Friday, July 17, 2009

Guys are weird, weird things. (Pictures, ideas, and just stuff)

"Look at that kid there in the jackets. He must by DYING in that!"

By the guy I work with to me. He told all the other people too, but he told me first :) Not that I care or anything...heh heh heh.
No seriously, it's just something funny that happened. We were all on a field trip to a lake which is actually more like a small beach-and there was one kid in two jackets, jeans, and a tee underneath where it was like 80 degrees!


quote.jpg boys do image by lexilee1


Dear Diary ((10:11 PM on a Friday night. I'm soo tired!))

Oh do I have some choice words for you today.

Boys are weird.
Boys suck.
Boys rock.
Boys give you butterflies.
Boys can get stuck in the friend zone.
Boys are weird.

Yep that's basically what I wanted to say today.

Okay, let me try to explain.
Whatever happened to MalcomC, you may ask?
I still work with him, but not techincally cuz I only see MC on Mondays when the Teen Leadership Program has meetings.

But I don't like him anymore.
At least...I don't think.

In fact, I don't think thatI like anybody right now! And it's not a good feeling.
Like I can't explain it, but it's like when I have a crush on a guy-the future feels like it's full of possiblities, the colors look brighter, and I get that warm butterfly feeling when I think about him.

But I don't get that anymore. Actually, ot almost kind of feels like an empty feeling when I don't like someone because I want to like someone so much, but I just DON'T! It's a frustrating and aggravating thing, and maybe I should go talk to someone about it and it's not normal, but I don't think it's serious.
I'm boy-crazy, but not in the way that you'd expect.
I want to like a new guy every time I get over the last one, but sometimes I get stuck in a rut of not liking anyone for a while.

You know what?
I personally think that no matter what a girl and a guy may say, they are either liking someone, or just getting over someone and looking for someone else.

Because to be honest? Who wants to feel lonely?
Like there's no matches for them.
The search result for
[insert your single self's name here] gets a "0 Results, try a different name search" is how I feel.
Get it?

So, in my quote above in black, I mentioned a guy. Let's call him ComfortGuyFriend. Or CGF for short.
But no, I do not like him. Serious.
I mean, sense of humor wise I'm totally into him, but I'm not attracted to him overall. It seems like we would bode well together but he's the kind of guy I can't imagine going to a fancy dinner with or kissing really. More like the guy I talk to for my problems and feelings and to just laugh with.

Does that mean that I've sectioned him off into the "Friendshi" chapter of my life?
-sigh- I just don't know these days. I'm usually so sure, but now I just don't know about much of anything. :(

Anyway, carrying on!
I would like to show my appriciation for my
6th, count 'em, 6TH follower!
My follower give me inspiration that hey, maybe someone gives a "S" word about my life afterall. I strongly encourage my followers to comment on my posts and tell me what they'd like me to talk about, about what they don't want to hear about, or just comments about my life or your life problems and tactics would be very encouraging to hear!!

Anyway, I just decided to find some cute guys over the web and give you my totally objective opinions on random-esque guys! Pretty fun, eh?

Let's start on Asian guys that I think are cute!
Note that I don't have the names of most of them since I just do a Google search and copy+paste the pics here!

This guy is Aaron Kwok who seems to be the ultimate pretty boy!
The lips look full and kissable and his whole look is light and not egotistic or self-doubted. He also looks a bit goofy which I really like :)

Jason Xu is ditto is Aaron except he looks a little more confident which I like in a guy. He looks like he woudl be up for a game of beach volleyball during the sunset :)

I have no idea who this is, but he's sorta cute

This dude is Wallace huo, and kinda cute in a feminine way :)

Zic Zhou is CUTEEEEE!!!

Next time I'll continue with blondes, brunettes, redheads (if I can find any!), black guys, and hispanics.

Guys sure are interesting things, aren't they?

-That Girl, ponderin' it all out.

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