Thursday, July 2, 2009

Head over Converse sneakers, quiz results, and popularity

"Oh right, 'flip chair over!'"
I scribbled on the re-construction of the garden planning paper for work that me and MalcomC were putting together. Then we burst into laughter while everyone had serious work faces on.
We seriously sucked at drawing and didn't give much of a "shit" as MC would so boldly say. The swearing, not the sentence in whole that is.
We were supposed to be planning what new plants and stones to add where but we were out of luck with ideas so instead we drew the chair that was left upside down in the garden and decided to fix that as I carefully it marked on the re-modeling paper.
More or less, the paper looked pathetic, but like previously said, who gives a "shit"?

Dear Diary ((11:41 PM, or rather, it's almost AM right now so...yup.))

I like MalcomC so much. It's driving me crazy.
But it's not like I'm not getting the whole "butterflies in stomach, cat's got my tongue" or any other crazy animal metaphor kind of thing happening to me when we're around. It's like liking your good friend. You get awkward at times, and sometimes you can totally insult eachother in good humor and talk about the most random things without getting nervous.
But I can't take this crush thing. It does not bode well with me!!

And he might like this other girl I work with. I'll call her...WrestlingChic (aka WC) and she is stiff competition. I call her WC because she's obsessed with wrestling stuff and wants to do it in high school. She brings like 10 wrestling mags to our meetings every Monday.
And me? I personally think she's a little freaky, and I might be a little apprehensive to talk to her if I were a dude. She is also very outspoken, pretty good looking, funny, and obsessed with *ahem* sorry again for another Google search result for this term *ahem* she is obsessed with Twilight. Supposedly a "Team Jacob" and yes I'll admit it. Jacob is hot. And the guy playing Edward was super hot in Harry Potter although I think he looked weird in the Twilight movie. Yes, I saw it. I had a rental of the DVD, okay?? My uncle rented it to me to see it.

So yeah. MC might like WC.

And yes again.
I am a little jealous of her.
She might like him because they spend a lot of time walking to the Muni station and planning the garden set up together for work and stuff.
I'm green. But who cares?
And when I say "green," I'm not talking about the environment.

She says she doesn't like him. But I see the signs. I've given the signs to a guy before. Two guys to be exact. And I think he likes her. He seems almost under her spell. He does a laugh when she says stupid things and his laugh kind of says "well that's my girl for you!"
And I hate it. So much.

But you'd never tell from how I act around him! I feel like we're just buddies when we talk and when we're around eachother.

In some ways that is. Like these ways:

The way he is a little like a bookworm. (well that's okay I guess.)
Doesn't warmly accept sarcasm (most DEF not okay with me)
Might like other girl (Ditto to the last)
I hate his comebacks for insults ("Your Mom" Nuff said.)
Not outgoing (I like a little outgoing-ism)
Not spontaneous (I get the feeling he wouldn't be up for anything. Turn down)

He reminds me of Nice Jock and Nicerooni put together (I need to get over them and he has all the bad characteristics of them combined and some of the good. He's the perfect combination of the two of them. And I hate that.)

-SIGH- That's enough for now.

Oh, and ClassReject sent me a text today. "I love you!" it said.
He was kidding of course. But I didn't care.
I don't like him of course!! But it was nice of him to kind of cheer me up when I was ranting my bad day to him via text message.

Okay, what else?

Um...I took some quizzes. Wanna see the results? Too bad, you're about to see them anyway sweet stuff.

Very Popular!

You are cute
You are good at striking up a conversation, and you listen attentively. People find you cute and easy to connect with.

16 real friends

I'm 97% charming

You will lend a helping hand to any friend you think needs it, and to everyone who you have helped they see you as a close friend who they appreciate and ready to return a favor. Your kindness is likely to earn you a reputation and make you the go-to person when your friends seek quality companionship.

Sexy smile
Your smile has a hint of flirtation in it which makes you look fun and attractive. When you flash a smile, people know that it signals that start of a potentially great conversation.

You come off as a humorous and friendly
People are likely notice you quickly because of your sense of humor and the crowd that you draw with it. You are the spirit of the party and you are always the one making people laugh, thereby lighting up the mood of the room and breaking the ice. You are just really easy to be around.

A wonderland

A wonderland! Bright colors everywhere! Happiness is all around you. Fun and playful! Your mind is like a imaginary theme park!


Congratulations!! You are a genius!! your one of the smartest people completing the smart brunette stereotype!!! You are super gorgeous & super smart both great qualities!! So stick to the other hair colors and show off your beauty & brains!!!

Miley Cyrus

Life's never a dull moment with you. You're always trying to find ways to make the most out of a sticky situation. Even if someone tries to bring you down, you hold your head up high and keep walking; people admire you for that.

You need a bestfriend boy. It sounds very boring, but it's really not. This could turn into the most passionate relationship ever! You need someone that is just fun to be around, without all the mushy gushy stuff all the time. You want to be able to be yourself around a guy, and just hangout like you do with your friends. You also probably value being able to have a conversation that has to do with more than how much you "miss" or "love" eachother. If you have a bestfriend that's a guy, don't be afraid to DATE HIM! He could turn out to be the perfect guy for you. And if you don't have a guy bestfriend already, then find one! If you meet a guy you might be interested in, see if you can just be friends before you climb into the relationship.

Yep, those are the quizzes I took! But I already know my type.

Best friend-yes.
Easy to talk to-yes.
Good looking-not necessarily but I prefer it.
Sarcastic/cynical-without being too much, I love it.
Cocky-hate it.
Arrogant/Won't listen-hate it.
Too jocky/no brain/can't talk about anything besides sports-forget it. hate it.
Sensitive-love it if it's not overboard.

That's exactly my type. Here's what I think it is:

A mix of Kevin from 27 Dresses, the main character's best guy friend in the book How to be Popular, and Ronnie from the old book The Popularity Plan.

Cynical, sarcastic, sensitive, confident without being egotistic or conceited, smart, and really funny. And if he's good lookin' like the 27 Dresses guy-even better :)

Auv Revior Diary,

-That Girl getting sleepy, I guess no shower today/night/morning...

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