phone call = KC!
3. Last text message = Junk text-mail
4. Last song you listened to= She wolf by Shakira
5. Last time you cried = When the guy in UP looked in his photo album and saw pictures of his wife :(

6. Dated someone twice = Not really.
7. Been cheated on?= Nope.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it?= Well…yes and no.
9. Lost someone special?= Not a person, but a pet?
10. Been depressed? = ‘Lil bit.
11 Had a friend turn on you?= Yup.


12. Made new friends = Uh huh.
13. Fallen in love = No not really.
14. Laughed until you cried = OMG YES! All the time :)
15. Met someone who changed you = Everyone I’ve met.
16. Found out who your true friends were = More or less
17. Found out someone was talking about you = Yes
18. Kissed anyone on your friend's list = Haha no
19. How many people on your friend's list do you know in real life = All but maybe 2

20. How many kids do you want to have = Probably 2 or 3

22. Do you want to change your name = Nope, I love my name!
23. What did you do for your last birthday = SANTA CRUZ!

24. What time did you wake up today = 8 AM, ugh.
25. What were you doing at midnight last night = Sleepin’ and dreamin’

26. Name something you CANNOT wait for = Skylark ranch!!!
27. Last time you saw your father = Saturday

28. One thing you wish you could change about your life = I mostly like my life, but hey, being a little taller wouldn’t hurt.

29. What are you listening to right now = George Lopez of course.
30. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom = Not to my knowledge.

31. What's getting on your nerves right now?= Erg, lot’s of stuff.
32. Most visited website? = Facebook probably.

33. What's your name = That Girl
34. Nicknames = Girlie
35. Zodiac sign = Pieces
36. Male or female = Female
37. Elementary = Claire Lilienthal
38. Middle School = Ditto ^
39. High school = Washington : /
41. Long or short = Medium
42. Height = 5’1…shut up.
43. Do you have a crush on someone? = Possibly.
45: What do you like about yourself = I like a couple things about myself.
46. Piercings = None! Ears soon though.
47. Tattoos = None!

48. Righty or lefty = Righty.

49. First surgery = Hasn’t happened!
50. First piercing = Ditto ^
51. First best friend = Michelle Somethin’ in preschool.
52. First sport you joined = Tennis?
53. First pet = Turtle…it ran away. Shut up!
54. First vacation = Hawaii, I think.
55. First concert = Def Lepard or something.
56. First crush = Was a dude.

57. Eating = Plums, which are totally the best fruit. No lie.
59. Drinking = Vanilla Soy Milk, didn’t I say that already?
60. I'm about to = Take a walk or a jog or something.
61. Listening to = I answered this already! Geez.
62. Waiting for = School to start.

63. Want kids?= Yup.
64. Want to someday get married? = No I want to be a single old maid living in a mansion with 8 and a half cats.. Of course I want to get married!
65. Careers in mind? = Got a couple of ‘em.

66. Lips or eyes= Eyes, though I prefer lips to not be dry and crusty or anything weird…

67. Hugs or kisses = Hugs are fine for now

68. Shorter or taller = Taller! Even if I wanted a short guy, I couldn’t find one shorter than me anyway haha
69. Older or Younger= Same age is best, but older is okay. Sometimes a little younger is fine too.

70. Romantic or spontaneous = Spontaneous! Love it.
71. Nice stomach or nice arms = Um…arms?

72. Sensitive or loud = Neither nor, somewhere in the middle.
73. Hook-up or relationship = Relationship of course, silly.
74. Trouble maker or hesitant = Somewhere in between…but trouble maker I guess?

75. Cried yourself to sleep= Yes and it sucks.

76. Passed out after drinking= Don’t think so!
77. Kissed a stranger = No that’s kind of weird.
78. Drank hard liquor = Yes and No.
79. Jumped in a pool with clothes on =

*edit to “Jumped in the ocean with clothes on”*

80. Lost glasses/contacts = Glasses.

81. Sex on first date = Nope.
82. Broken someone's heart= I sure hope not!
83. Had your own heart broken = More like cracked a little.
86. Turned someone down = Yes and it doesn’t feel very good.
87. Cried when someone died = Only a pet or two.
88. Liked a friend that is the opposite gender? = Yep.

89. Yourself= I try, I try. haha
90. Miracles = It makes the world go round, yes?
91. Love at first sight = I’ll tell you when I know.
92. Heaven = Lately; yes.

93. Santa Clause = Screw what people say, I’ll say “YES”.

95. Kiss on the first date? = Depends.
96. Angels= Not totally, but hey it could happen.

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? = More than one.

98. Who is it? = Friends, family, people I know.
99. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? = No, that’s a little sickening to do.
100. Told 100 truths on this? = 99, I believe that one number was skipped, like 21 or something.

I'm feeling a tad bit depressed with the whole guy thing going on, so I'll just log off for now.

Adios for now Senor(ita) Diary,

-That Girl, sighing with all my heart.