Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IN and OUT part dos

Dear Diary, ((11:30 PM on Tuesday night. Wait, it's 11:30 already?))

I've decided to make another "In and Out" list because it's basically the simplest way for me to get my words out. Note that if I say something "isn't in," I mean that in my personal opinion, I'm sure that other people think far differently from what I think.
Here is...

In and Out.. Part Dos

In: Out:
Slight immaturity, Being Boring, Funny guys Never talking in class, Good grades, Most people in the said "Cool Crowd," Passing notes, Being in the cool crowd, Individuality, Posers, Fake Asian accents, Too many bright colors to be worn at one time, players-also said PLAYAHS!, Not fitting in, Not having a boyfriend, Having countless losers ask you out in one year-I call it being a Loser Magnet, Reading, Blogging, Asking boys random questions, running the mile with cramps, headaches, sluts, class flirts, lace tops, flat suede boots, simple flip-flops, Partying too hard, Drunks, Drug Addicts, Boys admitting to me that they are either very perverted or get wasted/do drugs on weekends-So very lame, Having pure unadulterated fun, not judging others on first impressions, second chances, vintage, shirts too tight on some girls who have big bellies.

That's it for now, ttyl I gotta get some sleep!

-That Girl, staggering and tired.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Imma cut you up so bad that scrambled eggs will take one look at you and say, 'DAYUM!'"

Mood: Crampy. Irregular. Moody. Frustrated because my spell-checker keeps telling me that "Crampy" is not a word. Pshh you know that the creater of this Google Chrome spell-check was a guy. A girl would so be more considerate to add the word "crampy" to describe a person's mood as an adjective. Grr don't mess with me, I will snap at you like a snapping turtle at a zoo with an annoying little rugrat waving a lollipop in front of my snappingly snapping mouth. And don't dare tell me how random that was or how very moody I am, I'll run at you like a cheetah at...

Song(s) of the Day: Weightless by All Time Low and Fruit Machine by The Ting Tings

Quote(s) of the Day: Small banter from the musical that I really wanted to see, it's called Wicked-
[Alvy fantasizes being in love with the Wicked Queen from Snow White]
Wicked Queen: We never have any fun any more.
Alvy Singer: How can you say that?
Wicked Queen: Why not? You're always leaning on me to improve myself.
Alvy Singer: You're just upset. You must be getting your period.
Wicked Queen: I don't get a period. I'm a cartoon character.

Dear Diary, ((10:28 on Thursday night. Homecoming tomorrow. Am I going to homecoming? Did someone ask me? Maybe and no. Although an extremely geeky boy asked me out yesterday and I've been feeling depressed since then. Is that really all I can snag besides that stalker I have too? God, life is so unfair sometimes! The theme of our homecoming is RETRO. Um, woo-hoo, rah rah? No, sorry folks but since I quit the cheer squad I must say that I don't believe in fake rah rah anymore. My rahing days are over in my personal opinion. So, no date and lame theme. Am I going, I ask again? I have no idea. Should I? Just for the experience? I miss the people at my K-8 school so much right now. At least I could dance with them before! Now that I'm in the said "cool" crowd, everyone is boringly cool and just...not interesting. At least the "cool" crowd before was fun and loving and encouraging and...they were good dancers at least! I don't know about my new friends though.))
^ Oh tomorrow is also my friend FunnyChillGuy's (FCG's) 14th birthday! Originally we were going to have a bonfire tomorrow night...then we were going to go to a cool karaoke place for teens...then we cancelled that because he has some kind of mandatory study hall until 4:30 tomorrow and we just gave up on a party for him. And his present. He said that he liked Frosted Flakes and so me, EBFF and my new friend who's EBF's friend, bought FCG some Frosted Flakes for his birthday; it was only natural for us to haul ass over to the local Safeway to buy him that and wrap it up in some newspaper at my house later. We drew happy faces all over it and I found some red gift bag to stuff it in. Oh, and we also bought him a Winnie-the-Pooh balloon at Safeway while we were there since it was only 2.99 anyway. Note that I only have a quarter in my pocket left (excluding the 300 bucks I have left from working this summer!) and the Winnie-the-Pooh balloon
was a balloon of Pooh wearing a bat costume. I insisted that we should have written "Happy birthday! I hope you fly like Pooh this year!" Get it? POOH has a double meaning when you don't read to spelling of the word, but just how the word sounds when you say it. It's a pun and I found it HI-LAR-IOUS!
But they wouldn't let me put it on there, so there goes that, right?

The other day I was having a just-for-fun smack talk banter via texts with LightBright and he kept threatening to spank me (this eventually came to how dirty with both were. Me: not very. or at least I won't say it! LB: Hellaaaa.) while I threatened to cut him FASHO. ( Oh, but FASHO is in the word-check dictionary?? What's wrong with the world?)

Best fake smack-talk responses to use:
"Imma cut you up so much that scrambled eggs will look a you and say 'DAYUM!'"
"Okay fine; rock, paper, scissor! I WIN."


LOVE you!
-That Girl, Grring out of my freakin' mind!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ughs and Ergs with the occasional Arg.

Dear Diary ((7:08 PM Monday night. No school today, thank you Christopher Columbus! Actually... Christopher Columbus-believe it!-was not a very good dude. After all, he killed Indians who were here already and was so greedy that he just "had" to claim the land and brand it "America." Whoopeedoo, right? But the way I see it, at least I get the day off. I'll think of the day off as a day of honoring the people who actually claimed the land back then, as in not Christopher Columbus!))

Today I was feeling really bad.
Like, on the bus on the way home from downtown with my new friends? I felt like sobbing, but I'm not really sure why. Sometimes...Sometimes I just feel like I can't do anything right. I say all the wrong things and do everything at the wrong time.

This morning, the first thing I said to myself (yes I do talk to myself at times as a matter of fact) was "Shit I have such bad cramps." Then I said "I have horrible cramps, and I feel sick, and I feel ugly today." Then I got off my bed and took a shower and had horrible cramps and felt bloaty as I put on my jeans.

I went downtown with my new high school friends today and-gasp-I didn't exactly have a blast. Turns out that the "cool" kids in high school are mostly just remotely gossipy and kind of boring. All they do is talk and smack talk and talk about gossip and gossip about people and gossip about gossip. Unhappily (I would say "sadly" but that would be too...it wouldn't be the right word.) LightBright didn't go because he went with some girl to hang out with. I'm not jealous and I definitely don't like him, but I ... I don't know, I just like time with him because he's just one of those people where I can be myself with without any...without anything holding me back, you know?

I would say more about today but I'm feeling awfully crampy again.
And mood too, though my manicure stopped me from falling apart into pieces today. The problem was that after the manicure, on the way home, I stopped to get a thing of junk food to eat in bed while I moped around and I thought that chips would be better because it was cold today, but when I got home I had a sudden craving for the ice cream sandwich that I didn't buy, but was about to. Doesn't that just suck ass? I hate that expression. It puts a bad picture into my mind-ew.

See ya later alligator!

And in a while crocodile -That Girl, craving and crampy :(

Friday, October 9, 2009

So much to say and do, but so little time.

Dear Diary, ((9:16 PM and I'm so incredibly mixed and mashed up right now! Friday night and 3 day weekend. Can I get a "Woo Hoo!"?

SO freaking much has happened since I last blogged. It seems like I always have an invitation to do something these days...go to a game...visit a school or another one...go to homecoming with friends...throw a surprise birthday party for another...
Oh, what's a girl to do? I never could quite find something to do after school before, and I'm just not used to this all. Why is it that people like me all of a sudden?
At my K-8 school I would flaunt my money at times, try to fit in. Now, I always forget to being some cash for lunch and I act like my weirdo self, but people don't seem to care? I DON'T GET PEOPLE!

Here's the GOOD that's happened lately:

o I got my "stalker" to leave me alone because me, "Winona" and "Carson" (all girls whose names I changed) pretend to have boyfriends so that the stalker will leave is alone.

o My and this guy "Boe" in bio always have a lot of fun messing with each other. One day I tried to stuff 5 textbooks in his backpack when he turned around. He stole the teacher's banana and wrote "Hi" on it with a white out stick cuz the teacher took his iPod one day because my "stalker" told on him. Freakin' "stalker" is an idiot!

o I've made lots of new friends and always get invites to do stuff.

o I know a lot of guys and I really like talking to them. In algebra honors I have this guy I'll StereotypicalFootball (SF) and we always argue about something but in a kidding way, in the past 3 days we have argued about Hell, vomit, burn scars, cheerleading, and books about the circus. Just your average guy stuff, although I'm no guy!

o Me and Winona have become good friends. Today she told me and SF a joke. Wanna hear it? Why of course you do!
Q: Why did Mickey decide to break up with Minnie?
A: Mickey said that Minnie was fucking goofy!

As dumb as the joke is, it's actually pretty smart too. After all, you know me...I love a good pun!

o SF wanted to tell me a joke as me and Winona and "HelloBoy" walked down the hill from school today. And of course, you of all people wanna hear it and what my response was!
Q: What does one man have but does not want, one man make but does not need, and one man need but does not have?
My A: Cheese.
Real A: A coffin
I actually found it very easy to think of the answer "cheese." After all, the whole time he was telling the joke I was thinking of saying one answer which was naturally "cheese" of course.
HelloBoy laughed out loud and so did Winona and SF, so I felt pretty good.

OH I'm so tired all the time.
Going to take a shower then to bed!
Goodnight and much LOVE!
-That Girl, Hella sleepy!