Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awsomely awsome pictures I found on Photobucket,

Dear Diary,

It's 10:25, same day as the last post and I found some pictures on Photobucket that I liked and I've decided to share to who else, but you!

summerhand2.jpg summer image by foxbitch18Summer-21350.jpg sea image by xeniadel7 I_Love_Me.jpg image by i_cuulspockmg.gif Star Trek SPOCK EXPLANATION image by jh2upquote-2.jpg love quotes image by fuggesbby0013

retro-15.jpg fashion or vintage or retro image by turtlebeeb_08

BITCHES.jpg BITCHES image by Deelytfuls bitches.jpg Friends Quote image by darlinangel2004
okay so what if these two are so not true for me, I would like it if it were true!

summer.jpg summer image by longhornfromthehood
peace-flash-mxd.gif peace flashy vintage retro image by jfulkerson0032 newquotes1.jpg image by findstuff22

The last three are most definitely ( or as I've been strangely saying a lot lately, most DEF ) my favorite though :)

And there's a couple more that I liked a lot but my computer wouldn't let me drag them over for some reason..go figure!

-That Girl, gettin' a little sleepy!

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