Friday, October 9, 2009

So much to say and do, but so little time.

Dear Diary, ((9:16 PM and I'm so incredibly mixed and mashed up right now! Friday night and 3 day weekend. Can I get a "Woo Hoo!"?

SO freaking much has happened since I last blogged. It seems like I always have an invitation to do something these days...go to a game...visit a school or another one...go to homecoming with friends...throw a surprise birthday party for another...
Oh, what's a girl to do? I never could quite find something to do after school before, and I'm just not used to this all. Why is it that people like me all of a sudden?
At my K-8 school I would flaunt my money at times, try to fit in. Now, I always forget to being some cash for lunch and I act like my weirdo self, but people don't seem to care? I DON'T GET PEOPLE!

Here's the GOOD that's happened lately:

o I got my "stalker" to leave me alone because me, "Winona" and "Carson" (all girls whose names I changed) pretend to have boyfriends so that the stalker will leave is alone.

o My and this guy "Boe" in bio always have a lot of fun messing with each other. One day I tried to stuff 5 textbooks in his backpack when he turned around. He stole the teacher's banana and wrote "Hi" on it with a white out stick cuz the teacher took his iPod one day because my "stalker" told on him. Freakin' "stalker" is an idiot!

o I've made lots of new friends and always get invites to do stuff.

o I know a lot of guys and I really like talking to them. In algebra honors I have this guy I'll StereotypicalFootball (SF) and we always argue about something but in a kidding way, in the past 3 days we have argued about Hell, vomit, burn scars, cheerleading, and books about the circus. Just your average guy stuff, although I'm no guy!

o Me and Winona have become good friends. Today she told me and SF a joke. Wanna hear it? Why of course you do!
Q: Why did Mickey decide to break up with Minnie?
A: Mickey said that Minnie was fucking goofy!

As dumb as the joke is, it's actually pretty smart too. After all, you know me...I love a good pun!

o SF wanted to tell me a joke as me and Winona and "HelloBoy" walked down the hill from school today. And of course, you of all people wanna hear it and what my response was!
Q: What does one man have but does not want, one man make but does not need, and one man need but does not have?
My A: Cheese.
Real A: A coffin
I actually found it very easy to think of the answer "cheese." After all, the whole time he was telling the joke I was thinking of saying one answer which was naturally "cheese" of course.
HelloBoy laughed out loud and so did Winona and SF, so I felt pretty good.

OH I'm so tired all the time.
Going to take a shower then to bed!
Goodnight and much LOVE!
-That Girl, Hella sleepy!

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