Thursday, April 2, 2009

All about GUYS come an' get it, hot off the press!

Mood: Curious and Interested

Song ( s ) to describe my life:
Crush by Jennifer Paige and Why can't I by Liz Phair

Quote of the day: "
Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get!" -Chinese Proverb, I think.


Dear Diary, (( 4:13 PM ))

Well, first off, don't look up songs by that Liz lady!!
Oh wow, she has some songs with words and titles.
Don't ask.

Anyway, as promised the topic of the day is GUYS.

So, there's some more past stuff that needs to be talked about before the new stuff.
I'll explain. about 3rd-4th-ish grade I was popular. No, dude I was IT. I was the funny,cool, pretty, get along with the guys and girls, GIRL.
And I liked the, well the guy version of me.
Basically, if I were a guy, I'm sure I'd be him and vice versa.

Let's call him Mark for now.
I liked Mark and Mark supposedly liked me back, although neither of us knew about the other person liking them until 5th grade when my popularity took a hit eventually was brought down, for different reasons and reasons alike.
In 5th grade, I stopped liking him ( my friends didn't know about this ) and soon after everyone else started thinking that we liked eachother, though I think that we stopped liking eachother earlier in the year.
It's a weird thing with crushes, your first crush is like your first mark of growing up and usually, it's your first pain in your heart from a guy that's not your dad.
So, we kind of separated after that.`As in, we spent even less time with eachother over the years, one reason being that at our K-8 school we weren't assigned the same class.

So NOW, skip forward 4 or 5 years and things have changed a bit, besides the braces on our teeth ( mine come off in a month by the way! ).
Sometimes we see each other at school and luckily it's usually the times I'm joking with friends and not the times that I walk around like a bit of a loner myself.
And let me tell you...
It's like as if every time I'm near him he's cross-examining me and he always turns around when I look at him though. I don't like him like THAT anymore, but he might like me now! I'm SOO surprised, you don't even know!
Something else that's weird?


and I think that they both like me too!!! Along with NICEROONI!!!
and it's SOO confusing! Even though Nicerooni isn't friends with them too ( OH god that would be horrible ), it's all really confusing.

And I know this sounds weird, but I have this fortune teller for teenagers and it told me that Mark still likes me, but this is as close as we're gonna get and that NJ doesn't REALLY like my personality or me in general, which is really weird to hear.

That's the book and it's really cool, but sometimes I just don't want to know the future, you know? It's scary, I mean, I don't know, maybe sometimes ignorance IS bliss as they say.

But why I think NJ likes me?
He keeps picking me for partners whenever we do, well, ANYTHING at school when we have to pick boy-girl partners and he's especially nice to me, and you know, all the stuff you read in the "how to tell if he REALLY likes you !" columns in magazines and pages on the Ask-Wiki website.

Anyway, that's about it for now!

Much love ( Literally! ),

-That Girl.

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