Monday, February 27, 2017


Dear Diary,

((Disclaimer, I wrote this a while ago and just saw that it was never published. It's not polished, but you know what? My goal in 2017 is to be more productive - get more shit done. So, you know what, I'll just go ahead and share it. I want to feel like I can go through with the trails and error of life, constantly moving on to better things and never stuck, Never. stuck,))

For some people, it just clicks.
One of my best friends, who I've somehow grown only closer with since 8th grade when we were ugly ducklings with only big, friendly hearts and smiles as redeemable externally, says that if you feel as though you've known someone before upon first meeting - it must be because you met before in a past life. Woooo ~~~~ who knows if that is true or not. I wouldn't say that I'm a spiritual person, but I hope that there is more than just biology and chemistry keeping my life together/whole and that there's something beyond linguistics and rhetoric that lets me believe everything that I do.
Anyway, I feel like somebody who doesn't click with everyone. And it's a little unfortunate. My best friend tells me that she could like a lot of people a lot, she's not a big fan of particular usage of vocabulary and I'm probably too specific most of the time, but I figure that what she means is that she has no problem giving parts of herself to lot of new people who she meets. Then again, she is a true extravert. And while I am extraverted, I forsure belong more along the midpoint of extraversion and introvertedness than on the far side of the continuum. The thing is, we search for meaning in different ways. I like a deep, contentful connection that can touch the bases from laughing hard about really silly things and dumb jokes to having serious talks about what they really think about in their spare time - values and significance are important but so is the ability to find humor in the mundane.
Anyway, she finds a "deep" connection to be one where they have a similar description to the one I listed above.

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