Monday, April 27, 2009

MissStuckey-and I'll bet it'll never be MRS.Stuckey with her permanent bitchy personality.

Dear Diary, ((2:42 PM))

So, I have decided to dedicate this whole post to none the less, MissStuckey, also said as
MS-not MRSS because I think we all know with the BITCH she is and how BOYFRIENDLESS and DATELESS she is and with her HORRIBLE SENSE OF HUMOR and HARSHNESS that contributes to her BITTERNESS and STUCK UP ASS which helps her ARROGANCE AND CONCEITED PERSONALITY, also her GORILLA FACE and DRY WARDROBE and the way she is a LONER who


we can infer that if she ever by chance snags a loser boyfriend who will follow her around and eventually brake up with her because of her dry and bitchy personality,

she will never marry and is too stupid to get a good job and all her life long friends will most likely ditch her if she doesn't
DITCH THEM FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then we can all sit back and


when we see her at graduation with her miserable life all because she ditched and stopped texting for no good reason- her good 'ol pal-friend-buddy:


And THAT is my totally objective opinion of MS.

You know what she did today?
Let's start with this morning:

I get to school early and she ignores me as I stand in her group cirlce of loser friends-and don't judge me on that cause I really just didn't want to sit alone on the steps-and when ADDgirl got there, we goes up and HUGS her as MS stares RIGHT into my eyes as if she's saying that she doesn't need me.







And that is that.
And after she tried to make me jealous with her HUG, she whispered to F-ING CootyGirl that I was DIRTY.
that's right her told someone that I was DIRTY!!



That's all about her now. I'm too pissed off to write now, pardon my grammar and swearing in this certain post because besides MS, today was about perfect for me.

-That Girl
about to attack the next"female dog" in arm range.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


crushes.gif crushes image by Monkey_queen_luv

Mood: Broken Hearted by no one but myself, despaired, wanting to do something outlandish

Song ( s ) to describe my life: It's my life by No Doubt or something?

Quote of the Day: "
You don't have to promise me the moon or stars . . . just promise that you will stand under them with me." by Unknown.


Dear diary, ( no comment today. )

I don't like Nicerooni OR Nice Jock anymore.
And it's not even like I have an explanation anymore because...I'm not sure. I guess that I had my expectations for them set too high and now I'm just disappointed. They aren't the guys that I wanted them to be and it's not like I really discovered anything about them today, or they changed their personalities, but it's been such a long time just...waiting for one of them to ask me out, say something. They disappointed me I guess. And now I'm sad because I really just thought that they were better. I feel Jessa with Ryan on Tough Love.

I feel like Jessa in that video, except you see her earlier crying, although I'm not crying now.
I just feel a little heart broken : /

One reason why? Nicerooni's Facebook status.

Nicerooni: wats worse? Not asking the person u love when had the chance that she would say yes or asking and getting rejected....?

You know how I know I don't like him anymore?
A person who liked him would easily feel happy and let out a happy sigh and dance around the room , being sure that it was them who they liked since I WAS around him a lot today.
But what I did when I read that: I let out a deep, unhappy sigh and felt somber. I might have winced a little bit too. If only I still liked him -sigh-
I'm pretty sure it's me. I probably would have gone out with him if he asked me earlier this year. But now? I might reject him. I'm not sure if my rep can stay as "popular" as it is. I mean, my popularity right now is on a, what's it called? A string or something? Well, it's like that. I'm wobbling over to "okay people." But Am I really That Shallow? That's the question.
You know what? I would go out with him. Just to try it out though and I'm sure that it would be okay anyway.
Know why else I think he likes me?
I was randomly surfing the net and came across an online Ouija board and asked like two different one's if he liked me. The answer? It's Always yes. But I ended up looking up stories about the board and dude, some of them are Really creepy. So I don't like using it anymore. But, those are about real, wooden boards, the things it says online are probably programed and stuff.

Anyway. I like no one, on the open market, looking for a new crush. I just wish that I still did, not sure why.

-That Girl

crushes.jpg crush icon image by dani1691

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Graduation dress, hair, and makeup

Mood: Not so Great...I did skip school today...

Song (s) to describe my life: Graduation Day Song by Vitamin C

Permanent Quote of the Day:

“You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need” by the Rolling Stones


Dear Diary ( um, don't ask about school )

So, this is how I want to do my hair for my 8th grade graduation!!
OR, maybe...hmm...
See full size image
I don't know about having my hair up though. I'm liking the first one above : )
This is really pretty! I think it's called a Back Braid

Ooh, this one is called Retro Glam, here's a bunch more I like...

. .I think anything down with curls or a bump I like and...I don't feel like typing anymore right now.


-that Girl

Monday, April 20, 2009

The types of Friends; Back to school, but what are these changes?, and Hot guys

Mood: Both good and bad: angry and content?

Song (s ) that describe my life: I am the Walrus by the Beatles
( why you may ask? The way I see it-confusing song + confusing life = a song simply about a Walrus )

Quote of the Day:

“You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need” by the Rolling Stones ( I love this quote!! )

dotswhole-1.jpg Colorful Dots image by Color Splash


Dear Diary (( 5: 16 PM, no I didn't do algebra nor language arts homework )),

So, I would like to start off this letter first with my list, or per say, my Dictionary, of Friends. I would like to define the types of friends and well, give my personal comments on each one as I have known and been close to nearly all of these listed types because I will be only listing the one's I know of due to the fact I cannot judge unknown types of people who I have no knowledge of.
that was mostly very ;) sarcastic ))

The Cling [ cl-i-ng ]

The Cling is probably on the most common type of friend.
The Cling really just wants company, attention, and it may seem like she wants YOU to lean on her, but in reality? She wants you to lean on her so maybe she can lean on you, too. But mostly? She just wants companionship and someone to listen and care about Her once in a while instead of the other way around. Ask her what's up and you'll see a different side of her than when you just ask her for advice and tell her your problems.
Although. Although...The Cling can be defined into many different sections from that.
If you are wondering why I know quite so much about this type of Friend, it's because at times, I can be The Cling.

The ( sometimes quote on quote ) Best Friend [ The Be-st Fer-end ]

The Best Friend. Huh. A lot is to be said for a best friend. A best friend should supposedly be kind, considerate, have your same sense of humor more or less, listen to your problems, entertain you, not be awkward around you, and be trustworthy. What I think however, is that a best friend will stand up for you-at all times, and never laugh at a joke that someone makes at you, add to the joke, or truly try to hurt you. A best friend won't ditch on you and really cares how your feeling. Mostly, they want the best for you and want to spend time with you. You should be able to have both funny and serious conversations with no judgement to the other person. You should not gossip badly about your best friend, because if they really are your "bestie," "BFF!" or "practical Sisters!!" you shouldn't be judging them or break their line of trust-ever. And these things may seem to be impossible, but if your friend passes these standards-you know you have a keeper. Remember-everyone wants a best friend and if you're truly a best friend, you won't ditch, and they are your bff-they won't ditch either.
I myself? I have had many people I have called, or no actually, they have called me their best friend. But we all know that's not true, words can vary and sometimes be truthful, while sometimes be simply sounds.
People who have called me their "best friend!!"? Let's see here...

Julia : Kindergarten
Ex-Best Friend: 1st grade to now
PrincessGiggles: Earlier this year-note-only once
OBF: Said last year that we were in 3-4th grade
CrackerJacker: A couple times this year..I think
NowBrunette: This year, but she was kidding
Sunshine: Last year, but she does that a lot.

And...I think that's it.

The Boyfriend [ The Boii-Fer-end ]

Yes, it's time to introduce the Boyfriend. Now, there is a distinct difference between the The Boyfriend and the boy...friend. One is the guy you kiss, cuddle with, share personal secrets with, say you "love" with passion and not "love ya bud!" with a funny side. The other? You might feel more comfortable with doing stupid, immature things with and things night get awkward when you get too close. The boyfriend can be determined with many characteristics and to totally tell the truth...I can't say much of anything about this type of friend due to the fact that...I've never had a really had a boyfriend, I mean boy...friend, yes, but not that smoochy-smoochy, "cuddle and kiss me and crap", guy friend, usually known as The Boyfriend.
Oh! Shocking news discovered!
-Nicerooni has gone out with CrackerJacker, but CrackerJacker is now all "I know I can't believe I did." and not in a good way. Oh, and Cheeky is REALLY mean to Nicerooni, but I must say that it was really funny when she found a chip in her desk and stuffed it into Nicerooni's mouth. But still, very mean. He really dislikes her.
-CrackerJacker and PrincessGiggles have been out with uh, BrownHairedGuy and supposedly his lips are so big that they go over the girls' lips and I said, "it sounds like he's sucking you!" to them, they got a laugh outta that. So yeah, he's a bad kisser.
-GreenGirl made out with OldCrush out the bus to or from Outdoor Ed even though she knew that Sunshine liked him, though none of them really like OldCrush anymore.
-PopGirl and PopBoy did uh...dirty stuff to each other on the bus last year. Here's a hint:lick and suck.

The Wannabe [ The Wa-na-B ]

The Wannabe is pretty self-explanatory. I think that everyone at one point in their life wanted to be more, less, or just something else. Usually though, plain Wannabes just want one thing. Yep there's usually just one thing on the Wannabes' mind and this is what it is : Popularity.
I have before been a Wannabe although I never needed to be due to the fact that the other girls never let me escape it when I wanted to. Girls naturally gathered and invited me to stuff. The Wannabe agrees with WHATEVER the closest pop to them says, and what I mean by that is the girl with the best chance to bring them up a grade is the girl given the compliments and agreements with the girl they partially acquaint themselves with. The less popular girl will try to get as far up the totem pole with the girl that they can. But usually? The Wannabe is unhappy with their own life and that's why they want more. They don't really know their own personality or how they want to be because they also become the "I-Agree-Girl" of the grade and you can guess what that is.

And yes there are MANY, MANY, many more types of friends, but I won't be listing them here because, my hands are getting tired of typing that report and need to type about something else.

So, school today. Today was the first official, normal day of school in two weeks because of the Spring Break and Outdoor Ed. And it was kind of weird...let me explain.
I'll say how each person reacted towards me.

MissStuckey: Surprising! Not mean, except the scowl towards me in the morning when WannaBe pushed her head ( her locker
:I is next to mine ) into my books and said, "Ow, That Girl, you pushed your books into my ear!" which was one of the most stupid remarks I've heard before which of course, ended up with two scowls towards me. BUT. The rest of the day MS actually joked and was almost nice to me. ALMOST. Yes, obviously trying to intimidate me, but she didn't. I've noticed that since she's been mad at me, she's been stealing all my friends and trying to make me unpopular and angry, she's trying to make me I need her in my life...but I feel like...I don't.

PrincessGiggles: Not sure...hmm. She kind of ignored me and I almost felt like she was mad at the in the morning but after I made a few jokes to her and she warmed up, it was okay. She's always hanging out, well all through classes but not recess ( REALLY confusing!! ) with BigfatHen who isn't as mean to me when I make jokes but a real bitch when I'm quiet, because that's the way to warm up everyone:


or else guess what? People will step all over you. And I know that first hand because it's something big on my life.

Nice Jock: I kept noticing him staring at me during classes but I usually didn't return his gaze. I'm not sure why. OH! News alert! BFH and MG both think that Nice Jock is hot. I personally don't and I just liked him for his personality but I wouldn't want to go out with him or make out with him anytime...soon or ever I think. Why does he keep looking at me though?? I don't understand. I feel like he hasn't been talking to me lately...why is that? He is confusing the HELL out of me!!!!!!! AHH. odfrjgkrlbhtg kjrlglrtkjhbgnf

Nicerooni: Really quiet around makes me feel sad. I think it's my increased popularity, Is that it? I wish he would joke around with me again, I miss our stupid and Nice Jock's too. I feel lonely without them joking with me and well...flirting with me all the time. And I feel sad. I wish one of them would I don't know...go out with me? End the pain! Tell me off! Somethinggg...!!!

So, that's about it. Oh, um Sunshine and me don't hang out as much anymore. That's also sad, I don't like it. Everything is confusing and now I'm HOPING for high school! First I was dreading it...but now? Bring it ON!! End the old drama at my school! Although I will miss MG and NJ and Nicerooni and Sunshine and the school in general with...I think everyone in it.
Almost everyone at least. NOT BigFatHen and NOT PopGirl oh and NOT PopBoy.

Finally, as promised, I am going to give you some HOT GUYS to drool on. I don't know, actually, my friends all have different tastes in guys but I am Really attracted to British/English Accents, Blue and Green eyes, soft and also chiseled features...I'll show you some pics... love his face! and yes...the body's not bad hehe

I didn't like him That much during the movie, but he's really cute here. I always felt like Drake was really cute on Drake and Josh David Henrie is pretty cute.

Mitchel Musso I like for some reason I always thought was cute : )
Devon Werkheiser got really cute near the end of his show

oh this guy is cute, but I don't know who he is

I never noticed Ricky Ullman before, but he's really cute.

And Zac Effron of course

Jake Macdorman is Really cute in Aquamarine !! But just in that film.

Good Luck and good day!

-That Girl

Friday, April 17, 2009

In and Out, Fashion In's

Oh yeah, I also wanted to add some new stuff to my diary-blog.

In and Out for the day of April 17th, 2009:

IN: Out:

Color block Clothing Wannabes
Stripes and Polka Dots Self made rips
Curves Preps
Bikinis Jerks
Neon Jump suits
Simplicity Not brushed hair
Cleanliness The 8th grade
Ruffles Bitches
Vintage Crushes
Shiny Hair
Too many brand names
Katy Perry One-piece swimsuits
Seventeen Magazine Flat Chests
High School ( almost out )Uggs
Cheerleaders The stupid cat pics
Love Peanuts
Victoria's Secret Boyfriend Jeans
Nice and Cute Jocks Being Single
(evidently) Britney Bitchh Nick Jr.( now that Blues clues is gone )
Garfield color comics Sluts
Twilight ( is okay I guess ) Being broke
Guys with diapers Public School

The Female Dogs and "1. insulting term of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous," thanks

Mood: Mixed and Mashed up, not to be taken literally

Song(s) to describe my life: Chasing Pavements

Quote of the day: "
The shortest word I know is 'I'. The sweetest word I know is 'LOVE'
And the person I never forget is 'YOU' " -Unknown

5877295.jpg I LOVE YOU GOD DAMN IT!! CANT YOU HEAR MEEEE!!!!! image by nejiluver13


Dear Diary, (( 8:59 AM on Friday and no, it's not Spring Break. I just don't feel like coming to school today, and yes ditching is bad but the class is in Outdoor Education now anyway ))

SO, I am pretty sure that people suck.

Yesterday after school ( yes I went to school thanks much for asking ) I had to go to an orientation for a summer/partial school year job at my old preschool. It's just for teens and I swear that each one of those Chinese kids brought a Chinese friend with them to the orientation. And it was boring. I got there a little late and had to fit in between to Chinese girls. There were only two guys-Chinese. WE just went over papers and crap and I'm sure that it wasn't necessary for me to be there. Oh well.
Oh, and I lost my phone and I think that a kid pick pocketed me there because it randomly went missing from my purse...
I know Dad's gonna be mad at me for losing it. I have to go look up a new one that I want and then I have to re-get everyone's numbers again. Damn, why do I have such bad luck? Is it karma? Am I a mean person? I've always felt myself as a nice person-more less, you know.

Oh the picture from last time? It was because I was thinking of high school. And how when you get there you have to choose your own identity, how do you dress, talk, hold yourself. Do you do you're work and join mathletes? Or maybe act dumb and try to be a cheerleader with a bra stuffed full of Kleenex? When people say "hi" do you say "hey" "supp." "kisses" or what? It all determines the next four years of your life. And even though people say that college is the most important part of your life? I don't believe that's true. Me and Sunshine were talking ( we were in the same class together with the 6th graders while the other 8th graders went on a whirlwind adventure on Outdoor Education. To think I could have gone of I turned the form in on time ) about high school and I agreed that it's the most important 4 years of your life. You could start doing drugs, turn the corner and become a geek, become interested in blood from rats, you don't know! High school is when you find what interests you and who yourself are. And college is just showcasing yourself and doing more of what interests you, or who you want to be.

Anyway, BigFatHen is such a female dog. She always like...I don't know, says female-whatever, she says bitchy things under her breath. I coudn't find the number on my laptop one time, and PrincessGiggles found it for me when BFH says, "idiot" really manly under her breath. I hope she knows how unattractive she sounds. I don't know why PG hangs out with her sometimes. Sometimes I question my friends, if they really Are my friends. They aren't especially nice all the time. And MissStuckey? We DEFINITELY aren't friends anymore! I already gave a pretend yearbook post in the other post thing. And Ex-Best Friend? I don't like her because she's just so nerdy and geeky in the things she says and does and she's always on my back, scaring all my friends away. They really don't like her either.
So who IS my friend?
Sunshine? We hardly hang out besides in school anymore. I mean, she did invite me to go to the mall with her, but I couldn't go because of my stupid orientation. And she invited me to her play too, but I don't know if I'm too interested in seeing her act and all that stuff. It's just more spotlights on her.
I told her that I used to like Nice Jock, but I don't know if I still like him or not to tell the truth. I just can't imagine going out with him or kissing him...yuck no, not with him. But going out with, not kissing either, Nicerooni? I can imagine going out with him and I bet we'd have a lot of fun, but I can't imagine us having a romantic date or us kissing or anything like that.
Why can't Nice Jock be...nicer and better looking?
Why can't Nicerooni be...more assertive, popular, and better looking?
Why do guys have to be so confusing?

I think that's all I have to talk about, I better go back to sleep or to bed before someone discovers I'm not at school.


-That Girl (( 9:25 AM ))

Friday, April 10, 2009

Um, hi

I'll explain this in a second...

hello.jpg hello image by cool117

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Breaking

GarfieldBeach.jpg Garfield image by MonGrg712

Mood: Wishy-washy

Song (s) to describe my life right now:
Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects

Quote of the Day: "
It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech." by Mark Twain


Dear Diary, (( 10:49 PM, don't worry, it's Spring Break, so I still have the rest of the week to do my algebra, thank goodness. ))

Yep, it's finally Spring Break!
And what have I been doing to fill my boring-ily boring minutes, hours, and days of no school ( including the social stress, homework, and falling asleep in class ) you may ask? Well, I've gone to the mall one day, to Ex-Best Friend's house today, and humiliated myself at a buffet for another day, not purposely mind you.

Alright...where to start with my Spring Break/last post horrors?
I guess that I'll start with the buffet then continue with the next two days.


0 woke up about 10:30 AM and stayed home until time for dinner
0 got dressed and put on heels with socks to relate it with my casual wear
0 went to dinner with heels on...IT WAS A BUFFET THOUGH!
0 messed up feet walking around buffet in my cute silver high heels
0 went home and slept


woke up around 8 AM
0 told a lie saying I went to the library for 4 hours when I was really going to the mall
0 went to mall with about $108 and actually didn't have enough money to pay for the three items I picked out at Nordstroms so I had to only pick two. But I REALLY wanted the sunglasses!!! Gahhh. I'm okay though :/


0 woke up at 6:48 AM to get ready for EBF's belated party for me. ( remember that she still doesn't know that I've had a party already )
0 took taxi with fare of $12.80 to her house, though I said that I was taking the bus there to my mom
0 saw two old "scary" movies which really were only scary when they first came out in the 90's
0 mix of Wii playing and beginning of Yes Man watching
0 baked 24 vanilla cupcakes with EBF and her two sisters
0 found matches and candles for my cupcake in which I almost burnt my finger lighting my candle with the lighter
0 playing a rousing game of "Lava Monster" with EBF, her littlest sis, two little kids who were brother and sister, and me at the park down the block from her house
0 playing some singing game that I suck at and having my mom pick me up
0 fussing with mom and going home
0 washing of my hair
0 reading old "Fear Street" books by R.L. Stine
0 blogging; nuff said

^ so there's my life in a nutshell.

Oh and I saw-and I hate to add another Google-search link for this but I wanted to share this with you-Twilight for the first time then I saw it about 5 more times throughout the week. I haven't been a fan of the books, and though a bunch'a people think that the movie sucked, I actually REALLY liked it! It was more interesting then I thought it would be! And yes, Edward was pretty hot even though he was hotter in Harry Potter as that Diggery guy, yum :)
I might start reading the books-anything's possible now! LOL

And as for the song? Think of MissStuckey and I'm sure you'll understand it.

Good night and see you next time Diary, George Lopez is on still!

-That Girl

Thursday, April 2, 2009

All about GUYS come an' get it, hot off the press!

Mood: Curious and Interested

Song ( s ) to describe my life:
Crush by Jennifer Paige and Why can't I by Liz Phair

Quote of the day: "
Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get!" -Chinese Proverb, I think.


Dear Diary, (( 4:13 PM ))

Well, first off, don't look up songs by that Liz lady!!
Oh wow, she has some songs with words and titles.
Don't ask.

Anyway, as promised the topic of the day is GUYS.

So, there's some more past stuff that needs to be talked about before the new stuff.
I'll explain. about 3rd-4th-ish grade I was popular. No, dude I was IT. I was the funny,cool, pretty, get along with the guys and girls, GIRL.
And I liked the, well the guy version of me.
Basically, if I were a guy, I'm sure I'd be him and vice versa.

Let's call him Mark for now.
I liked Mark and Mark supposedly liked me back, although neither of us knew about the other person liking them until 5th grade when my popularity took a hit eventually was brought down, for different reasons and reasons alike.
In 5th grade, I stopped liking him ( my friends didn't know about this ) and soon after everyone else started thinking that we liked eachother, though I think that we stopped liking eachother earlier in the year.
It's a weird thing with crushes, your first crush is like your first mark of growing up and usually, it's your first pain in your heart from a guy that's not your dad.
So, we kind of separated after that.`As in, we spent even less time with eachother over the years, one reason being that at our K-8 school we weren't assigned the same class.

So NOW, skip forward 4 or 5 years and things have changed a bit, besides the braces on our teeth ( mine come off in a month by the way! ).
Sometimes we see each other at school and luckily it's usually the times I'm joking with friends and not the times that I walk around like a bit of a loner myself.
And let me tell you...
It's like as if every time I'm near him he's cross-examining me and he always turns around when I look at him though. I don't like him like THAT anymore, but he might like me now! I'm SOO surprised, you don't even know!
Something else that's weird?


and I think that they both like me too!!! Along with NICEROONI!!!
and it's SOO confusing! Even though Nicerooni isn't friends with them too ( OH god that would be horrible ), it's all really confusing.

And I know this sounds weird, but I have this fortune teller for teenagers and it told me that Mark still likes me, but this is as close as we're gonna get and that NJ doesn't REALLY like my personality or me in general, which is really weird to hear.

That's the book and it's really cool, but sometimes I just don't want to know the future, you know? It's scary, I mean, I don't know, maybe sometimes ignorance IS bliss as they say.

But why I think NJ likes me?
He keeps picking me for partners whenever we do, well, ANYTHING at school when we have to pick boy-girl partners and he's especially nice to me, and you know, all the stuff you read in the "how to tell if he REALLY likes you !" columns in magazines and pages on the Ask-Wiki website.

Anyway, that's about it for now!

Much love ( Literally! ),

-That Girl.