Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am...going INSANE!

It's ranting time!
(There is no quote of the day because there will be several quotes of the day today.)

Dear Diary, (( 9:26 AM, I'm calling in sick for work-asthma plus cough plus sore throat- because, yes indeed, I'm feeling sick but also because I woke up about an hour late. OH well. ))

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I've been so incredibly on and off about MalcomC. In fact, I think I might change his name because I'm not sure if it fits him since I don't think he really is my dream guy.
Yet, at times? I do think he could be.

It's just so strange. But anyway, I think that I've turned him off by now.
It's all stupid WrestlingChick's fault! She caused all the wrecks between her, and me, and MC.
See, she tells me secrets about how she feels about him-in FRONT of him!-and other people tell me different secrets around him and when I laugh or comment back, he stares at me and I think he thinks I'm talking about him when it really has nothing to do with him at all!

I'm seriously at the ends rope with boys.
Or more as, boys in my Teen Leadership Program. Besides, we only work for another 2 weeks more! I should be able to say bye to these guys for a long time, and even though I work year round, I only go to the preschool for meetings 2 or 3 times a month on weekends.

Also, ConfortGuyFriend (remember him? The nice, funny guy friend that I work with) has been confusing the hell out of me.
No, wait that's not right.

MalcomC is confusing the hell out of me and CGF is just making me even more confused. If that's even possible, because trust me, I'm already pretty confused!!
You see, he's really to me and funny too. He even texted me a couple times!
One day I said I was sick and he told me to get better soon with a


face wit it! He's so nice and I almost felt like he flirted with me a few times...and there's something else that I've discovered with myself lately...

I'm a...


And it's so terrible because I'm starting to attract guys I don't like.
When all I wanted before was MalcomC, I'm not sure anymore.

The guys in the Program (if I refer to Program later on, I mean the Teen Leadership Program. You know, just for the record.) think that he's weak and sad though.
Because WC likes him and when he found out, he started being mean to her.
But she still loves him and everyone knows it...but I know guys. I know when they like someone

(besides my self of course, I mean, think we've established the fact that I'm awesome with guys for other people, but am clueless for guys with myself. Like a Hermit Matchmaker. And yes, I went to dictionary.com to find another word for lonely came came up with hermit.)

and when they don't.

I think that I get most of my "great"-add cheesy thumbs up and wide smile for very sarcastic and cynical effect-guy advice and stuff from my older brother.
He's good and telling me stuff and when he ever needs girl advice or extra fashion advice, he asks me, and I always ask him about fashion and anything else inside a dude's head.
And my brother is pretty good with girls. He has a girlfriend and whenever we go to the mall or wherever, I see girls checking him out. I.E. giving him the Once-Over and usually the Elevator. I always thought that the once-over was the same as the elevator, but he told me it was different. The elevator is when they look from top to bottom and linger a little, while the once over is when he quickly look over at them the stop looking.
The lady at the cake shop on Sunday, did both.

But actuality, I've been trying to stop Once-Overing and summing up people quickly. Because judging a book by a cover can suck. You might look like crap one day and have an amazing personality or vice versa; looking like you just stepped out of Teen Vogue and have a crappy personality that day.
You really never know. And I hate it when I get the once-over.

While they're doing it
you just end up thinking :

"Oh no/Holy crap! This is not good timing! Do I have macaroni in my hair from working with the preschoolers after school today? Do I have glue in my hair from doing arts and crafts? And DO THEY NOTICE ALL MY BROKEN NAILS FROM THE ROPE COURSE I WENT ON YESTERDAY WITH MY FRIENDS??"

followed by tugging on clothing to fit better or a hair tousle to make yourself look more breezy or turning to purse to grab phone and look more social.

Or vice versa, like I said before.

Anyway, back to the Program (hehe it's a pun...)

My problem is that I don't understand WHY I don't like ConfortGuyFriend!
He's funny, good dresser, cute (okay, um sorta cute...he's aite... OKAY), and can make pretty good conversation. The attraction just isn't there though. No chemistry or anything. As in, no sparks.
Just another friend. Like, REALLY. Another friend is all it is.

So, I think that's all I wanted to say for today. I'll notify ya if anything else turns up though!!

Sayanora (in the best possible way of course)

-That Girl

OH right. More cute guys! Here's just a bunch of varied guys I find cute!

Well, I know this is stupid, but I think that the characters that play Harry Potter and Ron Wesely are really cute.
Here they are: Daniel Radcliffe and
Rupert Grint

http://news.softpedia.com/images/news2/Harry-Potter-Daniel-Radcliffe-Doesn-t-Impress-Girls-2.jpg http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/lifestyle/2006-12/09/xin_26120309185762520791.jpg


Jesse Bradford from Bring it On and Clockstoppers is also very cute, or at least he was in Bring it On!

http://polaris.uncia.com/trevorfrost/9.jpg http://www.webwombat.com.au/entertainment/movies/images/jesse2.JPG http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Ne5Lb2SiFHg/Sd4rh1l4qyI/AAAAAAAAerg/f9XXJpjTj7o/s400/jesse+kristen+bring+it+on.jpg http://www.hotflick.net/flicks/2000_Bring_It_On/Thumb/2000_Bring_It_On_259.jpg

Jamie Bell was really, super cute in Billy Elliot (my age-ish at the time!) and he's prety good looking now too :)

http://www.uksuperweb.co.uk/logos3/jamiebell.jpg http://audiovisuelnet.ifrance.com/jamiebell/jamie.jpg http://tintinmovie.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/jamiebell.jpg

Ben from What I like About You was really cute, but too old looking after, here's one from the show. But strangely? I could only find one picture of him when he's this age!


That's all for now Diary! Ta-ta!

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